The Throne Of The Dark

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The Throne Of The Dark

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The Vampire King disappeared under mysterious circumstances leaving behind a Grimoire for his successor. This caused a massive stir in the vampire community which led to betrayals, alliances, and desertion between several vampire families as they desperately fought to obtain the Grimoire. However, the rest of the inhabitants of the world remained oblivious. One of them was Darell Rogers. Darell Rogers, our MC, was a lowly Baron's son who was excited as he obtained an ability with which he could turn his life around. However, Fate had something else planned for him because when he woke up excitedly for his 18th birthday he heard an all-familiar sound. [DING] [ WELCOME TO THE CURSED IMMORTALITY SYSTEM ] WAIT...WHAT?? How will his life turn out when he realizes that he owns the object which is the target of several vampire families? Will he succumb to the pressure or will he rise to fulfill his destiny? Join him on his journey to claim his throne, THE THRONE OF THE DARK.


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61 chapters
The Vampire King or The Great Eilif has been called by several names throughout the centuries.He has no enemies.He has no weakness.He has no desires.He has immense power, enough to rival the gods.But.......He has a wish.A wish that he couldn't wait to fulfill.Living for 50 thousand years, he had witnessed and lived through everything. As a result, he grew bored with his life and craved to escape from it. Now, all he does is find a way to fulfill his wish.In a worn-out cathedral, located on the outskirts of the kingdom of Gorka." HAHAHAHA! ""Finally! At Last! I have found a way! ", the great Eilif laughed out loud.Holding a Grimoire in his hands, he smiled inwardly.'Now, all I need to do is find my successor who can withstand my power, and then I can be finally FREE, FREE from this life.'"Are you sure about this, Father? "He snapped out of his thoughts and turned around to see his son and his family members standing around looking at him anxiously."What are you afraid
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"Dad!Dad!Dad!"Darell burst through his father's office."What? Why are you yelling so much? Can't you see I have to finish all this paperwork by tomorrow?" His father scolded him.Darell's father, Ralph Rogers, was a lowly Baron who presided over the Barony of Xena."Dad! Hahahaha! I did it.""What? What did you do?"Ralph started sweating while thinking of the worst things his son could have done."I got invited to enter the Varona Royal Academy. They will hold a special test for me."Darell exclaimed."W-WH-WHAT?? H-HOW?? B-BUT THEY DON'T HOLD A SPECIAL TEST FOR A LOWLY BARON'S SON.BOY!WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO TELL ME SUCH A LIE?"Ralph gripped Darell's shoulders tightly and stared at him for a full minute.Darell smirked at his father."Dad! You know I have exceeded your expectations from birth. Of course, I have an invitation."He took out an envelope which Ralph grabbed and read its contents.Ralph sat down on his chair and sipped his coffee coolly as if nothing that has hap
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First Experience
*CHIRP**CHIRP**CHIRP*Darell opened his eyes slowly. Sunlight was entering his room through the window as it was early morning.'Ugh.....''Too much sunlight'Darell rubbed his eyes and got up from his bed and walked toward his bathroom. He opened the door and stopped in front of the mirror.'WHAT THE HELL?''Did the system enhance my looks?'Darell Rogers had dark black hair that flowed to his shoulders. He had azure-colored eyes and a lean body. But, now he had shining dark black hair with the tips of his hair being red-colored. His hair was smooth that flowed like waterfalls down to his shoulders. His eyes had a tinge of golden color among them. He had protruding muscles that looked like they were sculpted to perfection. His height had increased by a few inches and he was now 1.85 meters. He had extremely pale skin as if he had seen a ghost.'DAMN! 'Darell flexed his muscles and smiled inwardly.He quickly finished his morning bath and changed into a new pair of clothes. He rushe
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Darell sneaked back to his room and immediately disposed of his torn clothes. He took a bath and wore a new set of clothes. He styled his hair and walked out of his room.There was still some time left for the banquet to begin so he wanted to relax during this time as he was tired from the hunt.He reached the garden outside the mansion and sat down on the bench as he watched the maids and servants prepare for the banquet being held today.Some of the maids and servants noticed him and politely bowed as they greeted him and he also greeted them back.He told them not to mind him and continue with their task.Some of the younger maids waved at him and he waved at them and smiled.In his family, maids and servants were treated equally, and no discrimination or violence against them was tolerated.He and his sister had grown up playing with the maids' and servants' children.He had heard the gossip from one of the maids that every noble house treated their helpers differently and they wer
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Training and Confession?!?!
