Chapter 115
“You fools! Do you really think he can help you? If you continue on like this, none of you will ever be strong. I am not stupid, yet here I am, at this punk’s bidding!” Jen said, unflinching from their glares. “Leave,” Zephyr said calmly. He was very disappointed in Jen, had he known it would end up like this, he would not have saved Motte the embarrassment. “‘Leave? How dare you order me!” Jen laughed. Zephyr remained calm, “I wasn’t finished. Although I won’t be providing any pills to you, I will be teaching you augments.”

“What? Augments?!” Everyone present widened their eyes, and stared at Zephyr in disbelief. Augmentations were not easily learned, nor taught. It was not a commoner’s practice. Once mastered, the user’s body, strength, and mind would be brought to new heights, it could never before be achieved through pills alone. Even the weakest augments were rare in Starlight, with prices fetching the highest. Yet here, Zephyr stood, saying that he wished to teach them? Unbelievable! Were they indeed worthy?

“My lord, you aren’t kidding, are you?” Umbra asked. “Now why would I? Besides, the augment I’m bestowing is one that’s of quality!” Zephyr chuckled, “Firstly, I have to congratulate you for enduring for so long. Alas, this is your prize!” He continued, “Besides, during augment training, balance pills will be provided, many pills indeed. I was just testing y’all anyway.”

“Zephyr, you…” Jen struggled, his knees weak, his face contorted, his body shook, his fists clenched, his fury raised beyond measure. How could he have passed on such a great opportunity? Augments would no doubt enhance his powers to a level not even he could imagine. And yet, here he was, disqualified close to the finish line. He wondered if the heavens were playing a cruel trick on him.

Jen’s eyes were red, he locked his glare onto Zephyr. “Zephyr, are you toying with me? I am the prodigal Straw. My power is greater than most, and yet you deny me the right to learn? Do you hate me? Why did you wait till now to tell me!” Jen was not happy at all. He was upset. He felt ridiculed, humiliated, and used by Zephyr. “I’ve given you the opportunity, and yet you gave up. What do you want me to do?” Zephyr replied neutrally.

“Why didn’t you say so!” Jen roared. “Zephyr, don’t you know? At my current level, were I to be augmented, I would no doubt bring much use to the Khan! I would even go so far as to swear my allegiance to you! You could’ve made a great ally!” Jen continued with his screams. Zephyr could only shake his head in amusement.

Jen was in over his head.