Chapter 102
“The Khan people are so bold! They would dare argue with me over this b*tch! She must beg before me today! Do you really think that just because you’ve defeated the Sun, you’d have no challengers? Pathetic!” Opal jeered. The Zane guard roared, and charged towards Zephyr. This man’s power was no meager thing. However, Zephyr just waved his hand, and it sent the man flying. Although he was a Strength of level eight, how did he not endure such a blow that came from Zephyr Khan?

The Zane guard crashed into the ground, spat out a mouthful of blood, and struggled to breathe. “What?! Impossible!” Many people in the crowd gasped at Zephyr’s nonchalant defense. No one could believe that the Khan B*stard Zephyr could have so easily defeated a Strength of level eight. ‘Is he really just a B*stard?’ Many people in the crowd had this thought. Was this the b*stard that everyone had just clamour over?

“Woah!” gasped Linus. Although he knew Zephyr was strong, he did not know by how much. “*sshole!” The remaining guards roared, and charged towards Zephyr. “Go away!” Zephyr yelled, then lignited Lightfoot. In an instant, the once righteous guards were sent flying without seeing Zephyr so much as make a move, crashing into the ground with mouthfuls of blood. With a whoost, Zephyr appeared next to Opal. “You! What do you want?! I’m warning you Zephyr, I am a Zane! If you’re really going to strike me over this b*tch, we will make sure the Khan are done for!” warned Opal, with a sinister smile. She knew what she had just said carried weight, after all, the guards themselves were no pushovers.

“You’re a smart man Zephyr, I’m sure you won’t offend the Zanes over this b*tch. You’ve wounded my men, you must compensate, otherwise not even the Khan can save you!” Opal pressed on when she saw Zephyr’s silence. She figured he was starting to realize the weight of his actions.

“Heh…” chuckled Zephyr, his hand moved quickly, and it sent a whoosh through the air. Everyone was shocked, was Zephyr Khan just about to slap Opal Zane? “Stop!” An angry bark came, followed by a great furl of energy directed towards Zephyr. However, this was cut short by a loud slap which echoed across the street. Everyone present was shocked — with Opal’s eyes being the widest. Had Zephyr Khan really just slapped Opal Zane over a mere servant woman? It was a merciless one. Opal’s cheek flared red as she stared at Zephyr in disbelief. “You just… hit me?” It was a question everyone present wondered, they had not believed in Zephyr's brazenness.

“So what?” Zephyr chuckled. “Zephyr, you b*stard! You dare attack me over this b*tch?” Opal screamed. In came another whoosh, Zephyr’s arm stretched out again, ready to confirm her statement with another physical answer. “Enough!” The bark came again, this time followed by a man who rushed over, his energy blasted everyone back a few steps. He was a young man, fast and strong, and he was sending shockwaves throughout the ground with each step.

“Noah…” Opal spoke, her eyes red with tears. She quickly threw herself into his arms. “Don’t cry, I will avenge you!” the man said, as he patted her back. His gaze quickly locked onto Zephyr, and he approached him slowly, angrily.

“Zephyr, the Khan heir? Aren’t you something else! Do you know how angry I am right now? Apologize to Opal at once, and have that b*tch get on her knees and beg!” the man ordered, his tone was stern, this implied dire consequences if Zephyr were not oblige. Zephyr squinted, eyeing the man before him. He flashed a small smile, and calmly shook his head, “What right do you have for me to apologize?”