The Mask Killer

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The Mask Killer

By: Richivest OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Aleena must face the riddles and traps of a secret dark business circle on her campus. On the other side, Azka, Aleena's enemy and a reliable hacker, turns out to hold an important key to the ins and outs of this secret black business. The two of them work together, and from there: Aleena and Azka go undercover for an investigation! So far they don't know that their campus has a dark side that is buried deep. Will Aleena and Azka be able to complete the mission to uncover a secret dark business? What will happen to them after learning that all of these dark cases are related to Aleena's past?

1 chapters
Chapter 1: Mysterious Boxes
In a small room, the only light is a laptop. Someone in a black hooded jacket was busy humming softly. His voice echoed through the silence in the room. His eyes were closed enjoying the sound of his own humming.Fifteen minutes have passed, the laptop screen lights up. There is a video break image showing a woman wearing minimal clothing—a tight, sleeveless dress exposing her smooth shoulders and collarbone—drinking an alcoholic drink in a half-lying position to her left and her left hand supporting her body.The sound of a woman's sobs echoed in the silence of the room. The source is from a landline not far from this hooded person."Y-you... you can't do... mess with me," said the woman between her sobs."Oh yes?" A crooked smile felt challenged curved. "That's why, I'm really curious to-""No! No! Please..."The hooded person laughed in a hushed tone. Make fun of the girl on the phone who acts brave but shrinks at the same time."You know? You are really attractive in this photo,"
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