The War God Finds Love

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The War God Finds Love

By: Duke Queston OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Six years ago, Cole Vandom’s girlfriend broke up with him due to the fact that he was poor. Now, he has returned as a war god only to safeguard the love of his life, Lena Brooksbank. Although no one had ever thought much of him, Cole is now far beyond anyone’s league.


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30 chapters
Chapter 1 Return to Danville
Dressed in a brown shirt and gray jeans, Cole Vandom stood outside the Danville bus stop. He sported a pair of old canvas shoes and carried a woven bag that had seen better days.He raised his head to take in the city, which had changed drastically. With a sigh, he said, “It’s been six years, but I’m finally back!”Following the death of his grandfather six years ago, he left Danville to follow his master, the war god of spirits. It had been six long years, but finally, he had returned!At the sight of Cole, the passersby scowled and covered their noses and mouths in disgust. Just then, two rows of blue Porsche 911s sped down the street, a sum of at least 40 cars forming an impressive convoy. The passersby gawked at the luxury cars before glancing at Cole with derision. This trash collector in front of them would never be able to afford a car like this in his lifetime.Before the cars even stopped, an elderly gentleman dressed in a tailcoat hopped off the one leading the convoy and
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Chapter 2 If Looks Could Kill
“Hahaha, is this punk crazy?” Cole’s words had every guest in stitches. They all thought Cole was making a fool of himself with his shameless gloating. When Lena heard his words, she walked over to him with a cold expression on her face. “He’s done for!” Marcus shook his head with a malicious smile. “He needs to take a look at himself in the mirror. How dare he say that Lena is his fiancée?” Tom laughed derisively, eagerly waiting to see Cole publicly shamed. Even the bystanders wanted to see what would happen to the toad lusting after the beauty. However, they were only going to be disappointed. Lena slowly held onto Cole’s arm before turning to face the audience. With a cool look, she said slowly, “He is indeed my fiancé and the son-in-law of the Brooksbank family!” Everyone’s jaws dropped. Lena’s words hit them like a huge, stinging slap. Marcus’s eyes widened. He looked at Cole incredulously, feeling as if his reality had collapsed. That guy… was actually the so
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Chapter 3 The Bet
Bruce turned toward Marcus and asked, “What is his background?” The spectacle of Cole retrieving the cash from the woven bag had shocked him. Marcus tottered over to Bruce. He intentionally raised his voice and said in front of everyone, “When Cole was seventeen, his grandfather died, after which he dropped out of school to roam the streets. He has no background. The money must belong to Miss Brooksbank!” When he said this, he turned slightly to look at Lena and ignored Cole like before. As his former classmate, he knew Cole through and through. If he really had status, Cecilia would not have broken up with him. “Are you saying that this money belongs to Miss Brooksbank?” Cecilia looked at Cole and Lena incredulously. She couldn’t help but feel that this was dirty money. So the achievement he was talking about was actually living off a woman’s money? The atmosphere in the room was becoming strange, but the guests were enjoying the show. Even Marcus didn’t care that this w
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Chapter 4 The Stepmother Gets Slapped
Lena clutched her reddening cheek, but her expression remained composed as usual. She glared at the woman before her and continued speaking in a cold tone, “Grandpa is the one who arranged this marriage, and I will honor it, Mother! As for Bruce Simpson, you know his character better than I do; I will never marry him!” Lena didn’t look upset at all. In fact, she was unusually calm. She was already used to her stepmother’s abuse, having endured it since her mother passed away when she was 15. Lena’s stepmother looked at her willfully, her expression becoming angry as she raised her hand to slap Lena again. “I’m going to teach this little bitch a good lesson!” she thought. However, just as she swung her arm, she felt it being stopped. A hand held her wrist in an iron grip and forcefully pushed it down. “Who gave you the right to hit her?” Cole’s eyes narrowed murderously as he questioned Lena’s stepmother. The stepmother was temporarily stunned. Her eyes then filled with
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Chapter 5 There’s Trouble
“Alright, that’s enough. Many young men in Danville fantasize about Miss Brooksbank being their wife; we won’t make fun of you for it,” John said, waving his hand. His expression changed into one of understanding. He then ignored Cole and returned his attention to the surveillance monitors before him. They were in charge of security, so their main priority was to keep an eye out for anything unusual and to arrive at the scene promptly once they noticed something. The security office quickly quieted down; the only occasional sound filling the air was Cole sipping his tea. A few of the guards were quite impressed by Cole’s ability to remain so composed—what a character. It’s too bad he hadn’t enlisted before; who’s to say he wouldn’t have made a great recruit? “Chief, we have a situation!” One of the guards suddenly pointed at the monitor before him as he yelled for John. John walked over and took a look. Four black vans had pulled up to A6, which was the back entrance area o
