The Great God System

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The Great God System

By: Clouds_wroteit OngoingSystem

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It’s 2047, Humans suffered a great fate, all of humanity was petrified, no one escaped the fate, then an ancient god aided humanity, in all the petrification, the god chose 4 humans and blessed them with ,ability stones, and a signet, a seal on them made from foil that gives supernatural powers. To three he gave ability stone’s and one he gave two stones, an ability stone and another stone, a system stone, the god also gave them the ability to replicate these stones and share their powers. The four humans set out and saved the rest , with each one they saved a new ability was birthed, also a new system, no person was supposed to have two stones, but those four remain the four pure originals with the four pure and natural elements, water, air, fire, earth.


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Different Ability Signet
"Mum, are you home, Alice!!, were is everyone." A boy with red hair, 6 foot and 1 inches tall, he had sky blue eyes, he also looked out spoken, "Alice, were the hell are you." He walked into his home and was shocked to meet the house empty "Amber is that you." A lady says, "yes mom, where's Alice, I have to tell him something." The woman Is identified as his mother "what do you want, Amber am tired I need to rest." Another voice is heard, its identified as Alice Yuma, Amber's twin brother, "its about Joe, he just got an emerald sword pendant and he's moving to the camp tomorrow he said I should come tell you, that he can't come again." Amber and his brother are the only child of their parents and they haven't yet gotten their stones, normally the rule states once you have your stones you go to the camp, but in this world not everyone gets a stone, Amber and Alice have tried and tried but it was always a no, "Why us, why don't we get stones, is our family that weak, I hate th
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What Next.
All the students got inside the building and then another man came in, "congrats future warriors on getting your signets, now this will be a screening for you, inside this shrine, are 30 of you out of the fifty that came here, now to make this easier, we will attend to you based on your signet, iron signet, to the left, copper signet to the right, bronze in the middle." Everyone started heading to their locations and then suddenly, the man noticed everyone moved except Amber, "Young man excuse me, what signet do you have." Amber stood confused as his signet wasn't normal and he was already the centre of attraction, "I have a platinum signet." He said taking spaces in between each word, "fascinating, okay you'll go in with the bronze guy for now, until we know what to do with you." Alice was already monitoring Amber and was inquisitive about his brothers ability, Amber walked off to stand with the guy who told him they'd meet inside, "hmm, I see you made it with a rare type sig
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The Camp.
Its the next day and the Yuma's were ready to be off, "Amber, you have an ability like your granddad, he told me something, one day before he died, he gave me a book, this book had a lock, he told me that if I ever have an ability like his I should use it, but i didn't get an ability, I feel like you'll need it more than I, this is the only remaining thing I have from my dad and I'm giving it to you, take care of it." She entrust some kind of book to Amber, the book looked old and had like a diary lock on it, Amber wasn't so interested in it, he only took it to show his mom he appreciated it, "Boys be good for me and your mother, come out fine and strong and do what we could never do ." their father stayed back to see them off, "yeah, yeah old man, Amber let's move out I don't want others seeing you being lovey-dovey with mom and dad, I'm out." As usual Alice leaves the scenery, "Amber you have an idiot for a brother, don't let him spoil my father's name or I'll kill hi
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The Test.
After the briefing, Amber's company was indecisive of who would go first, they all didn't want to be the first to reveal their abilities, Alice walked to the orb and activated his signet, it glowed the bright red colour of the blood Red ruby, and then he touched the orb,Company— lieutenant HarrowName— Alice YumaGem— Blood Red RubySignet— CopperCompany registered,Rivalling company— lieutenant BriggsName— Dan BelenGem—Blood Red RubySignet—copperPLS WILL THE TWO COMPANIES MOVE TO ARENA B23.The two companies would spar at arena b23, the orb displayed so much info that the others were scared, "too much information man, let's head there and see how your brother does." Dread seemed somewhat interested in Alice's match, they got to the arena , it was an open room with a ring at the centre, there was a lot of weapons in a box provided for those with abilities that wasn't suited for fighting, there was a man in it he had a microphone, "will the first two contestant step in the
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Old Book.
