The Elusive Mr. Midnight

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The Elusive Mr. Midnight

By: JJ Dizz OngoingWerewolf

Language: English

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When the news outlets report that beloved celebrity Keir Midnight, a.k.a. Mr. Midnight, went missing just weeks before his Halloween movie premiere, some begin to suspect foul play when the government attempts to sweep his case under the rug. Eight-year-old Lila, an orphan passionate about crime documentaries, believes there is more to the case than the government is letting on. Eventually, as their paths cross, was it perhaps fate that brought the two together?


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Cold Case
Seated across from the television sat a little girl eagerly awaiting the following documentary to autoplay."Lila!" A voice called out."Hey, Lila!" The irritated voice cried out once more.Suddenly the television clicked off."Eh?!" The girl cried."My turn isn't up yet, though...!" She protested.Standing in the doorway was a young woman who appeared to be in her early twenties."New rule declares that when you haven't eaten lunch, television privileges are over, now come out here and join us for dinner!" She huffed."You're so mean...!" Lila grumbled, puffing her cheeks.*As the girls made their way to the dining hall, Midna suddenly paused."What is it, Midna?" She huffed."Say, before we head in, I was wondering; what documentary were you watching anyway?" She questioned."O-oh, it was another cold case..." Lila mumbled."Man, you're really into these crime documentaries, aren't y
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Foul Play
"Eh, no way, surely you're joking...?!" Midna cried."What's the matter?" Lila questioned."People are suspicious of the government; they think it might be foul play." Aria continued."Midna...!" Lila whined."Foul play, but why would...?""Midna!" Lila exclaimed, impatiently grabbing at the woman's dress."Hey, cut that out, you brat!" Midna cried out."Anyway..." Aria sighed."Are we all set with the trick-or-treating preparations?" She asked."Mm, I believe the kids have all received their costumes by now..." Midna bit her lip in thought."Right, Lila?" She asked.However, as she turned to face the girl, the girl was busy staring at the television displaying the breaking news report."Lila, you needed something, right?" She asked with a hint of impatience.There was a brief silence."Lila...?"Lila's eyes were glued to the screen."Hey, don't go ignoring me now; I'm sor
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Two Cents
A few weeks had passed since the media had reported the disappearance of Mr. Midnight, with still no clues on his whereabouts or if he was alive or dead.*"We're off to town to get Lila's costume!" Midna called out, holding Lila's hand."Be careful!" An older woman replied, waving as the pair set off.*"Didn't I mention costumes the other night?" Midna questioned."You know, I had done so because I had a feeling you would've forgotten to submit your costume slip in on time!" She scolded.However, Lila did not respond."Lila...?" Midna whispered, her voice suddenly much softer."Are you okay? You haven't been the same since-"Before she could finish, two women came walking by."It feels like such a bummer watching his movie knowing all of this is going on right now..." One of the women grumbled."It's such a shame..." The other nodded sadly.Lila narrowed her eyes."Hey, Lila...!" Midn
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After successfully finding Lila a Halloween costume, the pair headed back to the orphanage."The stars are pretty tonight..." Midna whispered."Hm?" Lila turned."A-ah, nothing, I was just mumbling to myself...!" Midna chuckled nervously."Say, Lila, is everything alright?" She asked with concern."Mm," Lila nodded her head."I see, what a relief..." Midna said, smiling softly as the two entered the orphanage.*"Lila!" A voice called out."Hurry up; you're holding everyone else up!" The voice continued."I'm coming, Aria...!" Lila cried as she attempted to hop into her skirt."Do you need help?" Another voice questioned."Midna...!" Lila exclaimed."Mm, could you zip this for me, please?" She asked."Of course." Midna smiled."So how come you aren't coming tonight?" Lila questioned."Ah, well, they put me in charge of the children staying home tonight," she replied.<
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As she was busy sobbing, the wolf looked like it was looking around restlessly for something.The wolf then turned its attention back to Lila. The girl began shaking, for it was too late to up and run.The wolf narrowed its eyes."W-what do you want from me...?!" Lila shrieked.Before she knew it, she was face to face with the wolf. The wolf stared deep into the eyes of the girl. Lila's lip quivered."P-please..." Lila stammered.The wolf then did the unexpected. It gently nudged Lila with its head and faced itself West. Eh...? Lila thought to herself."D-don't tell me..." She whispered, completely stunned."Are you trying to help me, doggy...?"The wolf barked in response."Ha...!" Lila's face lit up.The wolf then once more faced West.Lila's eyes widened.Is that the direction Aria and the others are in...?Suddenly, the two heard a man shouting in the
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"Lila..." A voice called out."Lila...!?" It repeated.Lila looked around helplessly, recognizing the voice immediately."Midna?!" She cried."Midna, where are you?!" She shrieked."Why...!" Midna exclaimed."How could you..."Lila's eyes widened."I didn't mean to...!" She whimpered, choking back tears."MIDNA...!" She screamed, reaching out her hand.*Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes, gasping for air."A dream..." She panted."Seemed more like a nightmare to me," a man replied.Lila quickly whipped her head around. As she did, she was met by an unfamiliar face.He's not one of the men from last night... She thought to herself."W-who are you...?" Lila whimpered, slowly crawling backward."Ow!" She yelped."Yeah, I would keep pressure off of that arm for a while if I were you," the man said."Seriously, who are y-""Me?" The man int
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As the two made their way down to the village, Keir was humming."Wait!" Lila cried out suddenly."Hm?" Keir turned to her."I just realized you're also the guy who guided Midna and me to the costume shop...!" She gasped.Keir quickly came to a stop."You only just realized that?!" He cried out."My bad!" Lila giggled.*Finally arriving at the village, Keir quickly whipped out a pair of sunglasses and fastened a baseball cap on his head."Disguise, huh...?" Lila mumbled."I think you should just tell the public the truth that you're oka-""Shh!" Keir scolded, placing a finger on the girl's lips."Now, what we need to do first and foremost is buy some first aid supplies," Keir began."And we should probably buy you some normal clothes..." He said, looking at the girl who still had on her Halloween costume."Ah, no, that's okay!" Lila blushed."Eh?" Keir looked at her, confused.Read more