The Genius Delta

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The Genius Delta

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Jonathan Silvercloud: I'm your everyday 22-year-old billionaire tech genius. What young, extremely intelligent billionaires aren't that common? Guess that's only in comics. Also, like in comics, the most intelligent man or werewolf in the room doesn't find love. Or so I thought till Persephone Fayte landed a summer internship with my company. Persephone Fayte: I just landed my dream job. Okay, so it's a summer internship. Please don't rain on my parade. My sister and her mate are finally letting me leave Sicily and Europe! America and Silvercloud Industries, here I come! I'm ready to show everyone at Silvercloud what I am made of. I thought I was prepared for anything. I was unprepared for Jonathan Silvercloud. This is the fourth full length book in the Bloodmoon Pack series. You can read this as a standalone or in series order. Bloodmoon Pack Series: Book 1 - Alpha Logan Book 2 - Betas Surprise Mate Book 3 - The Reluctant Alpha Bloodmoon Novella - The Hunted Hunter Bloodmoon Spinoff Series The Incubi Pack Series: Book 1 - Alpha of Nightmares Book 2 - The Hybrid Alpha Book 3 - Dream Mate


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Chapter 1 - Silvercloud
I am not the nine-to-five, five-day, forty-hour-work-week kind of guy. I don’t have the attention span for something, so mind-numbing. I prefer the Netherlands’ thirty-hour work week at best. This is why my company runs on a four-day work week with varied hours; no one is expected to work more than thirty hours. People are a lot happier with it. They also like that we have a hybrid work situation for some positions. Any position where they would be building or using chemicals has to be done at the office, but for many departments, they can telecommute. I telecommute as often as possible. While my office is excellent, and we have many labs for various research, I still prefer to stay in my bunker lab and fiddle with tech at my leisure between tasks for the pack. Another reason I don’t go to the office often, I like to keep my identity a secret. Since the Kinsley brothers helped me launch Silvercloud Industrial under their company umbrella, we’ve kept my given name and face out of
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Chapter 2 - Persephone
At long last, I am getting to leave Sicily! Even better, my wildest dream is coming true. I am going to America to work for Silvercloud Industries, and I don’t think I can contain my excitement. I felt terrible that I missed Isis and Kurt’s wedding, but they understood I needed to finish my finals and get everything packed to come for my summer internship. I’ll see plenty of them while I’m there, or as much as possible, given they are Luna and Alpha of Silverclaw, and I’ll be super busy with my internship. Oh, I hope I’ll be super busy. I will be so bummed if Tie’s jokes about interns being brought in as goffers to fetch coffee and things for the actual employees are valid. I would be so bitter and disappointed if I worked so damn hard, getting rejected two summers before this, only to be a coffee fetcher. I’ll probably dump the first cup of hot coffee I’m told to fetch on the person issuing the order. I am Persephone Adelaide Fayte, and I am a fucking genius inventor. I’d stay home
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Chapter 3 - Silvercloud
I groaned, rolling my shoulders as I sat up. Great, I fell asleep at my work table again. I yawned and rubbed my face, bits of wires and scrap metal falling out of my beard. Not the first time I’ve done this, and it won’t be the last. I looked around the table to see if I had made anything in my sleep. And sure enough, there was something that wasn’t there last night. I cocked my head as I raised the metal dove. The exterior was platinum with etchings, making it look like a metal totem. I squinted and tried to look inside some of the etchings that went straight through to figure out the function of the Dove and could see computer parts. I frowned and turned the bird in my hands as I tried to understand what I had built. “What are you?” I questioned, holding it so I could look into its eyes. “Tell me your purpose, turtle dove.” At the word ‘turtle dove,’ the eyes glowed green, and the wings of the metallic Dove tried to open in my hands. I had to let it go and watched as it flew
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Chapter 4 - Persephone
“Are you excited to start your internship?” Isis asked, turning in her seat to look back at me. “Does energy equal mass times the speed of light squared?” I scoffed. Kurt and Isis shared a look and broke out into laughter. I don’t know what’s so funny. I made a science joke, but it wasn’t even that funny. Maybe they are just humoring me and want me to feel at ease as I enter my dream job and be around a thirty-story office full of people I don’t know. “Thanks for laughing, but it wasn’t that funny.” I shook my head at their weirdness. “We know, but Kurt’s best friend Jonathan uses that line too,” Isis explained. “Oh. Well, at least that explains your laughter. Will I be meeting this infamous Jonathan? He’s supposed to be the Bloodmoon Delta, but while my arrival meet-and-greet is a jet-lagged blur, I don’t remember him.” I asked, leaning forward. “Um, yeah. Jonathan wasn’t at the pack house last night. He works at Silvercloud, so you’ll meet him. He’s supposed to be your Blood
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Chapter 5 - Silvercloud
