The Sheriff of Langerhans

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The Sheriff of Langerhans

By: Theonionjunktion OngoingFantasy

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The Rangers are the guardians of Planet Phios. They protect mankind from many extra terrestrial threats, but demonic beasts from other worlds are the true enemy. Even the oldest dynasty is no different from an infant in front of the ancient Rangers, be it in influence or age. It is the dream of many a young warrior to join them and achieve the highest rank, Sheriff! Luc Wood, a young orphan from the Wood Faction of Langerhans, aspires to be a Sheriff. But he has to survive the corrupt underbelly of the tumultuous City-state. A powerful curse took away the magical abilities he had cultivated when he was a teenager, resulting in his drop in value within the wood factoon Fate smiles upon the lad as he regains memories of his past life. Using that knowledge, he starts to cultivate once again. Join Luc in his ascension to becoming a deity, to becoming the first ever Sheriff of Langerhans!


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The Rainforest Bout
A terrifying roar resounded through the Southern Rainforest. Three teenagers seemed to be coordinating to suppress a vicious beast. Their blurring forms were dashing around the enormous boar and while the three of them were among the best of their peers, they were clearly struggling against the animal.While it was a vicious beast, the animals of the rainforest were known for their keen intellect, even at the lower stages of evolution. It was hard to discern the figures of the teens as they moved explosively in this rare opening of the forest, every time their feet landed on the floor, they would be forced to pause for a moment.They were using a commonly taught application of spiritual energy taught to any martial artist raised by the Factions of Langerhans city. Two of the figures were young men clothed in red body suits, due to this, it was clear that they were from the Fire Faction. The third figure belonged to a young man wearing a green t-shirt and brown shorts. While the two i
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A young man lay on his back in a field of flowers which seemed to go on forever. Asleep, his face looked peaceful. However, if anyone else had been there, they'd find he looked almost...irritated? While he was around 180cm tall, his soft features betrayed any attempt to hide his youth. He wore a pale green robe and his arms were spread beside him defenselessly.This peaceful scene seemed to go on for an eternity before a change came to the young man's face. His face suddenly twisted and he clenched his jaw. His arms wrapped around his body and he was soon in fetal position, veins started to protrude on his forehead and he began to shake in pain. He grabbed his head and began to roll through the flowers, while he was clearly in great pain, he didn't make a sound....even the flowers made no sound. After a few moments, he rolled onto his back and sat up straight with a jolt."Every time I wake's like I couldn't breathe....I don't understand" the boy said as if he was still aslee
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The city of Langerhans was completely corrupted by the sins of humanity. While still called a city, on the planet we call Earth, it would rival the size of China. Langerhans is a city spread across the southern reaches of the continent of Phios.It was surrounded by large rainforests causing a perpetually humid climate; the majority of buildings were formed from the powerful trees of the rainforest. The city was protected by the towering walls formed by ancient trees used by their ancestors to protect themselves from vicious beasts. Luc had heard stories from the older generations about the walls coming to life in times of need, he paid them no heed. However, in the past ten years, the walls had continued to grow without him having seen anyone doing work on them; perhaps there was more to them than meets the eye.On every corner, a different crime was being committed and on every street a life would hang in the balance; this was due to a combination of the plague that none could avoid
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Bloodline Skills
Luc paled and then sneered thinking about how his 8 year old self had only realized that he had reached the Conception realm and had experienced pain throughout his body, as if all his limbs had been stretched to their limits. Flame Shadow had clearly done something to Luc in front of everyone at the bazaar, Luc just wasn't sure what it was. However, the orphans of Langerhans that managed to be sponsored by a faction were nothing like the children found in mundane continents, given the benefit's he'd acquired Luc didn't worry about what may have happened to him.By time he was 8, the Wood Faction had already instilled a need for power in order to attain anything, so on that day he even felt grateful to Flame Shadow, whatever he had done to Luc allowed him to reach the Conception realm. The faction set a deadline of 13 years of age before the Orphans that were unable to reach the Plant stage would be kicked out.Luc continued to amaze the Faction over the following years and many peopl
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As far as the orphans knew, the upper echelons of the Factions no longer thought about the girl known as Athena after that day. What they did know was: no faction made a move on the Water or Wood Factions in order to punish them for that day and in fact, each faction had received some resources soon after that time.While Luc was too young to know this; the Wood faction orphans that were nearing the end of their time in the system would feverishly pass on the stories of how Athena's departure from the City caused few negative ripples and in fact, had lead to a 3 year period of peace, comparatively speaking, in which all the experts experienced an increase in power.Ever the interested listener, Luc pieced together the details which survived from that day and got a general description of Athena's armor as well as her familiar. He went on to research and learned that she had indeed left the city approximately 30 years ago.At the City Library, Luc was able research any information in th
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Due to his fear regarding the awakening of his secret skill, Luc spent the years between 14 and 16 searching for a method to suppress the bloodline he knew was beginning to awaken. To make matters worse, comparing to information provided by the faction, his bloodline was much stronger than the bloodlines of those around him.Thinking back to this time a hint of longing crossed Luc's face. He missed those days in which he'd just wake up stronger. While his cultivation had not changed in realm, the spiritual energy within his spiritual reservoirs became increasingly dense. Regardless of the density however he'd always thought he could control more. Luc spent most of the two years combing the wilderness and managed to find an ancient text that would achieve his need to suppress his bloodline for the inspection. However, it warned that the technique would make the user's secret skill and bloodline dormant for the following 2 years, dissipating the collected energy throughout the body.
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Bloodline Suppression
The wooden necklace he always begrudgingly wore shook fiercely as if asking him not to do it. Well, this is what Luc thought in hindsight, at the time he felt like it was some warning alarm that the shitty master had actually left linked to his Karma or some other thing he couldn't yet understand.As the ceremony began, a former member of the Wood Faction that was now a member of the World Army, stepped forward to awaken Luc's bloodline.This part of the ceremony was straightforward; it simply required a person who practiced the same art as you, to pass their spiritual energy into your bloodstream. Due to the requirement of permeating spiritual energy into another person, it would usually require a person in the Conception realm at the very least.Almost immediately, the world went dark, everyone heard a scream that sounded like a mix between a woman crying out in rage and then anguish at the same time as the sound of what seemed to be millions of leaves flying in the wind appeared.A
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