The Eccentric Middle Child of the Royal Family

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The Eccentric Middle Child of the Royal Family

By: Janlou Mitsitsiyo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Chase is said to have middle child syndrome. He likes to gather attention by wearing garish clothes, squabbling with other nobles, doing dangerous things like riding horses on cliffs, and throwing tantrums over small things just to gain the attention of his King Father, who seems to favor his four other siblings. It led people to hate him. That's what Julian learned from his system after transmigrating into the body of the illegitimate third prince of the Laurier Royal Family. When he thought he already had it worse, his system added, "The danger level around the third prince is ninety percent, which means ninety percent of the people around the prince want to kill him. Please exercise caution." How could he exercise caution when he'd already been targeted right after he transmigrated?


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000 | No Soup For The Unlucky
Julian still wondered if it was his lack of stroke of luck or just a curse that had landed him in this spot. Even the Old Lady Meng Po could not continue brewing her Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness while debating whether to let this unfortunate soul go with his memories intact. The two individuals are helpless as they stare at the die on the table with a red color dot - ONE.The probability of 16.7% is indeed little, but why does it seem like Julian could get this slim chance and always land on number one? If this is his first toss, then it is still explainable if he gets one. No worry, probability does that all the time. The Old Lady Meng Po thought Julian threw the die on the wrong side, so he was given another chance.Oh, the second time is still a number one. That is still fine. There are really tosses that give the same results. Why not try to do it again? There's no harm in trying again. Oh, you still landed on one? Are you sure? That's odd. Let's change the die. Maybe the i
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001.1 | Assassination Upon Rebirth
He woke up abruptly.The many years he spent under the siege of the apocalypse allowed him to be as attentive as possible, even in his deep sleep. The senses sharpened by the extreme pressure of survival rendered him extraordinarily sensitive to his surroundings, prompting him to react unreservedly, particularly during instances wherein his death is highly plausible.For example, he could feel a threat coming from behind him this time.The body, which had been resting still as if it were a corpse, suddenly flashed its eyes open. Without missing a beat, the head jerked swiftly to the right, just in time for a gleaming piece of sharp metal to slide through the soft, padded fabric.Two orbs of beautiful green emerald eyes widened in shock upon seeing the glistening weapon, reflecting an image he wasn't familiar with. The blade was barely a few inches away from his neck and would most likely stab him in the head if he moved any slower.It's a very close call!A terrifying chill radiated f
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001.2 | Assassination Upon Rebirth
While the lone prince wonders if he was deceived in a nice way, the assassin outside the carriage fared no better. He certainly wasn't expecting the white-haired prince to charge in that manner, or any at all, given the prince's lack of bravery, as provided in the report. He initially assumed he could finish everything with a single blow.It seems that he had underestimated the youngster.Chase Laurier, eighteen years old, is the third son of the current king of the richest kingdom in the world, the Sangrail Kingdom.He is distinguished by his unique silvery-white hair and emerald green eyes, earning him the title of the Albino Prince of the Laurier Royal Family, a trait that is in contrast to Laurier's famous generation of black hairs and dark eyes. He would have been regarded as a saintly figure — since angels had always been associated with white — if it hadn't been for his poor temperament and attitude.Chase is depicted as a pampered, arrogant adolescent who only knows how to fla
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001.3 | Assassination Upon Rebirth
Drop. Drip and drop.Rain streamed down within the crevices of the western continent's steepest cliffs, cloaking the region with darkness as dense clouds drifted in to dull the sunlight. The alleged cliff was known as the Dark Abyssal Cliff and was estimated to be fifteen thousand meters (or deeper).It served as a natural border between three kingdoms: the Norbumin Kingdom, the Redredane Kingdom, and the Sangrail Kingdom, with the Norbumin Kingdom standing at the cliff lands' core. A valley sits somewhere in the midst of the southern cliffs, linking the Norbumin Kingdom to the prosperous Sangrail Kingdom.The Dark Abyssal Cliff seems to have the ability to create its own weather because of its relative depth. Storms and rain may occur beneath the ground, generating a fog-like aftereffect that predominantly surrounds the highlands, creating a mystical fog-like result that gives the location appear a little enigmatic.Although fascinating, this feature made transportation between these
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002.1 | Memories And Gifts
