The Long War (Werebeast Series Book 1)

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The Long War (Werebeast Series Book 1)

By: Cody Grimsley OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In ancient times humans have told stories of mythological creatures. None are more ferocious than the werebeasts or men who shift to take the form of animals. The vampires were aware of this fact, and decided to try and quell the rising numbers of the tribes. What they didn't count on is the power and audacity that each of the tribes held, nor what danger would come from the combined strength of the werebeasts.

1 chapters
Chapter 1
It was a harsh winter, probably the most snow seen in a few hundred years. The whole tribe was barricaded in their homes, left to survive off what they possessed. Even our beast forms couldn't last more than an hour in the blistering cold. I stared up at the star-filled sky, reading the constellations as I sat next to the warm fire in our living room.My whole family sat together, playing games and chatting to pass the time. It was all we could do to keep ourselves sane. I, however, spent most of my time looking up to the moon, longing to return to the outside world. There was nothing more pleasurable than to run through the woods in beast form. It was freeing in my mind because, to me, my beast form was my true form, and my human form was my mask.Over time my family began to dissipate, leaving to go to their rooms for bed. First was my little brother, then my mother and father, and lastly, my older sister. That left my grandfather and me. He had just recently moved in with us due to
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