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Chapter 6 The Company Crisis
Lena’s expression turned cold. Without a word, she led Cole away with her, and they left in her car. The middle-aged man, the one who wanted to slap Cole earlier, waited for Lena to leave before showing a gloomy expression. She had just ridiculed him by blatantly suggesting that he was a coward in front of so many people; how could he not be furious? He was the vice president of Brooksbank Group as well as the younger brother of the Brooksbank family’s current mistress. In other words, he was Lena’s stepmother’s biological brother. He had always despised Lena, but he couldn’t do anything about it because she was a Brooksbank. However, sooner or later, Brooksbank Group would belong to him, and the Reeves siblings would share the business between them. This was what his sister, Megan Reeves, had been scheming all this while. “You bitch. Just wait till my sister marries you into the Simpson family; we’ll see how you hold on to Brooksbank Group then!” Mark Reeves sneered at this
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Chapter 7 Mr. Smith’s Defeat
Glaring at Cole was the blonde man who had been at Brooksbank Group; his face was full of hatred. He would never forget the scene back at Brooksbank Group, where Cole alone defeated his crew. “Who would’ve thought you would dare enter the lion’s den and seek your own death!” he exclaimed with a menacing grin. Completely disregarding what he said, Cole asked directly, “Where is Cason Smith? Bring me to him!” “What did you say? You bastard! How dare you address Mr. Smith so casually? You really are looking to die. Men, attack!” With a wave of the blonde man’s hand, a dozen men advanced on Cole, each of them wielding a beer bottle. “It seems you all haven’t had enough; don’t blame me for not holding back.” Cole sighed. He had already beaten them up earlier this afternoon, but it looked like they didn’t remember it, so he wasn’t going to be merciful again. A loud crack was heard as Cole broke one of the gangster’s arms and chucked him aside. Just as before, the gangsters were
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Chapter 8 Mark Reeves’ Plan
Cole arrived at Brooksbank Group headquarters. “Sir!” John and the other guards greeted him in unison after rushing out of the security office near the entrance of the building when they spotted him. Their eyes were brimming with spirit and awe; Cole had defeated 20 thugs on his own, so in their opinion, he was an amazing man. “Don’t call me sir. I’m not even older than any of you,” Cole said with a bitter smile. He hadn’t even celebrated his 23rd birthday yet this year, and these retired soldiers were all in their thirties; being addressed as sir with such an age difference would be difficult for anyone to accept. John walked up to him, face full of admiration. “You’re strong and a member of Providence. We are completely sincere when we address you as such.” “That’s right,” the other seven guards voiced their agreement, having the same look of admiration as John on their faces. “Alright then, do as you wish.” Cole could only nod helplessly. “Has Lena gone up?” Cole ask
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Chapter 9 The Suspension Is Lifted
Cole couldn’t hear anything that was happening outside of the room. Lucas sat in a chair in the dark projection room, his face pale. Cole stood before him, staring at him with an eerily calm expression, making him feel slightly anxious. “Do you know who I am?” Lucas’ expression turned grim as he coldly directed a question at Cole. “You are Danville’s Commissioner of Health, Lucas Brown. One word from you can determine a business’s survival,” Cole replied with a nod. After hearing that Cole was aware of his identity, Lucas felt a sudden burst of confidence and furiously slammed his hands down on the table. “Then how dare you treat me this way, knowing full well who I am? Aren’t you worried Brooksbank Group will perish overnight?” Cole let out a sneaky smile. “Do you know who I am?” “You? I don’t give a shit about who you are! Hurry up and let me out of here, or else you’re done for!” Lucas’ face was full of disdain, not taking Cole seriously at all. Smiling lightly, Cole s
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Chapter 10 Reencountering Tom Gray
Lena’s expression was gloomy as she sat in the car. As before, Cole sat in the passenger seat, but unlike before, the atmosphere in the vehicle was tense, with neither of them saying anything. After some time, Lena finally sighed and looked at Cole; her eyes were full of disappointment. “I don’t look down on you despite your lack of influential background, nor do I care that you used to collect garbage since you were relying on yourself to make a living. However, you can’t act so rashly. What if the Commissioner of Health had gotten hurt from your manhandling earlier? You would have been done for! And it wouldn’t just be you; Brooksbank Group would have perished overnight from your recklessness. Do you realize this?” Lena’s tone was colder, colder than it had ever been before. She was very disappointed in her fiancé. Initially, she thought that even if her grandfather hadn’t picked someone wealthy as her future husband, he would have chosen a man with good manners and character a
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