The Ponifix

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The Ponifix

By: NKJibu2 OngoingSystem

Language: English

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The story of this world's genesis 500 years ago, In a world filled with blood raging war, where dark clouded filled the skies not evn a single plant could be found in this dust-filled wastelands. Wandering the lands were beings that could only be seen in one's nightmare, creatures with sharpened fangs, erring eyes that could leave one in disarray, and nevertheless dragons that roamed the world conquering the very world with their hardened scales that could withstand even the strongest of strike from any metal;


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7 chapters
Chapter 0: PROLOGUE
「Dreams-imaginary events, stories our mind creates while we sleep. They could be entertaining, romantic, frightening and sometimes bizarre, but the purpose of a dream remains subtle. Vaguely understood by humanity, dreams have been topics of scientific, religious and philosophical theories for an eon. Evidence points toward them being a result of emotions, memories or just stimuli. Are they only fleeting moments in the infinite expansion of time, or maybe something more」Before I emerged into the darkness, I saw a glimpse of a once-lost dream, a reflection of fleeting fragments of my alternate self. Though I dreamt it, I understood that it was real.It was nostalgic to the point I felt every bit of emotions pouring down. A dream that stood out to tell the tales of a thousand years of blood-filled war, sending sad, tearful emotions filled with the sorrows of millions laid dead beneath the ground. 
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Chapter 1
[ ]: Have you ever had the feeling you were born in the wrong world but don't remember? [FrostFang]: Yes. [ ]: If Dreams, illusion, games and stories were the only way of being yourself. Would you like to be reborn in that type of world?[FrostFang]: Yes?[FrostFang]: But is it normal to have that sort of wish? [ ]: Who wants to be normal when you can be interesting instead. *Zap*Ending with the short sound of a radio disconnection, the screen went blank black. ————————————————————————Plana year X552,In a clear white room filled with the scent of lemon fragrance that seemed like a room from heaven with a tub that stood in its middle. On second look, it was a bathtub filled with clear water reflecting a wavy figure underneath, i
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Chapter 2
[ ]: Do you believe in reincarnation? [FrostFang]: Hahhh... Reincarnation... What are you saying? [ ]: Do you believe in reincarnation? [FrostFang]: . . . Well if i had to choose between yes and no I would saying both. [ ]: Why? [FrostFang]: You know, there is a 1 in 4 chances of being reincarnated its not like it works every time one dies cause you either make it to heaven, end up in hell or wander the world as a lost soul. [ ]: What if I said you can be reincarnated into life of fantasy, magic and all the adventures you want?[FrostFang]: That's not possible. Only a God can do that. [ ]: . . . [FrostFang]: Who are you? [ ]: . . . *Zap*With only the short sound of a radio disconnection, the screen went blank black. That was how it ended. ————————————&mdash
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Chapter 3
Moments afterwards. Or rather a few minutes later. We are in a large room set up beside the main kitchen; the dining hall. Sitting in chairs set across each other were the children of the [sanctuary]. At the frontmost chair was Miss Necrotina staring at me as she compliments my uniform. “Ahh... My little boy is going to be a ponifix.” “Look at him dressed up like a real ponifix” “Heehee... ” The annoying laughs of the twins giggling as the sight of Miss Necrotina compliments. Of course I heard that but what can I do?“Miss Necrotina, am sure I don't have time to be idling around.” _Miss Necrotina looks with a poutful faceBlu wonders “Huh... Why are pouting?” “Because didn't I tell you call me miss Tina” Ahhh-a... It seems I forget about that time. “Mi
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Chapter 4
[ ]: If I told you your fate, would you believe it? [FrostFang]: No. [ ]: Why? [FrostFang]: Things like fate, destiny, doesn't surprise me rather I think of it as a resulting effect. [ ]: Resulting effect? [FrostFang]: You know, like if you can read someone's future doesn't exactly mean it's going to happen. Instead, it's more of deciding a path for one to take. As a fact, the person is left with a choice to follow or not making it a result from someone's decisions. Though, it's not like I'm one to talk about it, 'cause most people find fortune telling looking at one's future. [ ]: Haaa... You surely know a lot. [FrostFang]: Heehee... It's just a random thought... It's not like I know everything. [Press 'X' to continue] [FrostFang]: Anyways, let's continue the game. [ ]: OK. [Welcome to Blade arts!] [Please select your character!
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Chapter 5.1
*Knock, Knock*_Sounds of a door knock went off suddenly interrupting the wierd scene of Miss Tina's shocking face. *Swwsshh*_Sounds of the swift movements in the air followed as the spy disappears in thin air leaving Miss Tina alone in her room. Could it be someone who the spy is wary of be behind the sudden sound of knocking behind the doors. That could only be a logical explanation of why she suddenly disappeared. *Knock, knock*Who could it be knocking at such a time? “Who is it?” she asked, noticing the door open. *Slide*_Coming from the door was Nina, dressed in her night gown, trembling as she held on to her stuffed bunny with a what seemed to be a book behind it. “Mom.” Her voice trembled, with teary eyes, she rushed with her little legs to Miss Tina's comfort. “Ara, Nina, what are you doing at this hour?” &
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Chapter 5.2
_Blu finishes his sentence as he watches over the rich girl in expectations for a plausible answer to his question. A sign of unease could be seen over her. She was shut silent, grasping the edge of her little skirt without an answer, her body trembled as she recalled over a not so pleasant past. ***On the night of my birthday, I had just turned 10. It was a chily night, and a dry, powdery snow was falling outside. Even though it was not nothing special, it was quite a memorable night, because... My family died, burnt beyond recognition. We were a family of four, my parents who were both proud members of the blue knight clan, my older brother and meMy father was a man for whom serving his country was a great pride. It seems like he wanted my brother to become inherit his seat as a member of the blue knight clan, like him. To meet his expectations, my brother made sure to excel in his studies. 
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