Chapter 100
“Do you like Leah?” Zephyr asked once more, feeling dissatisfied at Linus. His power was but a thread of his Might, one unmatched by most. “Yes! Yes I like Leah! I love Leah! I want to protect her for the rest of her days!” Linus answered through gritted teeth, as he tried to withstand the pressure on him, physically and mentally. Zephyr let go.

Linus shook for a bit, before he dropped to his knees. “That’s right!” Zephyr nodded, before he patted Leah on the head. Linus was trustworthy, under intense force like that, no one could lie. Leah can be left with him, Zephyr was relieved. “Have fun guys! Let us go, Lewis!” Zephyr turned as Linus heaved on the ground. It was at this moment that Linus finally realized why his father thought so highly of Zephyr Khan. “Are you alright?” Leah asked, seeing Linus drenched in sweat. “I’m fine, Leah. Master Zephyr sure is strong!” he replied, while he wiped his brow.

“My lord, where are we going?” Lewis asked, foot in tow with Zephyr. “I’m just looking… oh, what’s that?” Zephyr noticed a group of people gathered around. They slowly approached, they saw a fat man loudly exclaiming, “Gather all! Feast your eyes on these strange cryptic mounts!” Behind him, tamed mounts of cryptic variety that were locked in cages. “My lord, this is a mount vendor. However, we already have a lot,” Lewis said, familiar with the aspects of the Khan, now that he was a leader. Zephyr nodded.

The mounts looked to be good ones, but from what he observed, they did not seem to be any much stronger, more wild animals than bred beasts. “Wait a minute,” just as Zephyr was about to leave, a herd of black horses appeared within vision, each possessed a black horn on their heads. “Shadowmeres!”

Shadowmeres or Meres were great beasts, but had pleasant temperaments. They were often used as mounts, and were very expensive. Even the lowest quality could cost upwards of 10,000 pieces while the better ones were worth 100,000. “What? Just 800 pieces?” Zephyr exclaimed upon seeing the price tag. “What a shame!” Meres with these prices are often more decorative than useful. Upon further inspection, the Mere looked to be weak and lethargic. “My lord, this Mere is too weak! Even if we were to splurge on its living, it would not suffice!” Lewis said. “You’re right, it sucks. Every one of them. Anyway, buy all of them!” Zephyr answered. Lewis was just about to nod in agreement before he widened his eyes upon the realization, “What? Buy them all?” Zephyr replied, “Why of course, I have a use for them.”

Zephyr’s tone carried subtle hints of tomfoolery. Although these Meres were of no use to others, they may serve a purpose to the medicine-man in him. Not only were pills available for human consumption, beasts may utilize them too. “Buy them all!” Zephyr said again. “Sir!” Although 8000 pieces were spent, it was nothing much to the Khan. Lewis would never disobey Zephyr, quickly negotiated with the vendor. And purchased the Meres. Suddenly, a scream came from afar, even though it was hard to make out, Zephyr frowned.

“I didn't mean it, you were the ones who crashed into us!”

It sounded as though someone was giving Leah trouble. Zephyr quickly sped off towards her.