The Fallen Queen's Return

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The Fallen Queen's Return

By: Xiulin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Naomi De Luca was the queen of the Azgul kingdom who was executed and reborn as Sienna Davies, a woman from the 21st century. Now gifted with a second chance at life, Naomi is also gifted with a son and an ex-husband. Her now ex-husband, Jayden Myers, begins courting her again with ulterior motives and in order to avenge Sienna, Naomi goes head to head with Jayden. Does this odd pair have a chance at love? Can they fix everything before it's too late or is it already too late?


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4 chapters
" Bring lady Naomi in", said the king's servant.A lady with messy caramel blonde hair was dragged into the room filled with nobles. The nobles gasped when they saw the young lady who was once confident and proud, kneeling before the king and his mistress looking dazed." Sign the divorce papers", said the king cruelly.The woman knelt without making a single movement and the servant kicked her body. When she still did not move, the servant signaled for the maids to grab the lady and make her sign the document.(The lady's pov)I'm Naomi Davies. The daughter of the Grand Duke of Swanswell. I was born into wealth and status. As the Grand Duke's daughter, I was betrothed to the then Crown Prince, Elijah Lantz at a very young age. At first, Elijah showered me with love and affection. But after that woman entered the palace, Elijah became cold towards me.Phoebe Campbell.That name will haunt me forever.Ever since I became the Crown Princess, my mother has told me that my husband is the
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" You have only been with her for two months but from what I remember, she is three months pregnant. The child might not even be yours", said Naomi emotionlessly." Men! Take her to the execution hall right now!", said the king.Two men immediately grabbed Naomi by the arm and dragged her to the execution hall. As they threw her into the execution hall, Naomi began to cry in pain. She felt immense pain in her lower abdomen. Her eyes landed on her pure white dress. The bright red blood was clear as day on her white dress.But no one but herself noticed it.Even when she took her last breath, no one noticed or cared about the immense pain she was in.(Naomi's POV)I was in a dark place. I stood up and touched my neck.' My head is still attached to my neck?'Right then a bright light blinded me. I covered my eyes with my arms. When I put away my arms, I saw my mother standing before me in a beautiful green gown. Her long caramel brown hair flowed below her waist. Her long eyelashes flut
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Divorce I
Naomi first signed the divorce papers with Sienna's signature that she saw in the memories. Then she handed the divorce papers to Butler Lee.Butler Lee was a man in his late forties with gray hair and warm brown eyes. Butler Lee was surprised to see that 'Sienna' had signed the papers without causing a fuss.' Maybe she finally decided to move on and leave Mr. Myers. Good for her I guess'Butler Lee thought that it was a good thing that Sienna had decided to give up on Jayden. He had seen Sienna's sincere and desperate attempts to gain Jayden's heart. He had seen her cry whenever Jayden brought Emily to the mansion. He had seen her care for Theodore wholeheartedly. At first, he felt that Sienna didn't deserve Jayden but now he thought the opposite.Butler then escorted 'Sienna' back to the Myers Villa to get her stuff.The Myers Villa was a two-story villa on a mountain with a large backyard with an infinity pool and a front yard with an impressive garden. All kinds of flowers of all
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Divorce II
Naomi put all her thoughts aside and began packing everything. She left behind a few outfits that didn't suit her taste and looked like she couldn't fit in.After packing 'her' clothes, she went to Theodore's room where Theodore was fast asleep. Naomi felt bad for the child. She felt sad when she saw the peaceful and cute smile on his face. It looked like he was having a fun adventure in his dreams.She tried to make as little noise as she could as she packed everything. Butler Lee and a few other maids helped her put her stuff in her car. There were only about five suitcases. Naomi held Theodore who was wearing blue two-piece pajamas with tiny white stars. He had inherited his mother's straight caramel blonde hair. His skin was fair and delicate. Naomi wanted to pinch Theodore's dumpling cheeks but refrained from doing so.As Naomi was driving off, Butler Lee bowed to her. Naomi handed the diamond ring on her finger to Butler Lee. Butler Lee looked surprised." Good luck with your ne
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