The Poor Guy's Slave

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The Poor Guy's Slave

By: Natashia_Lou Updated just nowFantasy

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Spending his nights going through tissues and watching adult videos, Ceil had coined himself a bum, a nobody. He's never recognized at work, his boss gets his name wrong, and people tend to sidestep him. But all that changes the day Ceil makes a moral decision and saves a real prick from being killed by a car. Of course, this upsets the life and death quota, so the Director of Hell sentences him for 100 days as Master to a sex slave. Sounds great, right? Not if you're Ceil, he couldn't be that lucky.


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First Stupid Choice
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone at your feet, begging, pleading with you to have sex? Or, do you wish that for once in your solitary pathetic life, you would wake up with hands rubbing every inch of your body before grabbing the hardest part that yearns to be touched? Do you honestly think that would cure the amount of money you spend on tissues and porn subscriptions? Ha, think again, my friend. Unfortunately, it’s not as great as you think it would be, and let me explain why. For the sake of introduction, you can call me Master Ceil because you will soon understand why having a sex slave is not all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, I said sex slave, and yes, I may seem ungrateful and still pathetic in the end, but trust me, YOU do not want a sex slave! Especially the one I currently still have. So, let’s get to the hows and whys of it happening. First, how did I end up so “LUCKY,” you may ask? I didn’t. It wasn’t a matter of luck but more of a curse set
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The Contract
Now stay with me because here is where things get a little fuzzy. I don’t remember being hit, or any pain, or screaming from a stranger saying I dented his car, wait, I do remember that last part. Anyway, what I am getting at is when it seemed like I was headed toward the Heavenly light, I wasn’t. I ended up facing a very stern pink-haired pinup model at a white desk, wearing a white suit jacket sitting across from me. She pursed her candy apple red lips, slammed the laptop in front of her closed, and said, “Ceil Jankins, you have unlawfully interrupted the process of normal daily life and death. You may think saving that man earns you a reward, but first, let me clarify, you do not. It’s the opposite, in fact.” I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I tried to play it cool when I responded. The woman was hot, her breasts plump and waiting to burst from her jacket. “I don’t think anything, so, sorry for what I did, can I go now? Heaven or Hell is fine. Can’t be worse than Earth.”
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Idiots Don't Read Contracts
I looked around and, honestly, didn’t feel it was that bad. I mean, sure, there was a stack of dishes covered in food in my sink, and I couldn’t help that trash days were days I always forgot. The tissues by my computer could be explained, but that was a private conversation I didn’t have with anyone. She smiled and snapped her fingers while walking over to my little kitchen table. The contract folded in on itself until it was the size of a folded piece of paper. She picked the small thing up and popped it into her suit jacket pocket. “Now then, your slave will be here shortly. Remember the main details of the contract, no abuse, and if the enslaved says no to sex, it is obligated to perform, and you as well. You can sleep with whomever you like, but it doesn’t count toward the quota. The slave will not be clingy or require you to dote on it.” I was nodding at her every word until she turned around and leaned over my ripped couch. She reached for a porn magazine, and her ass was in
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The older couple was more shocked than me when he came around a small food stall. The woman screamed, and her husband covered her eyes shouting profanities at my slave. I’m not gay, but I do admit to watching bi porn. Men just don’t turn me on, and I’m not against their sexual preference, but I expected a beautiful, curvaceous brickhouse that I could just pound for hours. So instead, I got Steve, the muscular, clean-cut fireman, walking, then running toward me. “MASTER! OH MASTER!” he yelled, and I started to step back, realizing he wasn’t slowing down. Then I ran, scared for my life. “Wait! You're running too fast, Master. Wait for me...OMPH!” I heard the crash and slowed down to look back. Steve, and I am just using that name now, had tripped over a set of recycling bins sitting too far out on the sidewalk. “Whaaa, Master, I’m hurt! Whaa!” Dear God, was I that useless and pathetic of a human being that you let me get stuck in a contract with Hell for babysitting a 6’3 ton of
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The Ambience Of P
At that moment, I had no regrets. With the way she looked at me and smiled, how could I? The only problem then, at that moment, was a complete silence that filled my room. “Uh, well, do you want to,” I started to ask her if she was hungry, but it wasn’t what she had in mind. It was like she pounced on me, and before I knew it, I was on my apartment floor with her trying to take off my shirt. “Whoa, hold on, Rose, hey, wait for a second,” I said, fighting to pull my shirt back down as she grunted and fought to pull it up over my head. “Eeeoompha, we must seal the contract, Master! Let Rose do the work. You just lay back, Master. I will pleasure YOU tonight!” She ripped my shirt in half when pulling it over my head wouldn’t work and started rubbing my chest with long delicate fingers. Sitting there and watching her rub them along my chest and stomach, she stopped at the edge of my pants. “Whoa! Wait, stop, um, we... should probably eat something first? Huh? Need energy to do it
