Chapter 106
The elder man carried no respect for Bruce. “Hmph, so it was you, a Celadon, who came into my town and caused a ruckus. Have you no manners? Do you think I do not exist? You are nothing but a representative of Celadon, are you not, Leed?” Bruce barked. “Sir, this b*stard destroyed my… I can’t fight anymore! I’m nothing!” Noah cried, his expressions were borderlined tearful.

The Leed elder reached out, placed his hand on Noah, and channeled his energies. He grimaced, Noah was right. He was useless now, he no longer had the capabilities to channel and use his energies. Zephyr had struck on to a vital channel, and destroyed it. No matter how powerful or blessed Noah was, he could no longer function as a combatant, and summon his energies anymore. No matter how powerful the Leeds of Celadon were, Noah was henceforth a lost cause. Only the medicine men of the great academies and their fabled poultices may help him now. Unfortunately, the Leeds could afford no such luxury.

The elder further grimaced. He had left Noah alone for a bit, and returned only to find him crippled. The responsibility was his afterall, his head ached from the thought of reporting this back. After all, Noah Leed had spent much of the Leed resources to achieve his strength. For him to be rendered impotent, the Leeds would no doubt severely punish him.

The thought of this angered the elder greatly. Intense energy burst forth from within, and surrounded him. He glared at Zephyr while he stated, “You insolent fool! We will never forget this, you and your people will die!” Bruce stood his ground, with intent on protecting Zephyr. He calmly spoke, “Leed elder, forget it! This is Starlight, as long as I’m here, the Leeds shall never run amok!”

The elder shook his head, “Oh Bruce, have you not known? Our powerful young lord has already been accepted as a student of the Celadon mayor. Do you know what this means?” His voice rose, “Even if you tried your best to protect this c*r, the Leeds will have their revenge! Not even you, the great Bruce Starr will be able to stop us!’

“That is not for you to say.” Bruce remained stoic. “You will regret this, Starr!” The Leed elder cursed. He quickly signalled a retreat as he understood that he alone was no match for Bruce. Even if Zephyr may prove troublesome for him, the boy had a sword skill that was on another level entirely. “Sir, you must avenge my fiancee! Are you just going to let them go? They disrespected your heir! How can you do this?!” Opal cried out, tears streamed down her face. “Isn’t this all your fault?” the elder glared at Opal. “No it… the little b*tch crossed me, and then the c*nt hit me… and…” Opal had not realized the disdain in the elder’s voice, and continued crying and moaning.

“Stay out of my way! If it weren’t for the Zanes’ relationship with us, I would’ve snapped your neck right now!” the elder screamed as he had fury in his eyes. He slapped Opal across the face, and it sent her flying 30 feet away.