Chapter 108
“Besides, the academies will be there. Once they scout you for enrollment, it’s all a bed of roses from there. Once you’re enrolled into the academy, they will hold your king and country in interest, thus, protecting you. That’s why many of them had sent forth their best representative,” Bruce explained. Zephyr nodded to the news. In his previous life, he had travelled far and wide, he knew of this aspect well.

Only prodigies would be accepted into the academies. Through this, clans and counties could flourish without fear. “What’s the academy behind the Ahi Dynasty, Zephyr?” Bruce asked. Zephyr remained calm, he knew too many to keep track. “The Boundless Academy!” he replied. Bruce flashed a quizzical look, teasing a smile, “Wasn’t your fiance enrolled into the Academy?” Zephyr chuckled, “We… ‘divorced’, a few months back.” Although he did not mind this too much, the fact remains that he was dumped. It still did not sit too well with him. “Oh, I’ve heard of lady Aurora, the heir of the Greenwood clan. Her potential is quite prodigal, to say the least,” Bruce shook his head while he spoke. “Indeed!” Zephyr nodded in agreement, and wished to move along. He had no intentions of continuing any forms of relationship with her once they had their separation.

“Lady Aurora has not only enrolled in The Academy, but she is much beloved by the faculty; a star pupil! I heard her role in The Academy is nothing to scoff at,” Bruce added. “In fact, I heard that she had become an apprentice!” Zephyr’s ears perked, “An apprentice?” Among the Five great Academies, getting enrolled was tough. In all of Ahi, there may not even be a total of ten students enrolled either. To be an apprentice would mean a great honor, more so than a regular student. Not even the Boundless Academy would have many. For one to achieve apprenticeship, it would mean a great future ahead — a place in the Academy faculty.

In Zephyr’s previous life, he had not given much thought to Aurora Greenwood, but now, it would seem that an interest has been peaked. Her potential was irrefutably special, otherwise she would not have been made an apprentice. “The Inter-city Tournament starts in a month. I suggest you prepare in advance, when the time comes, I’ll come look for you,” Bruce said. The two of them chatted for a bit more, before each of them took their leave.

“I understand.” Zephyr smiled and nodded before he left the office. He was excited, in his previous life, he had no chance to even qualify, in fact, he barely had a chance to even consider it. “Aurora Greenwood, it would seem we’ll meet again!” Zephyr smiled faintly, shaking his head. Upon his return, Zephyr reported to Spout about the conversation he just had with Bruce.

“There can only be one tiger in the mountain. The Zanes and us are now the only powers left in Starlight. Even if we’re improving like never before, the Zanes have ties with the Leeds, so they’re definitely not lagging far behind. Sooner or later, we will come in contact!” Spout said. “However, no matter how strong the Leeds are, we must not fret. After all, we have Skyfall behind us, and some trump cards!” Zephyr nodded, “Indeed! No matter who the opponents are, the Khan will always come out on top!”

“Zephyr, you did well. If we let the Zanes do what they want, everyone will think lowly of us. Oh right! This reminds me, the weaponry and skill books we took from the Sun have been sorted, would you like to take a gander?”