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By Level
“Why won’t this close, fuck!” I yelled before I just reached down and unplugged the computer. Silence filled the room, and I looked at Rose and started to explain, “I uh, have a virus. It, um, sends me that stuff, sometimes,” but again, she started sobbing. “Rose is sorry, Master, I didn’t mean to touch your things without permission. Please beat me, Master, punish me!" She threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my waist. Now, you can finally see a bit of what’s to come. It took me a while to realize how sensitive Rose was and how hard it was to get mad at her. Of course, the real kicker will come later, when Rose saves my life, well, in a way. But for now, you can see how it progressed to that. I had called off work, saying I was sick and wouldn’t be in tomorrow. Financially it would kill me, but I could leave Rose to sit alone in the apartment, knowing she wouldn’t burn it down by accident. After the computer incident, I grabbed her hands and led her to sit on the couc
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Mighty Tiny
I was distracting her so I could clean up and order pizza. If I kept her talking, it would give me time to better mentally prepare myself for what was to come, no pun intended. She sniffled, “When we were created in Hell as sex slaves, there are levels we must achieve to find our perfect forever Master. The higher the level, the better the Master. At each level, we do an internship in Hell with one certain Master, and our behavior is evaluated. Then, we move on to the next class.” I was shocked. Whoever came up with that idea was brilliant. “So, it’s like college. You take courses and have to pass them to take the next level. Makes sense, so what happened that you couldn’t keep going?” I had put the beer on the counter and dumped the noodles in the trash. I had no money, but I remembered I had pizza points, just enough for one free cheese pizza. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash for the delivery guy, but I would make it up to him later. “Once we achieve the perfect cuteness,
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No More Left
I almost dropped the pizza at the sight of Rose, my short, perfect Rose, holding the delivery girl up by her neck off the floor against the wall. Rose was Rose, but a long black devil's tail was whipping around above her curvaceous bottom. I was astonished more by her long black horns curving up from between her silvery blue hair. “YOU DO NOT TOUCH MY MASTER! I WILL EAT YOU IF YOU TOUCH MY MASTER!” Her voice made me a bit nervous. It had changed from that cheery, bubbly tone to a severe commanding threat. “Watch out, Master. It is trying to seduce you. You can’t be fooled, Master,” she said, pulling the hanging delivery girl from the wall and slamming her back into it. Between the coughing and wheezing, the girl could barely talk as Rose held her there, gently snarling. “Cough, okay, I give, I give, let, cough, me down, Rose, cough, please!” I started to say enough. I wasn’t expecting Rose’s reaction. But I just stood there, dumbfounded. Rose removed her hand completely, and
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Do You Smell Smoke ?
“Emm, thank you, Master! Rose doesn’t eat food, but it tastes yummy.” I sighed as my stomach growled and set the cup of beer down for her to drink while I slammed my down. “Rose, can I ask you something?” She nodded enthusiastically like a child, “Of course, Master. I will always tell you whatever you want to know!” I grinned and nodded, “Why didn’t you sleep with that Grand Master? Then, if you had, you could have advanced and found your perfect Master.” Looking at me thoughtfully, she shook her head, “No, Rose could never sleep with him. I did refuse, but it wasn’t until after what I had heard from the other sex slaves what he did to them.” “What did he do?” Taking a deep breath, she sat back in the kitchen chair and fiddled with the ends of her hair, “He would cut them, tie them up. One slave told me he even choked her until she passed out, and when she woke up, he had tied a gag around her mouth and made her watch him abuse other slaves. I knew he was like that. One time he
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Who's Your Daddy?
I sniffed the air while my eyes were closed against the invading morning light. I wasn’t sure what I was smelling. All I knew was my body ached, and my nonexistent abs cried as I turned on my back in the bed. At that moment, two thoughts were fighting for attention in my brain. “There’s smoke, somethings burning, the apartments on fire, RUN!” The other thought was, “You did it, Ceil! The sore abs confirm it. You’re the MAN! But why can’t You remember it? You did do it, right? SHIT! Wait, calm down. You’re naked, so oh yeah, yeah, baby, you did the nasty. Who cares if you can’t remember?” Finally, the thought of the apartment being on fire won, and I shot up in bed against the protest of my sore body, opening my eyes. “What the...” I said in shock. Smoke, like fluffy white clouds, collected on the ceiling. I ran out, worried about Rose. Where was she? Was it really a dream after all? I stumbled to the living room and felt relieved but then concerned, watching Rose fan smoke from
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