The Multiworld Monster Store

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The Multiworld Monster Store

By: Future OngoingSystem

Language: English

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I've crossed over into the World of Monsters by chance and ended up as the useless elder twin brother. No worries, with a system at hand, the world is mine. Let's see how I turn coal into gold and run a legendary Monster Store.


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105 chapters
Chapter 1 The World of Monsters
A snoring echoed in the room as a handsome young man lying in bed was sleeping very soundly.BAM BAM BAM!"Ash, get up and work! My baby is starving!" A hurried knock on the door came as an angry voice of a young man followed.Ash sprang out from bed as his heart beat violently, his mind blank.'A man's... baby is hungry. What does that have to do with me?' The side of Ash's lips twitched as a chill swept past."Fine, Ash. You dare to act dumb with me. You'll regret this." The voice outside the door turned chilly.Ash was ready as he waited for the other party to break through the door. Yet it went quiet outside as if nothing had happened.After a long sigh of relief, he was a little soberer. When he looked around, he suddenly froze.This was a room made of solid wood in a rusty cabin style, and the air was slightly sea-salty. He was wearing a set of weird-looking robes. 'Who am I? Where am I? Who was the person knocking outside? Is this some kind of cosplay?'After slapping h
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Chapter 2 That Actually Worked
As a young man of the modern era, the word "System" was no stranger to him. It was a bug-like existence, a cheat engine for him to climb to the top.Ash's eyes lit up. He was so excited, almost to the point of drooling. Various images of him dominating the world and living the best life with countless followers appeared in his mind."Shove your dreams aside. The Monster System only serves the Monsters." The mechanical voice interrupted his fantasy.'Monster System?'The scene of Ash standing at the top of the world in his mind completely shattered. Instead, they become Monsters with long fur. Some even winked at him, causing him to shudder as his muscles twitched.This was the Land of Monsters. Of course, he would need Monsters to make it big. He was fine with it as long as he had a System."What exactly is a Monster System?" He tried to probe."I am the Monster System. As long as it is a Monster, I can unleash their highest potential. You can also see it as training and levelin
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Chapter 3 The Skeleton Island
This dumb dog is a Monster? Did I just get blessed by Saint Patrick or something?' Ash looked at the black dog with some suspicion.The black dog got annoyed by Ash's gaze. It hunched its body and growled at him."The Host Novice Trial Quest 2, commencing..." The icy voice in his head rang again.'Already the second mission?' Ash trembled within and was no longer in the mood to think about the black dog."You're given two skills for temporary: Eye of Truth and World Transfer Circle. Raise a canine-type Monster by a level. If mission is successful, the Eye of Truth and World Transfer Circle will be permanent skills. If the mission fails, or the Monster dies, the System will unbind and relieve the host of all System-related abilities.""Are you kidding me? Only a Monster with an ungodly potential can evolve its stats within a certain period. It's simply impossible for those with normal or bad potentials to evolve, much less this black dog here?" Ash gritted his teeth and hissed."S
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Chapter 4 Promotion
Ash took a careful step forward. Nothing happened. He then took two, and things were still calm. So, his tense muscles slowly relaxed.Suddenly, Ash's heart started to beat violently as the next second, an icy blue shadow darted across him before his eyes."Beautiful..."Ash whispered subconsciously under his breath as his consciousness fell into darkness.He quickly opened his eyes, and Ash found himself still standing on the beach, his body trembling uncontrollably and his clothes drenched in sweat.'I died just now. I got killed just now. This is not a dream. Everything here is real.'Not too far away, a dozen meters long giant python was stood coiling there. Its icy blue skeleton looked like sapphire; its jaws were wide open, letting out streaks of icy breath as it radiated a terrifying aura.'Is that a Monster? When did it appear? Where did it come from?' Suddenly, something appeared in Ash's mind."System, can I resurrect if I die here?" Ash's neck shrank as he asked nerv
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Chapter 5 I'm Becoming a Master
"Monster has successfully improved its attributes. Host Novice Trial Quest 2 successful. The host has obtained the World Transfer Circle and the Eye of Truth. The training realm will close in five seconds. Five..."It worked! He actually turned the black dog into a Monster. Ash laughed out loud. This was originally mission impossible.Amidst flashing lights, Ash and the Black Wolf once again reappeared on the six-point star array inside the Monster Store.Ash looked at the black dog, which had returned to its original form, and exclaimed in surprise, "What's going on? Why are you back being a black dog? Aren't you a Black Wolf?"At this moment, the black dog no longer had its earlier bearings as it spat its tongue out and wagged its tail at him. Aside from its size, it was still that dumb dog.The black dog's eyes lit up as it drooled. "Ribs... ribs..."Ash facepalmed as he once again used the Eye of Truth. It was only then did he confirm that he was not hallucinating, but this wa
