The Great Impeccable

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The Great Impeccable

By: Muhammad Sulton Madi Jumadi OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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It all began with an explosion in the psych faculty building, leaving almost everyone in the building dead. However, it is reported that all six are still in search after nearly a day of the event. Sean Wycliff, one of the six missing persons, had just woken up and realized that he was in a different place and had almost forgotten what had happened before. It was there that he knew the reason behind everything that had happened to him, even to the five who turned out to be his good friends!

1 chapters
1. After Tragedy
The eyes of a newly awakened, slowly opened. Try to observe the surroundings before he can guess where you are right now.His blurred vision is now slowly starting to improve. It was then evident that he was in a room that was stuffy, and smelling foul.He tried to wag his gaze around the corner of the room without the slightest crack. He can't remember anything, let alone to do it, just to put his head up it feels really heavy.Still in the faint glare of his gaze, the man had tried to look for something like an air vent in the room, but unfortunately all he saw was in a box that contained only a tightly closed door.Finally he tried to stand up, and he realized something, and then he realized that his hands were already attached to a pair of barbed wire, in a stretchy position.That was when the thorn wire of the increased in his wrists. The blood that had started to dry, now oozes again, flowing from his two wrist until wet his elbows.The man panicked, and the folly continued to t
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