They all got their professions, in harrows company there were a total of five individuals in each profession, except engineers which had six, Alice was still mad that he was put on Mage he even felt his brother's profession was much better his, "Amber, you cheated, I mean you lost your match and you ended up in Rangers, I won mine and I ended up as a mage, I mean I deserve much better than that." Amber on the other hand didn't reply because he was still shocked on how he got his profession, A little while longer, Harrow came to their mist, "I see, as of today, you all belong to the fourth company, which means, I give you orders, before we go on I'll like for you all to choose two people within yourselves to be your representative, those two people will go on meetings with me to the general's office and also to the cities HQ, I'll give you five minutes for that." Dread started murmuring to the public, "Okay out of everyone who fought here, we all fought sick and dirty, if we would be c
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The BookAmber was still confused about the voice in his head, "hello who's there." He tried calling out to the voice, but it was futile, "that voice was feminine, is someone playing a trick on me, what's going on, it said something about a system." Immediately Amber mentioned the system, a holographic menu popped up, NAME— AMBER YUMAABILITY — CREATION (WEAK TIER)ABILITIES LEARN —NONE AFFINITIES — NONE SKILLS — NONEEXP — 0/50ABILITY CHAIN — LOCKED SHOP — LOCKED INVENTORY — EMPTY"Hello, whose there, system!!, what am I saying is system even a name." Amber called out to the system again and then a beeping voice, "HELLO, MASTER AMBER WELCOME TO YOUR SYSTEM MENU, HOW CAN I HELP YOU." "Who's there." "I AM YOUR SYSTEM GUARDIAN, PLEASE SELECT A NAME YOU WOULD USE TO ACTIVATE ME, THIS WILL BE YOUR COMMAND WORD.""System guardian?, what the hell is a system, I think I'm going insane." "YOUR SYSTEM IS AN ADDITIONAL POWER TO YOUR ABILITY, FOR NOW I DO NOT HAVE ANY MEMORY ON THE OR
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After the little nap, a knok hits on Amber's door, he went to check it out, it was Dread, "Sorry bro,Harrow's been calling for you, everyone's out already, we are ready to set out." Amber overslept, Dread came to call him, "okay then let's head out." They both regrouped with the lieutenant and Alice with Angel, "let's head out then."The lieutenant asked for them to move, They got outside the gate and then the lieutenant folds his sleeves, just like when they met, he activates his signet and then, "Spatial Displacement." A portal opens, the lieutenant asks them to go in, once they crossed the portal, they appeared to be far away from the camp, "I'll give you only two reasons why we are here, One is we fight these Kuroi's in darkness because in the dark they tend to come out more, secondly these Kuroi's are low levelled one's, but because they are low level doesn't mean they can't kill you, keep your eyes peel." After the lieutenant told them these words he sent them of
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Amber and Dread kept walking through the path his system showed him, "Amber, do you hear that?, I think we're closer than we think." Amber suddenly looks to Dread, "Dread, I'll need you to do that move I told you about earlier, I don't know if it'll work but it's our only chance to defeat them, trust me please. " Amber couldn't yet tell them that these Kuroi's possess abilities, so he thought it be better if they found out themselves, "I mean why would you even beg me, man, you're the leader, your wish Is my command." And then Dread activates his signet he steps far away from Amber."I've never tried this before, for a pyro user,any over heating can cause me to burn inside out, but it doesn't matter, here I go, Pyro-kinesis—FULL BODY HEAT, 'BURST MODE'."Dread's body started to glow red, and then light up the surroundings, and then he started steaming, they could see their surroundings and then suddenly spotted the Kuroi's, they both had humanly form,
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Done and Dusted.
Meanwhile, Harrow was keeping track of the happenings by sensing their energy, he then noticed a fluke, and the outburst of the Kuroi's strength."What!!, these Kuroi's, they're monstrous, but how didn't I note this, these children might not stand long, I can't get to them seeing that I don't know their exact location, I should rush there at once, I hope they don't act reckless."Harrow ran in their direction hoping to get to them, Amber on the other hand still struggles getting up on his feet, he was drenched out of his energy after the fight with the Kuroi and he had in mind that one enemy remains, still thinking about Alice, he then gets a notification.YOU HAVE GAINED A NEW POINT BANK, LP, FOR GAINING AN AFFINITY YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING A POINT BANK, THIS WILL DETERMINE THE LIMIT OF THE AFFINITY YOU USE."so now, I have a limiter on, shouldn't be much problem I guess, DAWN, run a scan on that kuroi and tell me when it'll wake."—SKILL —EXAMINE 1 — ACTIVESCANNING...SCAN COMPLETE, E
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