The Four Wheel Saga

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The Four Wheel Saga

By: Kaiser Ken OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior village- Karasuma, the Legacy Trials are about to begin, which tests the mettle of the young and uninitiated. A host of budding warriors train to contend against each other in battles of melee, magic, and the mind. Among them are heroes of the future, who shall possess unbridled power and suffer cruel choices of fate. Meanwhile, evil lurks in the dark, plotting and scheming to rupture the fabric of peace, and pit village against village, ally against ally, and hero against hero. As matters escalate, dark secrets buried deep come to the fore, and a long-forgotten prophecy is revived from oblivion. Will the heroes respond to the call of destiny? Brace yourself for a journey through beautiful landscapes, electrifying battles, stirring romance, and spine-tingling mystery.


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01 The Chief Bursar's Voyage
'The Picard' sailed leisurely in the waters of the Reisui. It was a single-masted ship that could support up to thirty sailors and carry a small garrison of soldiers across seas. To reach the Karasuma village mainland, one has to take a vessel from the last port in the Bay of Daiwan. Two days in the sea along the coast brings one to the Semai canyon's mouth. The canyon, overflowing with turbulent water, wedges its way through the Youjin mountains. It is a murky, mile-long pass and further opens into the downstream waters of the Reisui, which overlooks the river valley. The origin of the river is at the base of Chojo hill- the territory of Karasuma village.The Overlord of Karasuki village was Itou Uno, a scrupulous man who made very few appearances. He had delegated his uncle and Chief Bursar, Masateru Uno, to hold trade talks with Karasuma. The negotiations were to be completed before the Goddess Festival of the village commenced. It was to be a landmark trade deal that
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02 Yorokobi's Resolve
A minute passed in silence. Then there was the rustling of leaves and breaking of twigs. A tall, well-built figure emerged from the wilderness. A warrior-like man. He wore dark, baggy warrior breeches and a sleeveless, black armor vest. A leather mask covered half of his face. Youthful hair fell to his shoulders.Yorokobi: "Who are you? Identify yourself!"Stranger: "I feel there is no point introducing myself to weak men about to die."Yorokobi: "You sound pretty pompous for a bandit and smuggler. Tell me, how did you teleport to this location? Which stolen magical artifact did you use?" The man scoffed at the Captain and scratched his chin.Yorokobi: "The Overlord has banned black market items in these lands. We will confiscate the object in your possession and produce it before him. If you submit willingly, perhaps we will let you live. However, you must prepare to spend a long time in the dungeons."The stranger exploded in laughter as if the menti
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03 The Dragon's Day Out
Yorokobi amassed copious raiki and invoked his most powerful fire defense.~Fui-kitsu cloudburst!~Crack! A thunder crack sounded, and a downpour of rain flooded the field for a few seconds. Roar! Crash!The fire beast leaped threateningly for the last time and died in a fracas of steam and smoke. Whoosh!A layer of mist and vapor sloped into the air like a tornado. Yorokobi spied his adversary. The stranger still stood in the same position, unmoving. 'Is he as strong as a Kin-lord?' 'Who is he, really?' 'No matter. It will be over soon.' Yorokobi's confidence rested on his backup plan. Karasuma warriors were excellent assassins.A silhouette emerged from the forest shadows and perched on the foliage above the stranger. He was the guard who had run off into the woods at the beginning of the battle. Crunch! Swish! He dived off a branch headlong. A dagger was pointed at the back of his target. Yorokob
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04 Crows Come to Roost 1
The boy had been walking for hours. He was lost in a vast, elaborate corridor, without a ceiling, doors, or windows, with walls that scaled the sky. The starlight illuminated his path, which seemed to go on endlessly. He passed bronze statues, tiled fountains, and ashen murals. On and on he went, yet there was no end to the reverie. Drained and parched, he tarried by a fountain to drink some water. As he slurped the cool liquid, something fell out from the water spout into his hand. The boy held it up curiously against the starlight. It was a rusted old key- with a bow made in the shape of a crow's tail. With a sense of emancipation, the boy looked around and saw a heavy oak door ahead in his path. He approached it, slid the key into the keyhole, and turned the bow. The door made a threatening rumble and unbolted; the boy pushed with all his might, throwing it ajar. It was a cavernous room that stank of death and decay. As he made his way in, the sound of bel
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05 Crows Come to Roost 2
Kin-lords generally summon kin-assemblies to disseminate official news and host events exclusive to the kin. When the summon is circulated, the household members, staff, and servants gather at the venue assigned.The Daigaku was an elite warriors academy in Karasuma village, undertaking advanced research and training in military subjects. Fellows of the Daigaku- including students and preceptors, formed a select branch called the Legacy Unit, which outranked the general military in status and combat ability.Kento finished his chores, donned the red robe Gotou had left on his bed, and stood in front of the wall mirror. He was sixteen years old, five foot seven, with eyes as green as emeralds. The boy had a square jawline like his father and a mop of fuzzy, dark hair like his mother. His hair sprouted so fast that he had to shear them every week.Kento walked down the corridor to his little brother Nagumo's room, which was on the same level as his. The Mika
