The Hero I Never Was.

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The Hero I Never Was.

By: Author_Usfal_Aizen OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What will you if you and your class suddenly find out that you were summoned to another world? Add the book to your library to find out how Zach deals with this!


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8 chapters
Zach is just an intelligent school boy at the high school level and he went to school every time, he is not a strong boy but he Is definitely not the type to be bullied by others.He is not the Social type, meaning that he has a hard Time making friends. Today is just like any other day, Zachary arrive at school and he went directly to his class and sat down without talking to anyone.The class teacher has arrived and the students greet her."Good day to you all, today we will be talking about Waves, anyone got an idea about wave?" The physics teacher asked.Zach raise his hand."Zach, tell us what you know about wave" The physics teacher point at Zach."A wave is a disturbance which travels through a medium and transfer energy from one point to another without any permanent displacement of the medium itself" Zach defined."That's really good Zach, you see this is why we always gave you course outline, I always encourage you to read further, this way whenever we are doing the topic i
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Summoned to another world!
The purple light intensifies to the point where they had to close their eyes, the light Is too much to the point of making them feel like they will get blind.Sometimes they feel like they will be torn apart, their body been pulled and stretched to its absolute limit.They soon found themselves in some sort of runic lines and writings, the purple light dim and only a small glow is left."Where are we?!" A student exclaimed."Is that some sort of time travel?" Another student ask in confusion."Teachers please use your phones and call for help" A girl said to the teachers."No network here" The teachers all tried but no network no emergency call is going."We are destined to live in here forever" Those words where uttered in a flat tone, as usual the flat tone belong to Zach."Who the f*ck are you to determine our fates" A Rich kid from the way he dressed and carried himself."Shut up your curse mouth!" Another young master type kid shouted."I am just stating facts, facts are facts. A
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Abilities | Leaving
'Those black robe guys even beg us to defeat the demon Lord, is not that I am not going to defeat the demon lord but not now and I also have my other plans' Zach thought."Tyler, what ability did you get?" Zach ask."You are going to guess it, I will give you a hint. My ability cannot work without other abilities" Tyler put on a mysterious vibe."Absorption?" Zach guess."Close but not the correct answer, my ability is energy conversion. I can convert one form of energy to another form, what about you?" Tyler asked."Hmm mine is Matter" Zach gave a short reply."Elaborate" Tyler said."To transform into the three states of matter. Solid, liquid and gaseous form, I can increase or decrease my weight" Zach explained."But I am not that strong yet, I want to save humans but I have no plans to be shackle and work under someone, I will do things my own way" Zach suddenly said."Now that I have the powers too and I don't need to fear them. I don't really care about those rich arrogant class
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Dire Situation
The duo fall down in a forest."Oh shit""Zach, are you okay" Tyler worriedly asked."Since i could say 'Oh shit' it means i am fine" Zach is just pretending."Dammit we are in a middle of a jungle, we are not even in our peak state" Tyler cursed at their misreble state."Oh calm down" Zach calmly said."Let's pick one direction and move straight, maybe we will be lucky" Zach suggested."Which direction?" Tyler asked."Hmm, let's go East" Zach said after contemplating for a bit."Alright, East it is" Tyler agreedThe duo keep walking straight east for a while, everything is peaceful until they encountered a beast."Guessed our luck has runout" Zach coldly said.Tyler swallowed a dry saliva and he got into a fighting stance."Let me give you a nice warm surprise you damn dog!" Zach look like he will run at the dog but stop and throw something, the dog turn after it."Come Tyler" They both run at the opposite direction.It seems that even the cold and fearless Zachary knows when to back
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The town
The duo quickly arrived at the town's entrance.They look absolutely tired and in battered clothing, They faint when they reach the entrance, so the guards took them in and planed on asking questions later on.Inside a dimly lit room..."Uhh..Zach wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar room, the good thing is that Tyler is also with him.He saw a man on a chair facing the window."So you are finally awake"The man curiously look at the boy in front of him."Their are question that you will need to answer" The man continued."What are they?" Zach asked."We will wait until your friend wakes up" The man camly said."Alright"Zach find a place and sit down while waiting for his sleeping friend to wakeup.They did not have to wait long as Tyler is half awake..."Uhh, where are we?" Tyler wakes up and look around the unfamiliar room."Well, I am going to ask you some questions""Go ahead" Zach flatly said."First, what are your names?""I am Ingestor and he is converter""Hahaha, hmm
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First Mission
"What are we waiting for? Let's get in"Zach push open the door and he step inside the door, after the two boys has move in, the door mysteriously disappeared.The hideout is a bit dark with not so many lights crystals illuminating the place, they saw a young man sleeping on a desk."Ahemm"Zach cleared his throat and draw the attention of the young man sitting on the table and he slowly gazed at the kids."Hey kids, what are your business here? Did you find this place by chance? If so, you better scram out of here""Let me talk first"Zach is getting annoyed at this man's attitudes."We are the new heroes joining the Ancient Heroes United Alliance, Vanisher is the one that send us here" "Are you dreaming? wake up from this stupid dream and face the reality, you cannot be here. I said scram before my patience run out"'Why am I even put on this duty, I am a fighter and just because the person here is not around and I just return so they put me in this boring Job. I should have gone f
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Bloody Fight And True Cruelty
"Brothers!lThe captain raised his voice to have their attention."Those little kids are just a bit stronger than average, the one that attack me is a complete trash while the one that made that powerful attack use a lot of energy"The bandits leader raised the moral of his partners in crime."Yes..."That is so true..."Yeah, skinny attack recklessly and completely underestimated the kid..."Tyler, do not get afraid. Staying Calm, is the true way to win this fight, don't get flustered during the and accurately absorb the attacks shot at us"Zach is still calm under such situation and his cold eyes glared at the leader of the bandits."You brat! After I am done with beating you senseless then I will pluck out that cold eyes that you used to glare at me"The bandits leader threatened."You are saying?"Zach lazily asked."You damn brat!""Kill them, kill them all!"The Bandit leader is completely enraged."Here they come, Tyler I will be our vanguard and you will support me and guard t
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Return And Rewards
Zach's bloodied figure turn and walk toward the direction of hideout and Tyler did the same thing."Wait!"Tyler shouted."What?""Let's use that communication trinket to call the adventurers guild, we will earn much better this way""Okay"Soon the adventurers come and apprehend the bandits and they were given twenty gold coins.The two friends went back to the hideout, they hit based on a strange pattern and the door appears, they went in without hesitation."What in the world is going on here?"The young man is taken aback by the scene before him."Did you visit the afterlife or something?"He asked bwcause of seeing zach's bloodied figure."Take this, it is medium grade health potion, it will restore your health"The young man that shows them the mission board threw a potion at Zach and Zach caught it and emptied the bottle in one gulp.A comfortable feeling as he finished the health potion and a greenish aura covered his body healing all his wounds.Tyler look in amazement, Zach
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