Chapter 103
The man’s expression immediately switched upon Zephyr’s reply, it had turned into an icy cold glare. “I am Noah Leed, the second heir to the Leeds of Celadon. You people of Khan may be the biggest in Starlight, but to us, you are just but the dirt beneath our feet!” Noah said. “I can forgive your barbarisms, but you must apologize to Opal, and order that b*tch to beg!” Everyone’s look changed at the realization of Noah’s background, and looked upon him in fearful respect.

“The Leeds of Celadon are a powerhouse, far bigger than any clan in Starlight!”

“Indeed! Zephyr really got himself into deep sh*t this time!”

“What will Zephyr do?!”

“What can he do? Apologize! Who would dare offend them over a measly servant woman?”

“Agreed, but Zephyr’s different! The Khan would soon grow far more powerful!”

The crowd around them debated. A sense of pride and satisfaction snuck onto Noah’s face upon hearing their chatter. “What do you think? Are you really going to make an enemy of the Leeds?” Noah asked Zephyr. Leah and Linus carried worried looks on their faces. This has spun out of their control. Leah was hyperventilating from it all. Although she was naive, she knew Zephyr would not leave her. Yet, she knew the Leeds were not to be made an enemy of the Khan, especially now.

“Master! I’m sorry!” Leah said, her eyes glistened red. She did not want Zephyr to be troubled because of her. Zephyr smirked at Noah all the while, his stare was intense. “Same sh*t friend, what right do you have?”

“What?!” Noah’s eyes widened at Zephyr’s brazen reply. The Leeds of Celadon were a great powerhouse. Unless Zephyr had gone crazy, he would not dare to offend them. But that was not the case was it? Zephyr had not backed down, in fact, he was still as brazen as ever. The Leed heir could not stifle his rage.

“Zephyr would dare challenge the Leeds?”

“This one’s too reckless! No matter how powerful he is, offending the Leeds will never be a good choice! Now the Khan will pay!”

“The Khan had just seasoned through a well-fought battle and they were growing! How could Zephyr cut it short, just like that?!”

“The Khan can’t protect Zephyr now… The Leeds are a whole new ball game!”

The crowd debated further, unapproving of Zephyr’s attitude, some even jeered at his action.

“Nice! Zephyr you bold fool! It would seem I will be teaching the Khan a lesson today! Let me show you exactly why nobody should dare cross us!” Noah was livid, right as he finished his sentence, he began an attack. He stomped onto the ground, and cracked it open. His fingers were suddenly sharp and rigid like an eagle’s talons, the air around him spiralled. Noah launched himself at Zephyr, his speed was like lightning. It would seem that he was a Strength of level nine. For one of that young age to reach such a level, it was telling of the power the Leeds had. Many leaders of Starlight have yet to reach such power.