The Red Wolf's Mate

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The Red Wolf's Mate

By: VikingMaiden77 CompletedWerewolf

Language: English

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COMPLETE! After losing her family in a rogue attack, Raina is left to put her life back together. Finding a new pack with her wolf, Lela, she is hoping to finally settle down and find her mate. Raina did not understand the significance of her red wolf, Lela, until she discovers just how significant a red wolf is to the entire werewolf community. Faced with new abilities as a red wolf, Raina must navigate how to manage her abilities while also facing ongoing threats of rogues who are trying to kidnap her. When Raina finds her mate, will she be able to finally escape the rogue threat and gain control of her abilities? This is Book One of the Red Wolf's Guardian Series.


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64 chapters
Chapter One
I sat on my bed, sighing.  Looking at the piles of homework on my desk, I knew that I had to get up and get moving. Yet, I just couldn’t get myself motivated. As I closed in on my finals within the next week for my senior year, I was determined to finish up strong.  So cliché, I know, but after what this last year had thrown at me, I felt like I had to show myself that I could do it.  I threw my long, thick, red hair into a low messy bun and pushed myself off the bed, determined to start at least one of my final projects. I pulled down the shirt that had ridden up as I laid in bed. I was tall for a girl – nearly 5’11, so many shirts rode up on me. I have been told that I am beautiful by more guys than I could count, but that meant nothing to me. Although I had casually dated, I was waiting for my mate.  But the current situation was doing nothing to help with that.  I sat down at the desk and a picture of my family caught my eye. Every time I sat at
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Chapter Two
Lizzie took my hand and pulled me towards the bonfire.  The pack town was beautiful.  There were many houses – the pack was rather large. The town itself had many shops, restaurants, a café, and other types of businesses. The pack land was expansive and many of the stores and businesses in the neighboring human town were also owned by Alpha Callan and the pack. I had only ventured into the pack town a few times since coming to stay with Lizzie.  Most of the time, I just went school and came back home. With just a few days left in school, I was just hoping to finish without any more problems.  The large field located behind the pack house was the perfect place for the bonfire. The setting was beautiful.  The clearing was surrounded by trees on three sides and a steep hill on the fourth side. I had never come to the pack house so I didn’t realize how much forest surrounded this part of the town. Lizzie’s house was on the far other end of town and opene
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Chapter 3
I made my way to bed, still thinking about how bold I was with Nathan. Despite feeling sexual arousal more often than I probably should have, I never did anything like that. I was never so forthcoming. I typically tried to control all of my emotions and have become quite well at it. I have to be, else I would be an emotional mess all the time. Most emotions I could control, but those on the extremes were much harder. The grief over the last year, for example, had been extremely difficult. If I didn’t use some sort of emotional control techniques, I would literally be a tornado of emotions all the time. Think of a moody teenager but on steroids. It would not be a pretty picture.I took a deep breath as I shut the door. I enjoyed the kiss greatly, as it had been far too long since I have kissed anyone, and I can feel the waves of desire coursing through my body. With everything that was going on, having any type of contact with someone of the opposite sex was not som
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Chapter 4
I awaken before 6 AM, slightly disappointed that no dreams about Nathan found their way to me during my slumber. Probably for the best anyway.  Stretching and getting out of bed, I didn’t bother changing as I sat down at my desk to continue to work. I had three projects left to finish and I was hopeful to get them done this morning. After that, only finals would remain for my last three classes.I closed my laptop after finishing the last of my three projects. I stretched and rubbed my eyes.  Looking at my phone, I realize I had been working for nearly six hours.“Your school work is so boring.” Lela whined.“I know, but you know how important it is for me to get this done.” I stand and stretch again, feeling a bit sore from the activities from last night. I shake my head, trying to get the thoughts out of my head.“Didn’t you invite Nathan to come back over?” Lela asked, sending images of the thin
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Chapter 5
