The Happy Life of Genius Soldier King

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The Happy Life of Genius Soldier King

By: Ping Fang1 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Facing a disobedient opponent, I'll crush him. For the obedient one, I'll crush him after notifying him in advance."Due to the dramatic changes in his family, Zhuang Lin left Grand Xia in a rage. By chance, he obtained a bizarre thumb-ring that empowered him with miraculous medical skills.Four years later, this gifted and genius doctor of the mercenary world retired and returned to China, starting a new life. Wooing beautiful women, belittling young masters from rich families, and overwhelming big shots, he led a leisured and carefree life.


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400 chapters
Chapter 1 Elixir King
Outside the luxurious airport in England, Europe, there were four men and one woman. The man's body was straight, and his muscles were full of strength, which made people sense danger. The woman had silver hair and blue eyes, and a delicate figure, looking extremely attractive.Among the five people, there was only a yellow-skinned man who stood across them. He seemed to be in his early twenties. He had inch-long hair and a pair of special eyes.“Elixir King, have you really decided... to leave the army just like that?”""I've wandered in a foreign country for four years. It's time to go back."" The man stared at his palms, which were covered with calluses. After a while, he slowly raised his head and looked into the distance.""Elixir King, we are also sad about the death of our instructor. We all know that you are not satisfied with the decision made by the superiors Even so, we are the corps anyway. Everything must be based on the corps. Sometimes, we will have to sacrifice ourselves.""
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Chapter 2 A Hijacking
""A hijacking..."" The somewhat hoarse voice echoed in the luxurious cabin, like steel needles piercing into everyone's hearts. Everyone was stunned for a moment. Then the fear in their hearts swelled up, followed by some shouts with fright.""Behave yourselves. If anyone makes any noise, I'll shoot him in the head."" After the man in the suit got up, two more men with guns stood up one after another and aimed their guns at the nearby passengers.All the passengers in the cabin were stunned by the sudden hijacking. In the face of the cold muzzle and the threat of death, everyone obediently shut up.Zhuang Lin, who was sitting in the back seat, tilted his body slightly to avoid the sight of the bandit at the front and looked back. When he saw the situation clearly, his heart sank. Maybe he was a little unlucky to encounter such an unlucky thing as hijacking.Judging from these people's behavior and words, it was obvious that they were experienced. They were in a group of three, holding thei
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Chapter 3 A Romantic Flight Encounter.
After a moment of silence, he forced himself to say, ""I am very sorry about what happened earlier."". However, as he was apologizing, he had forgotten that he was still hugging her. He moved his arms carelessly and touched something that was soft and pliable. It was a very pleasant feeling.He was stunned. The woman in his arms was stunned as well. Then, she lowered her head mechanically and exchanged glances with him. After that, they shifted their gazes to different places and fell into silence once more.After a moment of silence, the woman in his arms slowly spoke, ""Well... Can you let go of me now?"" To Zhuang Lin's surprise, what sounded in his ears was the standard Mandarin. Now it sounded so familiar and so pleasant.""Are... Are you a Huaxia citizen as well?"" Zhuang Lin suddenly lowered his head and stared at the woman in his arms. He looked surprised and happy.""You're hurting me!"" The woman didn't answer his question. Of course, that standard Mandarin was already a form of answ
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Chapter 4 A Massacre
""Yang Lan, turn around and let the bandits behind you see your face."" Zhuang Lin pressed Yang Lan's delicate body against his seat, letting her curvy body lean against the backrest while his body clung tightly onto Yang Lan's back.At this moment, their bodies were pressed tightly against each other. And their chests and backs were pressed against each other. Because their clothes were thin, the friction of their bodies inevitably caused a physiological reaction. Yang Lan, who was leaning against the backrest of the seat, felt a burning and hard object pressing against her buttocks. After a moment of being absent-minded, she could guess what it was. Her delicate body couldn't help shivering. And her face was burning.""Bastard! Let me go! Let me go!"" With something belonging to a man resting on her butt, she was on the verge of going mad. However, she endured it. Following Zhuang Lin's instructions, she raised her head and revealed a pitiful expression. Tears filled her eyes as she shou
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Chapter 5 Mountain Wolf
""Double-headed dart. Don't tell me it's Mountain Wolf?"" Upon seeing the bloody three-edged dart pulled out of the wound, Zhuang Lin thought of a person. He had fought with many people, some of whom used three-edged darts. However, only Mountain Wolf could hurt him with a three-edged dart.""Elixir King, is that your son of a bitch?"" While he was guessing if the person opposite him was Mountain Wolf, a man's voice came from the other side. It was standard Mandarin. And he called out his code name in the army. Obviously, the person opposite him was Mountain Wolf.""Motherf*cker. Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road. To think that I'd run into you on such an occasion!"" Zhuang Lin didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He'd actually run into an old friend on a hijacked plane. However, it seemed that this old friend had always wanted to get rid of him.""Yes, enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.""After confirming his opponent's identity, Zhuang Lin stood up. Unknowingly when, two sc
