Chapter 10
In the following days since, thanks to Lewis, Zephyr’s life had gotten a lot smoother, even for Leah as she need not work so hard anymore. During the day, Zephyr kept a low profile, often silently training at home. Come night, he would retreat to the hills behind and trained vigorously. However, his power still was not enough. He needed to take extra precaution, if Lincoln discovered his secret, things would get complicated. Zephyr did not have a problem defending himself, however, he could not bear to put Leah in harm’s way.

It was the dead of night, Zephyr was training in the hills. Zephyr grimaced seriously, the air around him was filled with true energy, ready to burst anytime. In front of him lay a huge pot, the kindling beneath setting it to boil. Inside the pot was an emerald sludge, it bubbled non-stop as its scent emitted an herby aroma. With Lewis’ help, Zephyr managed to secretly buy tons of herbs and medicines. He supposed that his order was finally completed.

Zephyr had yet attained the skills for high quality pill-making. He needed more strength to do so, otherwise, he would not be able to maintain the pill-making process with his true energy reserves. Zephyr figured making balance pills were the best pills he could make now.

Balance pills would only come to invention seven years later, and these pills were tenfold the effectiveness of spirit pills. Zephyr was most likely the only one capable of making these. Zephyr began stirring the pot and the content inside started to swirl, using Zephyr’s energy as a guide. Some spilled out during the process, but was ultimately brushed off.

Finally, the contents in the pot made a strange sound and the pot shattered on itself, it then left some pills to lay on the kindling. “D*mn, these pills’ quality suck, I fear I may need to buy a pill oven.” Zephyr examined the pills he picked up, his face conveyed mild frustration. Judging the pill, Zephyr concluded that it was a bad product, yet, still better than the current spirit pills.

“Bottom’s up!”

Figuring his press for time, Zephyr immediately gulped down a balance pill and tasted it’s bitter, herby sensation go down his throat. ‘Hmm, no reaction?’ he thought. He felt nothing. “I didn’t fail did I… oh sh*t!” Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden burst of energy spilled out from his gut. It was like a volcano unleashing its fury, the pill’s medicinal properties flooded Zephyr’s entire body, circulating his energies. The power was too much to handle, Zephyr could not help but let out a frightened howl. He felt the effects overtake his body and rejuvenated him beyond his limits.

“Ancient Draconic Might, strengthen me!” Zephyr immediately dropped and crossed his legs, quickly reciting the Way, forcing his body to absorb and utilize the pill’s effects. Zephyr knew he needed to complete this process quickly, putting his heart and soul into it. He heard his muscles, energy channels, and veins emit a strange sound. His clothes shred as the true energy poured out of him. ‘Balance pills always were better than spirit pills!’ thought Zephyr.

Under the effects of the Way, Zephyr quickly regained himself, satisfied with his product’s effectiveness. Zephyr knew, if he had a pill oven to refine the balance pills, he would have soared past his current state. Zephyr let out a roar similar to a dragon’s, calming his spirit down. He had to control his true energy flow.

Before long, Zephyr realized that someplace in his body, a strange energy condensed. “What… what’s this?!”