The next day,Darell went to the training yard and began his daily training schedule.When he finished his training, he heard a new notification.[DING][Special Quest - Increase all basic stats by 20 points][Reward - 100 XP]Darell was confused when he saw the bizarre quest.'System, why did I receive this quest?'[You will receive some special quests on special occasions at certain points in time]'Umm... why do I feel like this is some kind of training manual type of system?'[Indeed, the system is operating in training mode]'Wait! Do you mean that I haven't unlocked the whole system?'[Yes, but remember, You should not be greedy for power. Always remember why you desire this kind of power.]Darell was pushed into deep thought upon the hearing system's advice.'I want this power so I can protect my family and friends when they are in a dire state. I don't want to feel powerless in case a beast outbreak happens again.' He clenched his fists and began his training again.For two w
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Training Part 2
"I have a system."Darell waited for Lilith to shout at him. But, Lilith scoffed at the confession."Do I look like an idiot to you? I am asking you seriously. How did you know what type of monster it was?"She rolled her eyes. Darell widened his eyes at her remark. "I swear I am speaking the truth. I can see the stats of beasts and people with my skill that I got from my system." Darell said. Lilith narrowed her eyes and said with a solemn tone, "If you are telling the truth, then you should know people will hunt you down to get the system."Darell sighed and said, "I know, that's one of the reasons why I am training harder than usual. If I am too weak, then some greedy bastards would not hesitate to take my life for the system."Lilith nodded her head."Don't worry, brother. I will also train harder so that I can beat those bastards who may come after your life." She proudly said.Lilith hugged Darell and they both stayed in that pose for several seconds.Darell let go of her and
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System Shop
"Looks like it's time to check out the system shop."Darell grinned and opened the system shop.He already knew he was leveling up faster and getting stronger than anybody.But, he hoped that there would be a skill that could help him hide his ridiculously overpowered stats at the moment. In the Academy, students are given status cards which are used for the various facilities in the academy.If an official noticed his ridiculously high stats as compared to the other students, he would be interrogated and his biggest secret would come out. So, he wanted to avoid that outcome.When he opened the system shop, he was shocked to see so many columns.[ System Shop ][ Combat Techniques ][Rank 01 - 10 system points][Rank 02 - 50 system points][Rank 03 - 100 system points][Rank 04 - 250 system points][Rank 05 - 500 system points][Rank 06 - 750 system points][Rank 07 - 1000 system points][Rank 08 - 1250 system points][Rank 09 - 1500 system points][Rank 10 - 5000 system points][Wea
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Varona Royal Academy
Darell and Lilith drove towards the Academy in the carriage flowing the flag of the Baron of Xena.The Varona Royal Academy was located in Varona which was the royal capital of the Kingdom of Gavaria.The Kingdom had four dukes and each duke was assigned a particular sector and was responsible for it.The Duke Of Zukvar or the 'Military Minister' was assigned full control of the armies and held the responsibility of improving its capabilities.He also held the most power among the Dukes as he was quite close to the King.The Duke of Wysteria or the ' Agricultural Minister ' was responsible for the food production and its distribution in the Kingdom.The Duke of Ethil or the 'Finance Minister' was responsible for the treasury of the Kingdom and he was responsible for the tax collection in the kingdom.He held the most power when discussing trade with the other kingdoms.The Duke of Lurris or the 'Interior Minister' was responsible for the internal affairs of the Kingdom and he was respo
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New life
Darell walked through the door and was immediately transported to another realm.He looked around and saw the whole realm was filled with darkness but this darkness was invaded by small orbs of light that consisted of different shapes and sizes. He was instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the realm and looked around him with his jaw dropped.Darell wondered why he had a feeling of comfort enveloping his body but he didn't reject the feeling and enjoyed the euphoria he was feeling."Beautiful, isn't it? "Darell didn't take notice of the voice that he heard behind him and just subconsciously nodded his head.A split second later, realization dawned on him and he instantly turned around and took a fighting stance.He tried to look at the figure but all he could see was a giant orb of light glittering in front of him."Not a bad response speed for someone your age. "The giant orb glittered as it spoke and after a slight pause continued."You are a lucky lad to have met me."Darell scof
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Encountering Problems
Darell and his friends were exploring the Academy. The prestige of the academy was spread throughout the kingdom. So, almost everyone knew the ins and outs of the academy but to experience it firsthand, was limited to a handful of individuals who could afford to get admission to the academy.As they were exploring the Academy, they heard someone shout."Who let filthy peasants in this prestigious academy?"All of them turned around and found a familiar face looking at Darell with disdain.*Puthi*"Good to see that you still hang out with worms of the society, Eric."The individual spat on the ground and sneered at Eric.Eric rolled his eyes and whispered in Darell's ear."How did this idiot get here?"Darell shrugged in response.The person was none other than Eric's cousin, Abel Falter. He was the son of a count like Eric's father. He was always jealous of Eric as he fancied Ariel but she didn't even bother to recognize him. He knew she was fond of Eric but he almost had a heart atta
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