The Trash Heir's Guiding System

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The Trash Heir's Guiding System

By: Stherie Night OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Tyler Connor is the only direct descendant of the main Connor family, making him the rightful heir to the family's trillions in assets. Unfortunately, he's stupid and cowardly. When his grandfather died, the people around him turned into hungry wolves and ate him up. The day Tyler was roundly mocked and insulted, he had an accident. When he woke up, a voice echoed in his head. The system gave various types of tasks that guided him to become the true heir and reclaim what was rightfully his.

1 chapters
Guiding System 1
".... Mr. Hudson Connor, hereby appoints Mr. Tyler Connor as the next heir, making him the head of the Connor family and the highest shareholder of D'Connor Corp."Bryan Abrams, the personal assistant to Hudson Connor’s confidant, Tyler’s grandfather, and a special lawyer who was also Mr. Hudson Connor’s confidant, announced the contents of the will at the family meeting.Mr. Hudson Connor’s death was too sudden, which created chaos in the Connor family order and affected the company. Even though he had made a will specifying who his successor would be, it still didn’t calm the hearts of the people sitting in the meeting room. Especially since the successor named in the will was very unsatisfactory.Not only the Connor family members, some of the board of directors and shareholders present also protested the policy."If it's like this, it's only a matter of time before the company goes bankrupt quickly! And the noble Connor family slowly disappears!"“That’s right. How could Mr. Hudso
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