Chapter 101
Not far from them was a group of angry hecklers that surrounded Leah and Linus. An angry voice called out from a woman, “What? Are you just gonna leave like that? Do you know how valuable these clothes are? Can you compensate? Here you are trying to bargain your way out of it, this is laughable!” The woman was probably twenty-five years old, with attractive features, elegant posture, and expensive clothing, this signified that she was no commoner. Behind her, a troop of 7 escorted her. Their expressions were grim, with humorous undertones, they were not taking Leah and Linus seriously.

“This is outrageous My lady! Knocking into each other under such crowded circumstances is natural, besides, we’re not the ones at fault here!” said Linus, he put himself between Leah and the rest. “Wow! Do you really think I purposefully knocked into this b*tch for fun?” The woman’s expression was furious. “You b*tch, don’t think I don’t know who you are. You’re the little handmaiden of the Khan aren’t you? Although the Khan are powerful, that doesn’t mean you can just act however you want!” She continued, “Although the others fear you, we Zanes do not even hold you to anything.” Every sentence the woman spat was derogatory, which left Leah to roll her eyes at each comment. However, after knowing her background, she could not help but shiver.

In fact, even Linus could not help but back off after he heard her revelation as a Zane. As the mayor’s adopted son, he understood how strong the Zanes were, along with their ties to the Leeds. Even Bruce himself was wary. However, no matter how strong her background was, he would not easily make way. “Shut up!”

“How dare you!” seeing Linus’ challenge, the guards behind the woman took a step forward, and blasted him with powerful energies. In an instant, everyone around felt themselves be pushed back. “What power! These guards are at least Strengths of level eight!” The crowd cried. “That kid’s in trouble, she’s the heiress of the Zane, Opal, while that younger one’s a Khan servant! Even though the Khan are strong, they wouldn’t dare offend the Zane over a mere servant!” The crowd was concerned. “Right! The Zanes sure are different! It would seem that Opal Zane’s fiancee was the Leeds of Celadon’s’ heir!” The crowd’s debate intensified, this bolstered Opal’s brazenness.

“How dare you challenge me? You insolent kids! Listen here, and listen to me now! Compensate me with 10,000 pieces or kneel and beg, I might just forgive you!” Opal ordered. “How… how could you!” Leah spoke softly, unknowing of what to do. “Kneel! If you p*ss me off, not even the Khan can protect you!” Opal ordered again, this time more brazen. “Haha, the Zanes sure are barbaric!” a sudden laugh came by.

What followed with the laughter was a wave of solid energies.

“Who goes there?!” Opal ordered. “Master!” Leah cried out, surprised to see Zephyr. Linus gave a sigh of relief, knowing how difficult it would be to fight the guards. He was not sure if he could take them all at all. “Leah, are you alright?” Zephyr asked after he gave both Leah and Linus a look. “We’re fine, thankfully you came in time! They’re all so strong,” Leah replied. Zephyr nodded, and glanced at the Zanes. “Oh? And here I wondered who it was! It’s just you — the Khan B*stard, Zephyr!” Opal jeered. Zephyr approached Opal after. “What do you want, kid?” a guard asked, then quickly guarded Opal. “Don’t worry, Zephyr’s but a b*stard. He’s trained for over ten years and is still, a useless b*stard! I’m a Strength of level seven for crying out loud! What can he do?” Opal said as she held her head up high.

“You’re right, My lady, let’s teach him a lesson! I wonder if the Khan are brave enough to come at us!” A Zane guard said as the rest of the guards walked towards Zephyr.