The Lord of Darkness

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The Lord of Darkness

By: Yi Bing Mo Dao1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Thirteen years ago, a star named Demon fell into the earth. It means Nirvana, or recovery?The starry sky is dim and everything is withered. With mist at dusk permeating once again, a mysterious world revealed...


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399 chapters
Chapter 1
“Every star is a god. They influence everything in the world.”“Practice is even more inseparable from stars. But 13 years ago, the first star in history fell into the earth...”“Now, the stars are severely polluted, and none of them is normal. This also means that there is something wrong with the source of monks’ practice, and the practice process is accompanied by unknown details...”Under the bright sunshine, it was a palm-sized village with its back against the green mountain.Under the old locust tree in the village.The elder smoked on his pipe as he spoke about the taboos of practice.At this moment, the old man said in a particularly earnest tone, “Ning, we are lucky enough to live an ordinary life in the Desolate Village. Don’t think about practicing anymore.”Following his gaze.There was a youth dressed in plain silk clothes in the middle of the crowd.The youth’s name was Ning Ming, and he was around 13 years old. He had a thin figure, and his appearance hadn’t shed its ch
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Chapter 2
Don’t go out at night.This was what Ning Ming had heard the most over the past 13 years.This was common knowledge in this world.After bringing the three men and the woman into the house, Ning Ming turned around to look at the village in the night.The Deserted Village was empty and as quiet as ever, like a graveyard in the mountains.Bang!That tall and thin man suddenly closed the door, causing Ning Ming to pay attention to him. He seems to be slightly anxious?After entering the house, the lanky man said, “I didn’t think that there would be a village in the depths of Great Green Mountain. I was really careless.”“Fortunately, there is a village.”Another fair and fat man said, “Otherwise, we would have spent the night on our belts.”Listening to their conversation, Ning Ming couldn’t help but feel curious.After all, he had been living in the village and had never gone out, so he didn’t know much about the outside world.“What’s your name?”Just then, Chen Jianjia glanced at Ning
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Chapter 3
“What happened?”Ning Ming immediately felt that something was wrong and stood up.But all of a sudden, Ning Yao grabbed his hand. “Brother... don’t...”Ning Ming glanced at the young girl’s worried expression, and then he rubbed his head and consoled her. “Don’t worry.”Ning Ming took a deep breath and walked out. He put his hand on the door handle and slowly turned it.Crack... crack...The door made an ear-piercing sound of opening and closing, as if it was shaking his bones.Then...Ning Ming was stunned in an instant.No one was in the room outside. The door was open, revealing the dark night outside.The lamp fell to the ground and the flame went out.“What’s going on?”There were 10,000 questions in Ning Ming’s mind.All of a sudden, he remembered what he had said about the Longevity Lamp. He quickly picked up the candle on the ground and lit it.The green flame was like a liquid. With a faint fragrance, it quickly filled every corner of the room.It was hard to say how it felt.
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Chapter 4
Tonight.Ning Ming originally wanted to chat with outsiders and understand some new things he didn’t know about.However, the night was not peaceful. Out of the four people who suddenly rushed into the night, only three returned.The fourth knock on the door should have come from Chen Jianjia.But no one expected that the voice turned out to be the man in green in the room!The other party seemed to have split into two people.One was standing inside the house, while the other was standing outside the house.In the room.Wu Xue and the others began to feel uneasy. Each of them was like a wild beast that had just fallen into a cage.Under the gazes of everyone.The man in green staggered back with a pale face, and his eyes were full of disbelief.In the next moment, he suddenly roared. “What is it!? Are you imitating me?”But outside the house.The voice seemed to be angry as well. “Damn you! I'm the 13th generation disciple of the Little Cloud Branch of the Haotian Clan, an eighth-clas
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Chapter 5
After recovering from the shock, Ning Ming took a deep breath and tried to calm down.Was he afraid? He was definitely afraid.Even in his previous life, he was just a 19-year-old freshman. After transmigrating to this world, he had never left the village.At that moment, there were people both inside and outside the house. It was unknown who the monsters were. Or perhaps, it could be said that they were all abnormal.In this environment...No!Ning Ming suddenly discovered that after the tide of fear subsided, his mind had become incomparably clear.Even all the cells in his body were excited and active.Thirteen years of life had been overthrown that night, and the veil of mystery surrounding this world had truly been lifted!“Could this be what Chief Li wants me to see?”Ning Ming thought to himself, “This strange practice world... practice taboo...”He looked at Wu Xue and the lanky man sitting in a corner.The lanky man did not stop sweating. Bean-sized beads of sweat slid down hi