I couldn’t really argue with Lela. In my old pack, I had to be very careful with shifting. I typically did it alone. Mom was always so concerned about others seeing a red wolf. She never really explained why, but she always insisted.  I was able to run with my brother so long as he ran through the forest first. I did get out on my own a few times, but I always kept to myself. I haven’t let Lela go for a run since we arrived here. A run could help clear my mind and get rid of some of the leftover emotions that were nagging me. “We need to get to the forest line first, but let’s go.” I started off, walking along the open field towards the back of the houses. Although there was some wooded space behind the houses, the trees were not thick enough for me to feel safe shifting. Lela and I keep bantering back and forth. After I lost my family, Lela was my companion.  Wolves were always our companion, but Lela’s support helped pull me through the da
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Chapter 6
RAINA’S POV I woke up early and decided to go for a walk around town. After seeing all that the town has to offer during the bonfire, I wanted to explore a bit more. I didn’t expect anything to be open – it was only 6:00, and I knew it would be quiet. The streets were pretty much empty as I walked along around the various shops and storefronts. I berated myself again for not coming to see this area sooner. I had considered getting a parttime job and this area would be perfect for that. I noticed a coffee shop open and decided to go in and get some coffee.  The shop was quaint. As I entered, I noticed there were a few tables on the inside as well as a few on the walk outside the shop. The décor on the inside had a farmhouse feel. I approached the counter to order and noticed that Joy was working. “Raina! What are you doing up so early?” Joy asked, appearing to be much too bubbly for it being this early in the morning. “I guess I am
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Chapter 7
I stopped, halfway off my chair, and stared at him.“It was him!” Lela was practically yelling in my head. A feeling of anxiety and tension ran through me and I sat back down in the chair.“I take it that was you who was out by the creek with us last night?” I asked, still maintaining the eye contact. I felt my breathing increase slightly, unsure of if I was about to get in trouble for being out in the forest.  Some packs have rules about this.“Yes, it was. Your wolf is beautiful. I have never seen a red wolf before and Rollo and I were so fascinated by her. We just had to see.” Alpha Callan seems almost surprised by what he said, making him briefly break eye contact.I could feel my cheeks flush as he spoke. My heart rate climbed. I have never had anyone compliment Lela before. “Thank you. Unfortunately, Lela isn’t able to get out as much as either of us would like. My mother always told me that a red
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Chapter 8
RAINA POVI spent the next several days cramming for and taking finals. After submitting all my make up projects for the first semester on Monday, the rest of the week was spent studying way too late and taking finals. I was almost done and looked forward to putting this chapter of my life behind me. I sat in my last class, finishing up my last final. Why did I have to take calculus? I didn’t need it.  I didn’t even want it.  But my dad had convinced me to take it. Even though I could have taken another, much easier, math class, I couldn’t. My dad had faith in me, and I couldn’t let him down.I glanced over my answers one last time and double checked the math on a few of the problems.‘I don’t think it can get any better than this,’ I said to Lela.‘You know very well I can’t help you with any of that,’ Lela replied, clearly rolling her eyes in response to my statement.
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Chapter 9
Nathan pulled me against his chest. I fell asleep, lying in Nathan’s arms. I had wanted to return the favor, but Nathan could sense my exhaustion and pulled me against his chest without any complaints. I felt comfortable like this and easily fell asleep in my pleasure-filled state. Sleep came easily.It seemed as if I began dreaming as soon as my eyes closed.  I wish it was a dream, but it was more like a nightmare.I walked along the forest line behind the packhouse of my old pack. The weather was cold and rainy. As I moved forward, I could hear the howls of wolves coming toward me through the forest. And then the scent hit me – rogues. I turned towards the packhouse and attempted to run but I couldn’t move. I tried to bring Lela forward but I couldn’t find her. I began to panic and yell but no words left my mouth. The rogues ran past me, not stopping at me.  It is almost as if they could not see me. The field by the packhouse eru
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Chapter 10
I spent the rest of the day trying to forget about what happened the day before, both the nightmare and what happened with Nathan.  I would be lying to say that I didn’t enjoy what happened with Nathan. My body had responded to his touch in ways that it had never responded to anyone. Though I had sexual encounters before, I never had one that was so intense and involved so much lust and desire. The vigor of my arousal so quickly had surprised me, and I was not prepared to handle that much emotion and physical response. Something was different about the interaction with Nathan. I wasn’t sure if it was because it had been so long since someone else had touched me with so much desire or if something within me had changed.Thankfully, Lela and I agreed that we needed to be more careful with Nathan. Nathan was not set on waiting for or even finding his mate. Since his parents were not mates, and his dad purposefully avoided finding his mate, Nathan had a different
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