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After being bullied first by this father, then by his mates, Edward Fraser grew up insecure, scared and depressed. It got to a point he couldn't take it anymore so he decides to end his life. Ashin was a guardian created directly by the Old One. He was created for a certain purpose: to maintain balance on earth. He failed in that purpose because of his brother, Matteaux. Matteaux let Ashin take the fall of their failure and Ashin is sent to hell while Matteaux is allowed to keep on enjoying the perks of the earth. After all those centuries, Ashin has not forgotten. Neither has he forgiven his brother. Will he somehow escape the pits of hell to take revenge? Will Edward's attempts at suicide succeed?


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Chapter 1
THERE ARE SUICIDE data now. I made extensive research before I got to this point. And there is plenty of data. They discuss it like food recipes or scripture. The best of all is a shotgun to the head. It is quick. Fast. Painless. But it makes a lot of mess and it is 99% effective. A pistol to the mouth is 97% effective.A pistol to the chest is 89% effective. There is no way I was going to get a gun. Besides, it is too violent for me. Hanging yourself is also 89% effective. Setting yourself on fire scores about 76%. This also sounds too violent and I know one thing for sure, being burnt alive ranked third on the most painful thing one can experience without passing unconscious. I can't do it. Jumping in front of a train is back at 96% but there was no main railway in Chicago. So that is also out of the options. Jumping off the roof is at 93%And last but not the least, back at the top, second to only the shotgun, is cyanide. A highly poisonous chemical compound. Better than 97
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Chapter 2
I am running. I do not know what but I know it is dangerous. It is death. Everywhere is dark and unfamiliar but keep urging my feet to move even faster, but it is all to no avail it is like I am rooted to the floor. I hear a rustle behind me and turn. I see two red glowing eyes stare directly at me. I yell out in fear, no sound comes out of my mouth but my legs finally responded to the signal from my brain. I feel like I am moving in slow motion but I keep on running, feeling the leaves beat around my face and thorns tear at my clothes. I feel the sand beneath my feet and I absently acknowledge that I am barefooted as I try to run faster. Suddenly, I crash through a pile of leaves and into a pit. Now, I'm falling. As I tumble down the pit, I catch a glance of a huge shadow with its two red eyes standing at the mouth of the pit. "The Old One is pissed, Ashin." A guttural voice ring around me and echoes down the pit. I am still falling. I SNAP AWAKE just as my face is an inch
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Chapter 3
I WATCH AS the men sit around, sipping their cups of coffee, while my sick looking, broken-down body lay, sprawled on the cold floor. A fat man, I think I recognize him from the movies side of the mall walks up to my body and prods it with his boot toe. "Ei, we can leave him here, right? Like we never saw him and we were never here." He pushed my body over with his toe.The other men seem to agree because I can see their heads bobbing up and down over their steaming cups of coffee. "I mean, it is not like anyone would miss him. I've never seen him with a woman." The fat man continued to say. "He must still be a virgin." A lanky man from the food court says, standing up. "What a waste. He lives such a pathetic life." "He is so pathetic - Hey, quick, Beth is coming around the corner! Call 911 for an ambulance." The lanky man says to the fat man who is still standing over my body. The fat man whips out his phone and dials while the lanky man puts his head out the door and beckons Be
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Chapter 4
I AM DREAMING. I know I am sleeping. But it is not just any dream, it is a lucid dream. I'm in control of myself. The sky is dark and cloudy like a thunderstorm is brewing. The lightning is stark red against the dark blue swirl of the clouds. The place isn't familiar. There are trees everywhere. I am not alone. I look around to see my surroundings, I can't see anybody around but I know that there is someone else here. I recognize my reading table from my study. It is here, standing alone in these woods. I walk towards it carefully. Leaves brush against my head as I get closer. The lamp is on, casting a sharp contrast again the darkness all around. I pick up the lamp gently and turn it off. When the light goes off, the glass on the lamp becomes a mirror and I see my reflection. My eyes are red!And I have small horns sprouting out from my head. I love the way I look. I hear a grunt and I turn to see the familiar red eye coming from a huge figure. "Ashin!" The metallic gu
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Chapter 5
MY APARTMENT REMAINS pretty much unchanged since the last time I was here. I have nothing to do except sit in my wheelchair and stare at the wall or out the window, depending on my mood. The drizzle fades out and the sun comes out. The streaks of golden evening sun rays shine through my window and brighten up my room. I can hear the drill and hammer of a workman outside in the sitting room. Mom must have called him to fix the gaping hole in the ceiling. I am not sure I want the hole fixed. Just like the unhealing and unfading bruise on my neck, I find pride in the hole too. But I don't say anything as Mom bustles about, taking control of my life. I wheel myself out to the kitchen where she is standing over the cooker. "Eddie, are you hungry?" She turns and asks. I shake my head. "Just a cup of water." She nods. "Yes yes. Doctor Pete says water is very good for you. He says you should endeavour to drink more -""Mom - can I please just have a cup of water? Please." I feel suddenl
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Chapter 6
I HALF EXPECT to be in that dream, trance like thing I have been falling into the past few days. But instead, everywhere is dark but I am not falling. Then I realise that everywhere is dark because my eyes are closed. I open them and see I am at the top of a hill. It is more like a volcano. Cracks are running along the tip of it and steam and hot lava are bubbling and spewing out. I turn around to take in my surroundings but there is nothing much to see. "I told you to stay calm." A familiar voice says behind me. "But you did not." I turn to see a tall, blue eyed, handsome man walking towards me. This is the first time I am seeing him but he looks familiar. "Who are you?" I ask. "I am Ashin." He keeps taking purposeful strides towards me. "I inhabit your soul and body." He continues saying. "You w-what?" I sputter. "W-what are you?" "I am an emissary. Created by the Old One to fulfil a mission… which I failed over 2,500 years ago." He says. "You have been jumping from body t
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Chapter 7
"MOM?" I croak as soon as I open my eyes and my vision clear. Instantly she was beside me. "Oh, Eddie. What happened?" She asks. "Why did you fall? You could have called for me." I shook my head slightly. My scalp made contact with my pillow and I knew my hair had been shaven. I raised a hand to touch my head. "The hair will grow back, my boy." She says. "Listen to your mother." A doctor walked in. This is another doctor. A female. She is slim, tall and beautiful. She flashes me a wide smile. "How are you feeling today?" I shrug. How should I be feeling?I am bedridden in a hospital with a few months to live. I am sure my lifespan would have decreased. I smashed my head pretty hard. The doctor walks up to my bedside. I track her movement with my eyes. "That is good eye coordination for someone just coming out of anaesthetics." She points out. I feel myself turn red as I realize she might think I was checking her out. "Can you wiggle your fingers for me?" She asks. I woul
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