Chapter 113
“Not bad!” Zephyr nodded, before keeping his powers. The candidates each let out big sighs of relief, panted and gasped for air. The power they had felt was immense, it was as if they were contained in a vacuum. “You all have passed the first test, but I must warn you, this is just the first. If you choose to leave now, I will not stop you. The next test might just kill you!” Zephyr shouted, his smile sent shivers down the candidates’ spines. Jen’s expression changed as well, he had not expected Zephyr to be so strong. He no longer underestimated the young Khan. Similar to the candidates, Motte let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Jen passed the first trial. Were he to fail, Motte would be greatly embarrassed.

“After the introduction of balance pills, the clan has improved greatly. However, I must warn you, from now on, you will not be provided any more balance pills, or any pills for that matter!” Zephyr stated. “What?!” Jen’s expression changed, his face wracked with horror. He had come just for the balance pills. But now, not only was he not given any balance pills, he was not to be given any pills for that matter. He had no business being here. Even though Zephyr was powerful, Jen did not think he had any right to govern him. Suddenly, Jen thought of leaving the training course once again.

‘Wait a minute! I was told the Khan would provide a lot of balance pills to fuel the task force! Is this dude grifting me?!’ he thought to himself as he looked at Zephyr. “Even if I don’t receive any pills, I would happily serve you My lord!” a Khan clansman yelled. This man was strong, he was at least six and a half feet tall, and was built like a bull. It was Mason Khan, a Strength of level eight. He had the potential to be a Khan leader. “Right! We are not giving up!” another Khan spoke up, this time it came from Leo Khan. He was average in his skill, only being a Strength of level six, but his fighting spirit was well acknowledged by Zephyr. “It would already be a great honor to be trained by My lord, the pills do not matter!” Dusk Khan spoke up, a shadow in the household, one who rarely interacted with others. Though, his spirit and character were good.

Suddenly, many Khan clansmen rose up to express their willingness to continue. “Good!” Zephyr nodded, and scanned through the candidates. He noticed Jen’s weariness, remarked on how the Straw would sooner give up before long. Only 24 candidates remained from the initial trial. Zephyr would train them well, after all, only through practice will perfection be achieved.

The remaining candidates found themselves half clothed at the base of a great waterfall. The roaring waters crashed down upon them in ferocious fashion, this sent them to quake from where they stood. “Who gave you the permission to block with your energy? Release them at once!” Zephyr ordered, after he scanned the crew and their doings.

“Mason! Use some energy!

“Leo! Use more energy! The rest of you, use less energy!”

Zephyr pointed and shouted at each of them.