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06 Crows Come to Roost 3
Shigeo was a bespectacled fifteen-year-old. You would rarely ever find him practicing taekkyon on the training grounds. Taekkyon was the flagship martial arts of Karasuma village; its progenitors were the legendary fighters- Byeon and Subak of the now-extinct- Joseon kin. Every kin member is drilled in the martial arts from the age of six.Shigeo's talents, however, lay elsewhere. Every news flash, sensational tidings, and remote hearsay found its way into his knowledge. He was the one to ask about every general information or even scandals. Shigeo would hang around the offices and pluck anything vital that he overheard or spotted in writing. He would hunker at the citadel library during his leisure, reading about history, magic, and agriculture. Today, however, he was in higher spirits than usual.Shigeo: "Thanks, Kento. Ahem! Brothers and sisters. I have some thrilling news. It's about the Legacy Trials."The Mikashita kids set to mutter amongst th
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07 Crows Come to Roost 4
The gang erupted into talking so loudly that Gotou had to come over to quiet them. They settled down as all of them feared the Chief's temper. They continued their deliberation through whispers after he left.Kotone: "Shigeo… Does that mean… Kento, Akako, and you are eligible for the Legacy Trials?"Shigeo: "Yes. And the trials will be held during spring next year. Awesome, right?"The gang looked at the three older teenagers, who, coincidentally, were sitting together. Most of Kento's cousins were under fifteen. They expected a speech from him. It was no secret that Kento needed to clear the Legacy Trials if he ever wished to succeed his father, Senju, as Overlord of the village. It was a prerequisite for the position. He thought deeply before sharing his mind.Kento: "An early chance to appear in the Legacy Trials, huh? I think I will sit this one out."The Mikashita kids started chattering all over again."No way, Kento!""Please reconsider!""What is wron
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08 Crows Come to Roost 5
There was more applause from the audience and whistles and hurrahs from the children. The trio stood and bowed to the crowd. They were popular as THE BULWARK TRIO for their exploits as a team.Senju: "I am very confident that they will bring laurels to our kin. I will select the remaining nominations from aspirants in due time. I must repeat, however, that kin-subjects fifteen and above of age may take part in the Legacy Trials." "We have given radically short notice. It would be natural for those under seventeen to be uncertain about their abilities. Hence, two gifted preceptors from the Daigaku have been deputed to every kin to train the fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds. They will help hone the youngsters' abilities before the trials begin. The preceptors will also overlook the registration and training of all aspirants, including those seventeen and above. Therefore, without further ado, I invite to our midst-""Keiji Sensei. And- Yuuki Sensei."The crowd award
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09 Crows Come to Roost 6
A bunch of Kento's cousins stepped out of the crowd. There were twelve of them. Akako and Shigeo had also joined the group. Apparently, being called a 'little lady' had irked Akako. Kento did not leave his seat, turning a cold shoulder to the elbow nudges of the kids. As the de facto leader of the teenagers, he was supposed to lead the younger participants. They kept urging him to join in, but Kento was adamant.Yuuki moved a hundred feet away from the pavilion and marked a black burnt circle on the ground with flaming kitsu. It was about seven feet in diameter. He amplified his voice through another kitsu technique so that his words may reach the pavilion.Yuuki: "The objective of this demonstration is simple. Either make me step out of this circle or land a direct hit on me. The attack can be with physical contact or with kitsu. You can attack me together, or one at a time. All weapons are permitted. You can charge when I give the signal." "Ah, I almost forgo
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10 Crows Come to Roost 7
The crowd craned their necks to see the outcome of Daigo's attack.Yuuki stood in place, unmoving. He held up his hands, and there they were! The eight knives of Daigo! The preceptor had plucked them mid-air in one sweeping caper. The youngsters in the crowd whooped and whistled while the ladies laughed nervously in relief.The battle wasn't over yet.Kafu's group had taken a parabolic path and was just thirty feet away when the priest unleashed his bestial kitsu.Doi-kitsu! Fire Shrews Summoning!At least a dozen little fire-shrews flared onto the ground and scampered towards Yuuki. The crowd cheered, kindled by the sudden change in momentum of the battle. The fire-shrews skittered on like lumps of burning coal.Yuuki twiddled his fingers and set a non-verbal kitsu in motion.Slither!A row of water sea-snakes seemed to burrow out of the ground. They skittled towards Kafu's shrews and gobbled up the tiny animals graciously. Both a
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