The Rise of Jose Asuncion

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The Rise of Jose Asuncion

By: Ameiry Savar OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Grew up in a squatter area. Jose’s life has never been easy. His brother and father were killed innocently and her sister was raped. Her mother took her own life because of depression. The nine-year-old Jose Asuncion was left alone in the world. Since then he tried living on his own at a young age. How can a man who came from a family of nobody become the most powerful and dangerous man in the country?

1 chapters
1. Mr. President
“Good morning, President!” “President Jose!”“Long live the new President!” These were the chants that Jose heard as he got out of his car. He posted his biggest smile as he waved his hands to his constituent waiting for his attention. They immediately shouted as he looked at them. Jose scratched his neck fast. He didn’t want to wear a traditional suit because it was itchy for him. But for the formality, he did.The thirty-year-old Jose Asuncion became the 20th President of the Republic of Maharlika. He was the youngest of the last presidents. Most people did not believe in him. But Jose was favored by the poor. He was loved and many were interested in him. Well, how come a man who came out of nowhere becomes the president now? His bodyguards guided him to enter the white house which would be his temporary residence as he became the President of Maharlika. Analyn Santiago, his secretary, immediately followed her into the hallway. She was wearing her dazzling office suit. Her black
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