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Chapter 6 Walk-in Customer
At nightfall, Ash was just about to close the door and go home when the door of the pet shop was pushed open, and a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl came in, holding a light blue monster with a clearly visible knife-cut wound in its belly, from which blood oozed out and slowly soaked the girl’s snow-white flower skirt. "Please, please help save it. At least make it survive for another fifteen minutes.” Vivian Kennedy’s eyes were filled with grief. She burst into tears as soon as she came through the door. Ash was stunned, startled to see the wound on the monster. He felt sorry to see how desperately the girl begged him. But the wound was too large and he could do nothing about it. Seeing that Ash was in a fix, Vivian despaired. She was ambushed on the road, and her pet, Mimi, was seriously injured while trying to save her. She thought those people would kill her, but when those people saw her monster was dying, they just turned around and left. Up to now, there was nothing th
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Chapter 7 Forced to Operate
Ash was shocked to see Vivian’s expression. She was just fine a second ago. Why did she suddenly change her mind? "Aren’t you sent by someone? Who sent you?” She would know who was the person who tried to kill her monster, if she could apprehend the person in front of her. "It is a misunderstanding! It is a misunderstanding!” Ash shouted anxiously. He seriously had a bad day today. This brat was not paranoid but also impulsive. A blue light rushed toward him with icy energy. Just as it was about to hit Ash in the face, it dissipated instantly. Ash closed his eyes tightly, his heart thumping as he called for the System to save him. ‘Resisting low-level energy. One magic point deducted.’ ‘Huh? What is going on? Why did the attack suddenly dissipate? Could it be that the person in front of her is still a higher-level master? Otherwise, how could he neutralize her energy with no magic power fluctuations?’ Ash opened his eyes and saw the girl’s shocked expression. He was glad
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Chapter 8 Crushing
Amid a series of complaints, a figure in white appearing in the distance was running toward this side. Some people started to gloat, some jealous, some worried, and some chewing on snacks, eager to see what was going to happen.Yasmin's expression changed, as she could not believe her eyes. How could it be? She should be busy treating her Monster now. How did she come back to participate in the contest? Could it be that things had gone wrong?"The second branch, Vivian, meets the patriarch of the family. I apologize for coming late and ask the patriarch for forgiveness."The second branch was the bloodline of the great elder under the patriarch. Further down was the third and fourth elders from the third and fourth branches, respectively. Only the patriarch's bloodline could be considered the direct line.When Vivian arrived, she immediately asked the patriarch for forgiveness. But she explained nothing but just admitted her mistake. After all, a wrong is wrong. But the patriarch a
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Chapter 9 Backfire
Sadly, the Felintroll was facing the Black Flame Tiger, which was several times larger than it. The Felintroll shot the Black Flame Tiger with Ice Spike, but the tiger felt nothing.Next, the Felintroll died and resurrected repeatedly like undead. It annoyed the Black Flame Tiger so much that it rammed into the Felintroll whenever it resurrected.It happened again and again until the Felintroll could exchange a few blows with the Black Flame Tiger. Just then, when the Black Flame Tiger shot magma at the Felintroll again, the Felintroll froze the magma."It is Ice Spirit!"Ash, who possessed Eye of True, immediately figured it out—this was a new skill. He pondered for a moment and asked the System a question that he particularly wanted to ask. 'Can the attributes of this kind of Monster be enhanced?'"The attributes must evolve, but evolution doesn't necessarily improve attributes," the System explained.Ash nodded silently. It seemed that he had to train the Monster as soon as po
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Chapter 10 Here Comes the Money
Just as Ash was thinking about how to get the money, Vivian came over with his dog with a grateful look on her face. "Thank you so much this time.” If it weren’t for the Black Wolf that Ash had lent her, she would not have been eligible to take this monthly test. But not taking part in this freshman competition would be deemed as giving up admission qualifications. She did not dare to imagine that. Vivian looked awkward. But after thinking for a moment, she gritted her teeth and took out all her savings, about 3,000 magic coins. That was all she could give. "I will transfer three thousand magic coins to you now.” Ash raised an eyebrow, not expecting her to be so self-conscious, which saved him the hassle of asking. After all, it was he who offered to help her and did not ask for money first. After he got a fund transfer notification, Ash was well pleased and said, "Just a moment.” He turned around and took the Ice Crystal Felintroll out. There was a bunch of fluffy hair on
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