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Chapter 6 Spring City
The door of the cockpit was not locked. With Mountain Wolf's fierce kick, the door opened. The moment the door opened, he rushed in like a cheetah. Zhuang Lin followed him and also rushed in.In the cockpit, the two armed bandits instinctively turned around and pointed their guns at Mountain Wolf who was the first to rush in. However, before they could pull the trigger, a bloody hole appeared on their throats.Hearing the commotion coming from the back, the two bandits in the cockpit turned their heads at the same time. One of them reached out with his hand to touch a certain part of his body while the other quickly rushed to the front of the cockpit where two remote control were placed.""Whoosh...""The two bandits were quick to react. However, Zhuang Lin, who was following them, was even faster. He threw out the two scalpels in his hands, which streaked across the air before accurately sinking into the back of their heads.""Control...""""Control...""After dealing with the four bandits,
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Chapter 7 A Beautiful Policewoman
After the military vehicles drove into Spring City, they dispersed, leaving only the military vehicle where Zhuang Lin was seated. It continued to drive toward the prosperous area of the city. After more than half an hour of driving, it drove into Cherry Blossom Street where there were many academic institutions.""Elixir King, you'd better behave yourself. If you dare to do anything that violates the law of Grand Xia, I will personally kill you."" After leaving those words behind, the ones inside the military vehicle drove off and disappeared, leaving Zhuang Lin standing by the roadside.This was his first time in Spring City. Zhuang Lin was unfamiliar with this bustling city. He stood on the street that was filled with institutions and smiled when he saw the students coming and going. Soon, he would also become one of them.The Instructor's house in Spring City was near Cherry Blossom Street. In the photo, it was a two-story building with a strong Huaxia flavor. There was a separate ga
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Chapter 8 The Policewoman Belle, Chu Wan
The Instructor's real name was Kong Qingyuan. In the entire army, only a few people knew his real name. In addition, Zhuang Lin also knew that the Instructor had a younger sister named Kong Qinghua. The reason why Zhuang Lin came back to Spring City this time was that he wanted to settle the Instructor's ashes and let him return to his root. Secondly, he wanted to complete the Instructor's last entrustment to protect his younger sister, Kong Qinghua.Perhaps this was also the sorrow of mercenaries. From the moment they embarked on this path, they were destined to accompany the death. And they might die while completing the mission at any moment, not to mention that they had to face all sorts of retaliation methods from their enemies, including retaliation against their loved ones.As a super master in the mercenary world, the people that the Instructor had killed in his life could form a reinforced battalion. The more people he killed, the more enemies he would have. And the more reven
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Chapter 9 I Didn't Mean to Take Advantage of You
In a bedroom on the second floor, there were aqua blue wallpaper, light blue decoration patterns, curtains, and sheets with blue. In addition, there were aqua blue lace panties. It could be seen that Chu Wan, the great beauty, loved the blue color very much.At this moment, Chu Wan's fair face changed from time to time. Although she held a police uniform in front of her chest, it covered her upper body and lower body.She stared blankly at herself in the mirror. Looking at her exposed and smooth skin, she wanted to cry. She was just an innocent girl. But she had failed miserably in an easy task. Her whole body had been seen by a strange man. If this news were to spread out, how could she face others?""It's all Zhuang Lin's fault. If he had informed me, I wouldn't have gone to the living room without wearing anything, let alone letting him see me naked."" The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt and the angrier she became. In the end, she simply shifted all the responsi
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Chapter 10 Living Together
After a brief moment of blankness, the fury in her heart burned was even more fierce. However, when she thought of Zhuang Lin's words, she could only temporarily give up on struggling. She didn't want to cause friction between her body and Zhuang Lin's body because of her twisting in case Zhuang Lin would do something evil.Although Chu Wan was a little careless, she was smart. She knew that her body had a strong attraction to the men. In the midsummer, her clothes were thin. Now that the two of them were squeezing on this narrow sofa and their bodies were closely pressed together. Even the slightest movement could be felt by each of them.""Let go of me. Or I'll scream molestation."" Knowing that she was no match for the man in front of her and that she was pinned under him and couldn't move, she felt aggrieved. And her eyes were almost red.Zhuang Lin lowered his head and enjoyed Chu Wan's pretty face from a close distance. He lightly tapped Chu Wan's alluring red lips with his index f
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