The Swordmaster of Antiquity

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The Swordmaster of Antiquity

By: Qing Shi Xi Yu1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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He could point to the blue clouds and swallowed the netherworld. The Grand Dao intersected, and the swordmaster reigned supreme. This was a story between a man and a sword! There were many attracts in the mortal world, different people used different ways to pursuing them. The crowd competed for them, however, the swordmaster got what he wants and controlled the land. The true essence of the sword was the secret of 10,000 years, and he utilized an ocean of blood to reforge the path to ascend into the heavens and refine the Sword Dao scripture with a myriad of bones. Everything was in the "Swordmaster of Antiquity."


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246 chapters
Chapter 1 Golden Heart
Ancient Sword Continent, Divine Wind Nation.On a majestic mountain range to the west of Blue Cloud Town, fog lingered all year round. In this mountain range, there were countless towering peaks. The Azure Peak Sword Sect was located on this mountain range.At this time, on the top of the back mountain of the Azure Peak Sword Sect, a 15-year-old man in black clothes was sitting quietly on the top of the mountain, looking down at the entire sect with a hint of deepness in his eyes. ""It's already been three days."" Fang Chen muttered.Three days ago, Fang Chen was still a student of a university on Earth. But just three nights ago, something unexpected happened, which made Fang Chen came here.It was a dark night. Fang Chen went out with his classmates. Because he had something to do, he left early and went back to school alone.Fang Chen vaguely remembered that when he was about to return to school, the sky was suddenly filled with thunder and dark clouds.In the blink of an eye,
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Chapter 2 Solitary Sword Strike
Fang Chen was shocked that his Body Refinement Fist had reached the fourth level.But a moment later, Fang Chen returned to normal, because he knew that all the changes were caused by the strange golden heart.The golden heart not only allowed him to look inside his body, it even provided endless power.In short, Fang Chen noticed that the golden heart was very helpful to him.""My Body Refinement Fist has reached the fourth level, and my strength has also reached two qilins. But it's not enough. Liang Yong's Body Refinement Fist has at least reached the sixth level, right?"" Fang Chen whispered.After practicing the Body Refinement Fist to the fourth level, Fang Chen was ready to stop practicing because he had practiced for long enough today. Then he turned around and left.Fang Chen planned to bury the thing of golden heart deep in his heart. It was a matter of great importance. Once others knew that he had a golden heart that could provide him with endless energy, he would defin
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Chapter 3 Second Level of the Qi Refinement Realm
In an instant, he successfully cultivated the first level of the Solitary Sword Strike, which shocked Fang Chen.However, a moment later, Fang Chen recovered his composure because he knew that it was all because of the golden heart.It was not until this moment that Fang Chen found that not only could the golden heart provide him with endless energy, but it also sped up his cultivation of swordsmanship.""It must be that golden sword.""Fang Chen thought to himself, his face full of surprise.This series of changes shocked Fang Chen. He had thought that he would need some time to practice the Solitary Sword Strike. Who would have thought that he would master the first level in the blink of an eye?There were a total of three levels of the Solitary Sword Strike. Fang Chen had successfully cultivated the first level.""Let me see if I can cultivate to the second level in one go."" Fang Chen was slightly tempted, and then he spoke.Subsequently, Fang Chen began to circulate the second
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Chapter 4 Broken Arm
""If you want to be a hero, you should have self-knowledge."" Liang Yong's eyes were full of disdain.He didn't think a trash like Fang Chen would be able to escape from his hands. Although it was forbidden for disciples within the sect to kill each other, crippling their cultivation was still possible.Half a month ago, Liang Yong tricked Fang Chen onto the Life and Death Stage to kill him.Although they could not kill each other in the outer sect plaza, it was normal for them to injure one another as they sparred.""Whether you are a hero or a coward is not up to you.""Fang Chen could sense a trace of killing intent from Liang Yong's eyes. Liang Yong wanted to kill him. There was no need for Fang Chen to treat such a person well.""Good, very good. Fang Chen, if I don't destroy your cultivation today, what face do I, Liang Yong, have to stay in Azure Peak Sword Sect?""Liang Yong sneered. He immediately clenched his fist and waved it in an instant. All the strength in his body dire
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Chapter 5: Ye Lin's True Features
When he heard the harsh voice, even Fang Chen was a little angry.Numerous disciples turned their heads to look at the person who had arrived. Beside Wen Zhengyun was a well-developed young lady dressed in red.""Ye Lin, I didn't think that Ye Lin would also appear. Apparently, Liang Yong was targeting Fang Chen because Wen Zhengyun and Ye Lin were supporting him from behind.""""That's right. Ye Lin seems to hate Fang Chen, and is trying to kill him.""""It's going to be a good show. Let's see how Fang Chen will deal with it.""Ye Lin wore a red dress and had an indifferent expression. A trace of killing intent flashed through her eyes as she glanced at Fang Chen.""Junior Sister Ye Lin, Fang Chen cut off Liang Yong's arm. Naturally, I will take revenge."" Wen Zhengyun smiled at Ye Lin.Ye Lin was the favored woman in the outer sect of the Azure Peak Sword Sect. Her natural talent was extremely high, and her potential was extremely great as well. At such a young age, her strength had a
