Chapter 104
Seeing Noah attack, Leah’s expression had changed. “Linus, protect Leah!” Zephyr ordered. “I’m on it!” Linus quickly nodded, while he promised the Khan. “Kneel!” Noah’s talon-like hands tore through the air as it created a tearing sound. “You don’t have the right!” Zephyr chuckled, and met it with his fist. Zephyr did not regard Noah Leed too highly, he knew he could take on Agiles without much issue, much less a Strength of level nine. “Away with you!” Zephyr threw a punch that barreled towards Noah’s talons.

Their blows clashed, and it sent shockwaves everywhere. The might of their bout forced the onlookers back, some even spitted blood. Their battle was fierce. Zephyr and Noah had stopped as suddenly as they started, each of their bodies glided against the ground, away from each other. Noah stared at Zephyr apprehensively, it would seem that the boy was not all he looked to be. This made him envious. He had wasted much of the Leed’s resources in his training. It was only through persistent effort had he achieved his level. Yet, here Zephyr stood, a boy of many years as his junior which matched his skill.

‘I must kill him,’ Noah thought. Zephyr felt his killing intent, “Oh, now you want to kill me?” He had not expected his opponent to come to this extreme. It would seem he was left with no choice. Zephyr huffed, and slowly gathered his energy. “You’re good, I’ll give you that! But I am very upset now, and when I’m upset, I kill!” Noah threatened. “Shut up and fight!” Zephyr replied. “Die!” Noah roared, Zephyr’s retort to him was too much at this point.

Suddenly, it was as though a rift tore open behind Noah, it rippled shockwaves exploded from behind him, and shattered everything around. “Destruction Hand!” Noah’s hands flipped, palms faced up. A loud ringing noise echoed about, before it quickly dissipated into a powerful thrust of energy. All the onlookers were sent flying, some even died instantly. “B*stard!” scolded Zephyr, seeing the innocents that were massacred like that. This man was ill for taking lives so lightly.

“Die!” Noah roared, once again he gathered his energy into a great palm. It looked real; life-like, the grooves on its palm could be seen clearly, that verberated with energy. Zephyr could feel its intense power from a mile away. “Zephyr, for you to die by my Destruction Handhas to be an honor! I once used this technique to fight an Agile!’