It wasn't a significant importation of memory; thus, the burden wasn’t very high. Chase only received twenty-five percent of his memories, which, if calculated, will garner him around four and a half years' worth of memories within the original Chase's eighteen years of life.Chase regained consciousness after a few minutes. He is then confronted with the blackness once more, with the system's flashing the only glow within the darkness. As he consolidated the accumulated memories in his mind, he squinted his eyes in disbelief.It could be asserted that the memories gathered were fragmented across different time frames from Chase's early life to the present, with a portion of his childhood being the foggiest. That is fairly sensible, since some childhood memories will normally dissipate as a person grows old. It's merely that this chunk of recollections prompted the present Chase to be dumbfounded.He'd learned about the rumors from the system previously and believed they were just sub
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002.2 | Memories And Gifts
"Unopened packs?"Chase was curious about the unopened packs. It was only then that he recalled the Old Lady Meng Po's gifting him a scroll. Due to all of the terrible events that occurred around him, especially the surprise assassination attempt, he had forgotten about it. He dug through his pockets but couldn’t find it. Did he lose it? Or perhaps–"System, are these unopened packs related to my rebirth, and is the scroll entrusted to me by Lady Meng Po one of them?"The system responded positively. Rather than commenting, it displayed the contents of the inventory slots, which stored three items. One of these is the familiar scroll with the inscription 「Gift from the God of Reincarnation」. The other two items are a black leather wristband and a silver token. Chase was confused as to why he had received two additional gifts.The system supplied the answer as if reading his thoughts.「The other gods had discerned the unfortunate fate of the poor soul, thus passing out gifts in tender
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003.1 | A Swear To The Gods
Evreux wasn't sure if he was fortunate or unlucky. Everything that had happened to him in the previous hours had caused his mood to fluctuate.To begin with, it is important to understand that he was deeply disappointed by the failed assassination of the eccentric prince. Evreux has always been successful in his endeavors. He never made a single mistake, no matter how difficult or life-threatening the tasks were. This newfound adversary left a rotten impression on his ego. He could not fathom why he was unable to leave even a small scratch on that puny prince.Second, he genuinely believed he was going to die. He is a native of this place, so he fully understands how deep the "deepest" abyss is. It should be noted that the Norbumin Kingdom possessed the world's deepest trenches, most of which remained unexplored. He had trained as an assassin in the Dark Abyssal Cliff, which took only about 5% of the abyss's estimated depth. He had faced several terrifying beasts that could kill an en
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003.2 | A Swear To The Gods
"It's really a thing to consider."He would have overlooked it if it had only been three or five percent less, but it's over fifteen percent. Although it did not totally eliminate the risk, it was still better than keeping the ratio at ninety. A 20% difference is already significant.Who exactly is this assassin? Is he some golden child, or did he save the world in his previous life, that he could cause such fortune in Chase's fate? Chase's brows furrowed as he analyzed the situation and decided that helping the assassin was the best course of action."But how can I trust the assassin?" He stressed. "He tried to kill me for a minor offense I committed at the banquet, proving that this person's temper is incredibly volatile; I am still in danger of being killed."The system offered a proposal. 「The Host could implement the Oath to the Gods.」Chase hummed. "Oath of the Gods? Tell me more about it?"「It is a fate-binding oath established by borrowing the language of the gods. Before taki
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004.1 | The Abyss' Giants
Something is on his back. Chase stopped in his tracks, feeling the skin-crawling sensation of someone staring intently. The already cold and dark surroundings rendered a feeling of dread, making the existence of the uncertain more prominent, leaving the two helpless figures to remain still. Evreux had long noticed the abnormality and went silent, drilling a couple of glances towards the motionless white-haired prince, who was also looking at him with an inquiring gaze.He seems to be asking, "What the heck is lurking in the dark?"To which Evreux answered with an equally terrifying expression, "I have a guess.""Is it dangerous?""Yes, very much."Chase whined under his breath, feeling the damp coldness seeping through his clothes. There's a tingling feeling that makes you want to turn around and see what it is, but the unsettling fear of actually seeing something flattens out that feeling. However, being in this deadlock will cause them more harm than good. They have to act immediat
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004.2 | The Abyss' Giants
Since both of them had made it into the hollow, it was clear that no one would come out.Even though the mud wall is sturdy, it is not strong enough to prevent the marauding monsters from going through. Even so, the hole created is not very big. The concentration of the force is uneven, and as a result, the gap created is only enough to fit in a car. And because of this, the giant tentacles could not follow in.Tentacles that were wound very snugly hissed as they struggled to break free of the small space, but this action worsened their condition as more tentacles became entangled with one another. Being squeezed made the tentacles react vigorously, spewing noxious odors as if complaining, filling the closed space with a distinctive rotten smell. Chase didn't dare to swallow as it would only make him gag more.The two figures were drenched with dirt and mud. They are no longer recognizable. The prince's once-silvery white locks had turned a muddy brown, and the soot and ashes blaste
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