Chapter 114
The candidates’ spirits were strong, their skills too were nothing to mock at. They required a bigger push. To Zephyr, these men were most likely going to make it. “What? Just some energy?” A voice could be heard as many of them inhaled a breath of cold air. “What are you whining about? It’s just some!” Mason roared, and rapidly decreased the energy he used to protect himself. “Me too!” Leo shouted, and followed suit.

‘These dumb*sses are following Zephyr so blindly, they’re fools, all of them! How could I defend myself so sparingly?’ Jen thought as he glared at the Khan.

Zephyr took notice of Jen’s actions, yet said nothing of his disobedience. Using the waterfall’s power to bolster oneself, was a basic training method, moreover it yielded great results. However, Zephyr would not let Jen know of this. If one does not grab the opportunity to better themselves, what good are they? After all, without the right mind, how could they achieve greater levels?

After five days of intense training, each activity worse than the last, Zephyr had ordered them to not use any energy at all. He wished for them to withstand the onslaught with their bare bodies. Under these hellish conditions, many were disqualified, until there were barely 20 candidates left. Jen had endured all this for the sake of the balance pills. To him, pills were the only thing that allowed one to be strong. For the balance pills, he would endure.

However, in the five days since, Zephyr indeed did not provide any pills. “There’s only 15 left!” Only 15 candidates had passed the trial of the waterfall. Zephyr paused at Jen’s persistence. “Good, you are all that’s left. Things are only going to get worse from here!” Zephyr said calmly. “Of course, I still won’t provide any balance pills, however…”

“Enough! No!” Zephyr had not finished his sentence before he was rudely interrupted. Hearing this, Zephyr wondered if Jen was at his limit. “Oh well, too bad!” Zephyr let out a small sigh. Jen’s face was full of anger. He pointed at Zephyr, and shouted, “I came, not for your blasted training, but for your balance pills!” He continued, “I am the prodigal son of the Straws! My future is bright, and my road has been paved, how dare you order me around! As long as I get my pills, I will serve the Khan! If you can’t do that, I don’t see why I should stay!”

Jen could not contain his anger anymore. He had not expected himself to have endured for so long. He had not expected Zephyr to hold on to his word. He knew he would one day be one of the biggest players in Starlight, he was the prodigal Straw! Listening to Zephyr’s orders has been a pain, but to not receive any balance pills? That was a travesty to Jen.

“Hmph, if you want to leave, leave! No one’s stopping you!” Zephyr huffed. “You can only rely on yourself to be strong!” Umbra said softly. “Ha! So what if we don’t get any pills? Zephyr had already stated in the beginning, why did you not leave then?”

The remaining candidates glared at Jen. They stayed, because they trusted Zephyr to grow and nurture them. For Zephyr not giving them pills, he must have had a reason. If he did not trust Zephyr, he did not deserve to be here.