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Chapter 6 Blackwind Mountain Range
The next day, Fang Chen got up early in the morning. After visiting the injured Xiao Shan, he went to the Mission Hall.In the Azure Peak Sword Sect, there was a Mission Hall, which was dedicated to issuing tasks. After completing the task, one could get spiritual stones, medicinal pellets, contribution points, and so on. In short, if one wanted to get better resources, doing tasks was a shortcut.The Mission Hall was bustling with people, and all of them were outer disciples. When Fang Chen entered the Mission Hall, the entire hall was suddenly plunged into silence.All the Outer disciples were staring at Fang Chen and discussing in low voices. Obviously, the battle three days ago had spread throughout the entire Outer Sect of the Azure Peak Sword Sect.""Is he the good-for-nothing Fang Chen?""""Shh, don't talk nonsense. Fang Chen is not useless. Just three days ago, Fang Chen cut off one of Liang Yong's arms in front of Wen Zhengyun.""""Hmm? Hasn't Liang Yong already attained the
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Chapter 7 Black Spiritual Grass
Fang Chen had just entered the inner area of the Blackwind Mountain Range when he heard sounds of battle.In the next moment, Fang Chen sensed a formidable aura approaching him, and he immediately entered into a state of combat readiness.""Is someone fighting?"" Just as Fang Chen was wondering, he caught sight of the Sabretooth Tiger.Fang Chen's eyes lit up. He could sense that this Sabretooth Tiger was gravely injured. With his strength, he could easily kill it.""It just so happens that I can complete the mission.""Fang Chen's toes tapped on the ground and he leaped towards the Sabretooth Tiger. At the same time, the long sword in his hand swung out.The first move of the Golden Light Sword-arts.A golden sword light directly pierced into the head of the Sabretooth Tiger.The Sabretooth Tiger found it hard to believe that it would die at the hands of a human martial artists.Following the unwillingness within its heart, the Sabretooth Tiger raised its head up to the sky and r
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Chapter 8 Counterattack
After a period of training in the Blackwind Mountain Range, Fang Chen's cultivation had already attained the peak of the second level of the Qi Refinement Realm, and he was able to easily slaughter a mid-third level Qi Refinement Realm demon beast.In less than a month's time, he was able to grow to such a degree. From this, it could be seen how much help the golden heart had provided him.""Golden heart.""Fang Chen muttered to himself.He wanted to put the Gale Leopard's corpse into his spatial ring, but it was useless as the spatial ring was piled full of corpses and couldn't be stored.""When I return, I must get a better spatial ring."" Fang Chen said.Just as Fang Chen was about to leave, two sounds of whistling wind were heard.Fang Chen looked up and found that two outer disciples of the Azure Peak Sword Sect were rushing toward him aggressively.""Liu Feng, Wen Yu.""Fang Chen recognized the two of them.Whoosh...Liu Feng and Wen Yu quickly appeared in front of Fang Chen
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Chapter 9 Bottleneck Breaking Pill
Blackwind Mountain Range, pitch-black underground.After falling to the ground, Fang Chen noticed that this was a very small space, however, the spiritual energy inside this space seemed to be richer than the outside world.""What is this place?""In a strange place, Fang Chen looked around vigilantly.Due to the darkness, Fang Chen could barely see the walls around him. The entire space was empty.While Fang Chen was pondering, the large hole in the sky suddenly disappeared.""What's going on?""Fang Chen was a little confused.Fang Chen wanted to know this place as soon as possible and then get out of here.Fang Chen took out a spark from his spatial ring and lit a small fire. In the blink of an eye, the dark space lit up.Only then did Fang Chen realize how small this space was. There was a praying mat right in front of him.""It seems like this space is a place of cultivation, although I'm not sure who used to cultivate here,"" Fang Chen said.Fang Chen walked to the praying
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Chapter 10 Compensation
""Sabertooth Tiger, Golden Lion, Iron Dragon...""The Deacon Presbyter's eyes lit up as he looked at the corpses of these third level Qi Refinement Realm demon beasts. His heart was filled with excitement.Fresh Breeze City was considered a small city, and Fresh Breeze City's branch was a comparatively small one as well. Taking out ten demon beast corpses at the third level of the Qi Refinement Realm at once was sufficient to shock everyone.After being shocked for a long time, the Deacon Presbyter asked, ""Little friend, did you kill all of them?""Fang Chen did not answer the question, instead, he asked, ""Price?""Hearing Fang Chen's words, the Deacon Presbyter knew that Fang Chen was unwilling to divulge any more information. He immediately said, ""Three thousand low-grade spiritual stones for each third level of Qi Refinement Realm demon beast. Ten pieces for a total is thirty thousand low-grade spiritual stones.""Fang Chen nodded, ""However, you must leave me the Sabretooth Tiger's
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