The Jewel Of Humanity

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The Jewel Of Humanity

By: Jay Gee CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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A Stone that can change the world. Princess Flossina from the Kingdom Zuff awakens in the arms of a stranger, only to find out her mother has been murdered and she is to blame. Marlon has been waiting for his chance to redeem himself. After realizing he found the missing Princess of Zuff his plan could finally happen.


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143 chapters
20 Years ago
*An Alternate Universe**TWENTY YEARS PAST*It was night. The full moon illuminated the sacred Chapel inside the tower, at the very top of Castle MeadowBrook."We must find a way to keep the jewel safe, Your Majesty," confessed the Royal Chancellor of Meadowbrook to the Queen, Bihaldy, who was holding her sleeping, infant daughter, the Princess. She was such a perfect, beautiful babe  to her. She saw the resemblance in the tiny face of the man she had loved and ruled with. He was dead now, and here she stood in the light of the moon with her Royal confidante contemplating how to protect her legacy."Are you suggesting I hide it from my new husband, Chancellor?" She asked. Knowing full well that was exactly what he was suggesting.Read more
20 Years Ago prt.2
She knew she would never feel that way about anyone ever again. He had, at least, died a hero and left her with an heir. Their child. A beautiful baby girl she named Flossina. Her heart was still broken and filled with grief, but her duty demanded she remarry, and so she had. She chose Fvendal, a warrior from a poor, yet strong Kingdom, who aided in the conquering of the SheHaalte’s, The enemy who had almost destroyed Zuff, two neighboring Kingdoms south and murdered her King. Bihadlly thought it only right to marry their most valiant Commander and Chief warrior to show her gratitude and solidify their bond. She had hoped the union would also solidify her position as Queen among her own people, instilling trust and hope back into them, but now, she herself was unsure. They had been married only a few months. The people had loved Tehxadlayk as much as she.
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Where Am I?
Princess Flossina focused in and out of consciousness. She kept hearing a loud, sound, similar to crashing. She also felt a strong hand holding the back of her neck in place while pressing something cold to her lips, forcing her to drink something, which was bitter tasting and sticky. She wanted to spit it out, but she couldn’t move. Her body was in so much pain. Whatever she was drinKing seemed to stick to her insides and melt into her. She could feel her insides stinging and moving as she was forced to continue to drink the unknown contents. She felt excruciating pain shooting through her body. She didn't know if she screamed out or not, so overwhelming was it. Her eyes felt too heavy to open. Where was she? She asked herself. Even in her mind, asKing that question seemed to take forever to develop into one cohesive thought. Read more
Where Am I *Part 2*
The heaviness of her eyelids seemed to overpower her ability to keep them open. She was overcome with one last wave of pain and she passed out unconscious once again.When next she awoke, she was in a large room laying in a bed, under a soft fur blanket. She sat up, surveyed the room frantically,trying to remember what had happened before. She saw no Royal Guards or the man that seemed to be helping her, only a wall made up of wooden shelves with thick, leather bound books. Some of the shelves were in her line of vision. With snifters and containers with various powders and ingredients. It looked like she was inside of  a healers bedchamber. Her sudden movements made her head feel like it was splitting open. How did she get here? And how long had she been knocked out? What had knocked her out? The last thing she
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Princess...You Did.
She wouldn't marry a complete stranger and be shipped off somewhere else because he didn’t want to give up what was rightfully hers in the first place. She had never let anyone know, but she couldn’t stand her Stepfather. He appeared kind and brave to everyone else, but she could see through him. He was power hungry. She was to rule over Zuff, just as her mother had, and her mother had before her. She would serve the people and guide them, do her royal duty by upholding the peace of the land, but she would only do that as the rightful Queen of her home, and none other. Her stepfather would have to come to grips with that. They all sat down at the table and began their evening meal and that's as far as her memory went.She looked down at her clothing and realized they weren't hers, and there wasn’t a
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To Swear by Apollo The Healer...
" I...can't....It can't be! Who...who would do this? Who would do such a thing?""Princess, you did..."                           ******************Marlon had only meant to stay for a few moments, but he had gotten sidetracked with his own thoughts of her. Something other than what he saw was pulling him to her. He didn't like leaving her alone, even if she was unconscious. He felt she was already his ward.Day was turning into night. He stood there looking out over the sea of desert as the sun set in the far off horizon, contemplating his next move. He was surprised she had awakened when she had. The damage that had been done to her body was almost completely healed up. He could see that her face, neck, and shoulders were
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Marlon had swore a blood oath that when the time was right he would rescue his father at whatever the cost it took. That cost at the moment was his life, a price he thought paled in comparison to his father. Five years ago he had put his plan in motion and payed the previous healer who had resided there before him with a handsome sum of gold to leave the Kingdom and start fresh somewhere new and faraway, and to forget seeing Marlon. When the physician saw the large amount of gold bullion he was overjoyed and happily taught Marlon everything he knew, which took two years, but finally the man made him recite the ancient oath a healer took, thanked him again for his generosity and disappeared. For three more years after that he had bided his time playing the part by day and  thinKing of ways to seek out his revenge by night. The first task was killing the King
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Marlon *Part 2*
"Aye, Queen Bihadlly was murdered by her daughter, Princess Flossina. They say the Princess fled once it was discovered and has been killed by the Royal guard. They are afoot right now scouring everywhere in search of the Princess's body. Poor Queen Bihadlly."Marlon knew the news Lokul was telling him could be true. He had the Princess on his exam table heavily sedated and in need of more healing. He would have to move her soon. He tried to not rush his neighbor as to not give any indication something was amiss."I will keep an eye out then. Grave robbers are on the move again selling body parts. I'm sure a Princesses corpse will sell for a pretty penny. I could ask around if they know anything when I am at the trading post?" He hoped he sounded convincing."Aye, Marlon. That would be a fine idea. I will do the sam
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Private Chambers
A fierce, black dragon appeared from out of nowhere, catching them just twenty feet before they were to hit the ground, and they were off to safety.***Now he stood here, in his private chambers, at dusk with the red and orange ombre sky as a backdrop, looking at her, after just delivering the horrible news of her mother’s death. He could see she was about to fall apart. He saw the unshed tears of sadness welling up in her big gray eyes. A telling trait of her innocence. No one could act this good, he thought. She looked so lost and confused to him. Her voice was quiet but regal. He wondered if she even noticed it. He felt like an ass."My mother is dead? And I..." She couldn't say the words."Committed the crime." He
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Life After Life
Only time would tell if she would wake up, and when she did he would be there for her...                                **********Flossina jumped up quickly when she heard the random, loud, crack and rumble of the thunder she heard overhead. The loud sound seemed to vibrate through her body. She felt a gentle swaying motion underneath her. She quickly stood up and realized she was no longer in the bed at the handsome strangers castle, but on a large, golden papyriform boat. It Felt light, yet solid underneath her now sandaled feet. She looked over the side of the boat and noticed that the water was pure black. She then looked heavenward and saw there was no sky, just a black void with flashes of white lightning, rumbling and groans of
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