I’d just managed to get into my lab before I got a text from Shikoba telling me the interns were being sent to the mentors. I was getting a workstation prepped for Persephone to use when my lab door slammed open. I turned in surprise at the aggressive way the door was opened, ready to tell off whomever it was. I didn’t get that chance because hot coffee was thrown at me, and I was called something in Italian, and I bet it wasn’t pleasant. I’m a werewolf, so I’ll heal from the minor burn from the hot liquid, but it hurt, and I shouted at the offending individual. I was so damn flustered with my annoyance and the pain that I ignored the person that threw coffee at me. Hell, I didn’t even think about taking my shirt off in front of this belligerent stranger. I paid closer attention as I tried to dry the coffee off my chest. Jaci had been inching closer, trying to get me to focus on the person in the room with me. And when I smelled that new car scent from near my bunker, it hit me.
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Chapter 6 - Persephone
What the hell is wrong with me? I am not the jealous type. If I were ever going to be jealous, I would’ve been jealous of Crista growing up. She was the firstborn and, therefore, the Beta heir. She was the one with a white wolf making her special before we knew just how special. But I never was, so there is no reason I should suddenly be the jealous type just because I met my mate. ‘That fucking bitch was flirting with him and touching him on purpose. She’s a werewolf too. She knows he’s not her mate but still flirted with him.’ Sara growled. ‘She must have sensed the chemistry and tension between you and Jonny. She’s a fucking bitch, and we should claw her damn eyes out.’ Sara snorted. ‘We can’t do that, and you know it. We are at work.’ I reminded my wolf. Something tells me getting into a fight wouldn’t just risk my potential future working for Silvercloud, but it would put Jonathan in the middle. I’d feel terrible if my being possessive cost him his job. Sure, he has his positi
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Chapter 7 - Silvercloud
I used to tease Logan that he and Aurelia couldn’t be left alone in his office, or they’d get no work done because of all their fucking. He would flip me off and tell me to wait. I fully understand why none of my friends share an office space with their mates, and I don’t think I can do this. My lab at the office is spacious when it’s just me, but with Persephone in here, I feel like I’m in a closet. She’s both too far and too close. It wouldn’t be a big deal if this were my bunker lab. I could touch Persephone as much as she’d let me without worrying about someone watching and what it could do to her future in this industry. But we are in the Silvercloud HQ, and I don’t want to do anything that risks the reason she’s here. She didn’t come here to find her mate. She came here for this opportunity with my company. So despite what Jaci and I want, I’ve tried to ignore her scent and the pull of the bond. I’m both grateful and annoyed that Shikoba sent that text that interrupted our kis
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Chapter 8 - Persephone
It was rather endearing that Jonathan kept forgetting Mila’s name. I don’t even care if he does so intentionally or not. She can eat her heart out. I may mean that literally because he’s mine. She’s a werewolf, so she better start respecting that. If she doesn’t, we are going to have serious problems. ‘You know what would put her in her place.’ Sara commented as we entered a little bistro a couple of blocks from the office. ‘Kicking her ass?’ I offered. ‘Well, that could help. But the best way to get any she-wolf to leave our mate alone is to mark him.’ Sara licked her lips. I couldn’t help it. I looked at Jonathan’s neck and tried to picture a mark there. I’m Beta by blood, but he is a Delta. So, whose mark would it be? Would his neck bear the Fayte dove, or would it be his family’s mark? That made me ponder his family’s mark, and more than that, I wanted to know more about him. I only know a little from what others have told me. “What’s your family like?” I found myself b
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Chapter 9 - Silvercloud
Shit, shit, shit! I quickly got up from the booth as my future ran out the door dragging her sister behind her. Scott at least had the self-awareness to look remorseful. “I…” He opened his mouth but quickly shut it when I glared at him. “You pick up the tab. I need to chase down my mate and hope to Goddess that she forgives me.” I growled, jabbing my finger into Scott’s chest. “And you get to answer to Logan for your slip.” My identity is supposed to be a fucking secret. It has been that way since I launched the company. The only way someone outside the pack finds out who I am is because they are mated to someone in the pack. The only tiny sliver of gratification I got was how pale Scott turned when I said he’d have to answer to Logan. ‘She’s our mate, and your dumbass couldn’t find time in the conversation, like when she asked about your family to mention you’re Silvercloud?’ Jaci scolded me. ‘If you ruined things with our mate, I’m not forgiving you, and we are beating Scott so ba
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Chapter 10 - Persephone
I will blame the mate bond, and it was screwing my emotions. It’s the only explanation I have for my strong reactions to things that are not me. There was a logical reason he went by Weaver at the office. And it makes a lot of sense. People would treat him differently if they knew he was Silvercloud. For example, Reed would undoubtedly have a 180 change of attitude. He’s damn lucky Jonathan is as easygoing as Kurt and Isis said. I can’t imagine any other boss, undercover or not, would accept that kind of treatment. And while it might make jerks like him rethink their treatment of Jonathan, it would also make bitches like Mila fawn over him more than they already do. That girl was getting on my last nerve. At least THREE times after lunch, she “accidentally” came to our lab and needed directions. Every time I had to clench my jaw not to speak or growl or, more likely, snarl at the bitch. It’s good that I heal because I’ve dug my nails into my palms in sheer frustration. Each time Jona
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