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Chapter 6
“Can these guys speed up the burning of Longevity Lamp?”Ning Ming didn’t dare think too much about it. He immediately led his sister forwards.Chen Jianjia immediately retreated while Wu Xue and Wu Qing followed behind him.They gradually stopped arguing, and all of them surrounded Ning Ming and Ning Yao, staring fixedly at the young girl within the flames. Their eyes were like those of ravenous wolves.Drip... Drip...Especially the tall and thin man. His body seemed to be dehydrated quickly, and every step he took left a wet footprint.He had become a dried corpse!At this moment, Chen Jianjia’s black hair seemed to come alive. Like a wild snake coming out of its hole, it rushed madly to Ning Ming in the firelight.“How could this be?”Chen Zhen seemed very surprised by this. “Why did my hair move...”Ning Ming stiffened in fear.Fortunately, those black hair would burn upon entering the flames and emit a nauseating stench.But in this way, the consumption rate of the Longevity Lamp
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Chapter 7
A crack appeared in his flesh-and-blood palm as the black stone sank into it.The pain was accompanied by unprecedented excitement!In that instant, Ning Ming felt as if he’d taken drugs. He first felt like he’d been electrocuted, then he broke out in cold sweat and lost consciousness.What is this? Where am I? Who... who am I?No!My god! What is this?At that moment, Ning Ming’s pupils trembled rapidly, and his eyes were full of darkness. However, the deepest part of the darkness gave birth to billions of rays of light, like kaleidoscopes, to see an incomparably magnificent scene.Bang! Bang! Bang...In his chest, his heart pounded vigorously as it sucked out all the blood in his body like water, affecting his brain.“Putt~~~”In the end, Ning Ming was unable to bear all of this, completely losing consciousness, collapsing onto the grassland.“Brother?!”Almost at the same time, Ning Yao’s worried cry came.“Isn’t it just dealing with the body? Why did he faint?”Old Chief Li and Lin
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Chapter 8
“Aye.”Ning Ming nodded. He had seen the night sky many times, and each time, he had a deep impression of it.It was worth mentioning that there was no moon in this world. Stars filled the sky at night.The starry sky wasn’t beautiful. Instead, it was like an ocean of death with countless dead eggs floating within. It gave off an extremely oppressive feeling.Old Li said, “Then you should understand now. There is something wrong with our stars, namely gods.”Ning Ming’s heart felt slightly heavy when he heard this.He had heard such words many times, but they pointed directly to the source of everything.“The God is the source of all principles. If you want to be a monk, you must sense a star in the sky, make it your own fate star, and then comprehend the laws and truth from it. But now, the stars are severely polluted, so how can a monk be normal?”Next to him, Lin Zuodao pulled up a wooden stool and sat down lazily.It was summer. At noon, the sun was still scorching hot.Then, Lin Z
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Chapter 9
At this moment, Ning Ming felt as if he was in a dark sea, and he couldn’t find any light spots.There were no stars?Ning Ming couldn’t believe this scene.His Primordial Spirit fluttered as he drifted off into the distance. He seemed to have forgotten the passage of time, almost forgetting Lin Zuodao’s warning.After an unknown period of time, Ning Ming was still unable to find even the tiniest bit of light. He couldn’t even see his own fingers.“Where the hell is this place?”Ning Ming was simply unable to accept this.There were so many stars in the sky, including Emperor, Dubhe, Megrez...The stars were different. Uncle Lin said that the Dubhe Academy divided the stars into four levels: A, B, C, and D. He hoped that he could try his best to choose Dubhe or other A-level stars.But now...Ning Ming put on a questioning black face. “What other choice do I have?”F*ck!In the next moment, Ning Ming wanted to swear.Just like a blind date, before he went, he had a standard in his hear
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Chapter 10
After a long time.Old Li and Lin Zuodao came out of the house. They had talked for a while behind Ning Ming’s back.“Ning, I’m sure that your fate star should be the legendary Venus.”As soon as he emerged, Lin Zuodao couldn’t conceal his envy. “This is one of the first-rank stars that hasn’t been recorded in the Myriad Star Book.”Ning Ming was stunned when he heard this. What’s going on?Old Li also nodded and said, “When I traveled in the east in the past, I heard of this mysterious star. Someone once inadvertently saw this... black one when he was comprehending fate star. In short, you are very lucky. This is an extremely good fate star for practice.”In an instant, Ning Ming understood what he meant, and then a strange expression appeared on his face.At this moment, he really wanted to say that everyone could talk in a simpler way.Lin Zuodao walked over and placed a large hand on Ning Ming’s shoulder. “Good boy! You can actually find such a legendary practice fate star amongst
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