The Demon King's Son-in-law

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The Demon King's Son-in-law

By: Amedrianne OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Hideaki ‘Aki’ Torio was sarcastically reveling in his miserable existence as nothing more than his wife's henpecked husband. For the past seven years of his married life, his wife and in-laws have never treated him right and have even taken all of his possessions down to the smallest cents that he has. After becoming divorced, Aki finally decided to end his life one night, until a strange woman named Roxina appeared and claimed herself as a reaper assigned to take his soul. Aki believed his life was over until the Black Parade dragged him to Necropolis, where he was promised wealth, power, and vengeance against his former family in exchange for returning a missing scythe—that the Demon King had stolen—once he married the Demon King’s favorite daughter and became his son-in-law. The only catch, though, was that the Demon King had a lot of daughters to begin with.


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7 chapters
[1] pathetic celebration
The occasion was supposed to be one of joy and celebration.After all, they had been married for seven years, and this was supposed to be their seventh wedding anniversary. But instead of going on trips to celebrate their wedding anniversary, he was currently side tripping inside the club once more. Instead of having a nice, fancy dinner for two, he was stuffing himself with beer and salted peanuts here. As Mirai's husband, all he has to look back on was the worst experience possible, and he failed to make any wonderful memories during their time together.Before he got married, he was living the good life to the fullest extent. He was the sole heir to the accounting firm that was located in Yokohama, and he enjoyed a rewarding career as a co-owner of that company as well as with regard to other small businesses such as dining establishments and nightclubs. He was in the position to easily acquire anything he desired and travel anywhere he chose. When all was said and done and he was
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[2] The uninvited guest
“You! What exactly do you think you're doing around here?" Immediately, Aki questioned it. "Of course, I followed in your footsteps." When Aki arrived home from the club, the last person he expected to see was the woman he had talked to there right before he left the establishment. Aki couldn't believe it when he saw her standing in front of his door. "Why did you follow me?" "I was looking for a place to stay, so I decided to follow you." "Hey, my place is not some kind of free shelter that could simply and easily take in anyone who wishes to stay here. Aside from that, I'm the only person who can make use of this space. There is no way for you to stay here, so leave.” "That's not something I can do." "Why don't you? Have I not just made my point clear to you? "I did hear you very clearly. However, the problem is that I don't have anywhere else to go." "That is no longer my concern. Now, will you do me a favor? I want you to leave my place now!” After a brief hesitation, Ak
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[3] Return back home
“Wait! Are you kidding around when you say that you're going to kill me?” Aki asked her in a hurried manner, with the hopeful intention of negotiating with her regarding his situation.It wasn't as if he had already rejected the idea of wanting to end his miserable life, but he just didn't want to end it in this way, where it would be so drastically painful as to be cut in half by that scythe that the strange woman had been carrying with both of her hands. The thought of ending his miserable life wasn't something he had immediately dismissed even without this."That makes perfect sense. Isn't that the reason I described to you earlier why I am here? I am a person who harvests souls, lost souls, about to die souls, and even evil souls. I am a grim reaper."Aki needed to give this situation a lot of thought in order to figure out how he could get out of it, but it appeared that running away from her was going to be his best option for the time being. The only thing that had kept that ch
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[4] Unacceptable death
The river was churning with such ferocity as the rain steadily fell in a steady downpour. Due to the fact that everyone was running to find shelter quickly in order to avoid getting wet from the rain, almost no one came to Aki's assistance when he jumped off the bridge.Aki, on the other hand, already felt numb. He had completely lost all of his emotions regarding this situation. Even the fact that the river was washing him away from somewhere he wasn't even aware of didn't seem to bother him in the least. As well as the amount of air that was able to enter his body was decreasing due to the fact that water had been preventing it from doing so, it appeared to not bother Aki at all. His physical body may have been putting up a fight, but his mind had completely shut down at this point, and he was unable to even consider ways in which he could survive.‘Finally...’ Aki thought as he finally succeeded in closing his eyes and allowing himself to be completely engulfed by the body of water
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[5] Necropolis’ Ripe Fruit
As Aki continued to rub his swollen neck, he became aware that the other person was familiar with his name. "How did you know about my name?" The man retorted in a prompt manner, "Why wouldn't I?" Aki suddenly had an eerie feeling. It was almost the same response as the strange woman he had met at the bar, and at the same time, they were both wielding scythes, despite the fact that this man's scythe was too enormous to even begin to imagine. In point of fact, it was unrealistically disproportionate to his total body mass. "Why wouldn't you? Explain to me how it is that you are familiar with my name.” However, Aki didn’t prevent himself from inquiring about the matter further. On the other hand, the man only laughed. “You will know very soon, Hideaki. But that is if you are still alive long enough to meet me once again.” "Why on earth would I even consider putting myself through all of that hassle. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?” "That's an easy question to answer; I'
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[6] Beezo
“It wasn’t like I don’t admire your courage, Hideaki. Of course, I do. The problem is that you are slow and weak. If I had been serious about killing you know, you wouldn’t even be able to talk to me by now for sure.”"You are so full of yourself that it makes my skin crawl!"Aki allowed himself to be provoked by the mysterious man in the mask, and as a result, he continued to attack him with the scythe. However, each time he did this, he would always end up failing to wound him at least once, as the scythe would simply pass through the mysterious man in the mask's body as if he was some kind of smoke.And that's when Aki finally came to the realization that he wouldn't be able to wound him, not because he was invincible, but possibly because the scythe wouldn't work on souls."I finally figured out why the scythe won't work on you; it's because you are a soul just like me!" After tossing the scythe to the side, Aki continued speaking by asking his opponent to, "Come right here, and l
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[7] Return to Necropolis
“What do we have here? It would appear that you are still alive after all this time.” Aki couldn't believe that he was back at the bridge from where he had jumped off, and what's worse now was that on top of him was none other than the strange woman with the orange head who had wanted him dead from the very beginning. "Not you again." Aki attempted to mumble despite the severe pain he was feeling all over his body. As soon as Aki realized that he was once again on his body, he felt the urge to get back on his feet while simultaneously tossing the woman aside. He did this as he was trying to get his bearings again. After conducting a thorough examination of his body, he determined that he had indeed returned to his physical form.After inspecting his body carefully, he realized that he had once again assumed his physical body. Aki pondered, "What happened just now?" After being ignored, the woman cast a furious glance in his direction as she stewed in her humiliation. Specifically
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