Chapter 118
Zephyr smirked, and hugged her tightly once more, and he pursed their lips together. He let go of Jade Ren, softly whispered into her ear, “I promise, I will find you!” before he took his leave. Jade watched as Zephyr left, disappointed but hopeful, her eyes glistened red. She cracked a small smile, muttered to herself, “Hmph, b*stard, you better make that promise count!”

After leaving Skyfall, Zephyr could not help but give out a chuckle, “What the hell is wrong with me!” Based on his previous personality, no matter how much he liked Jade, he would not have been so brash. Yet, he had just done the unexpected. “What the hell is going on?” Zephyr frowned. He reflected back on his encounter, remembering how his scales had moved as he embraced Jade. “Dragons are, well, dragons. Have I adopted some of their characteristics since I started the Way?” He wondered, focused on his scales, and noticed they were leaking trace amounts of energy. ‘This is the only explanation,’ Zephyr thought, thus, coming to a conclusion. “However, if I keep this up, no woman’s safe from me…” Zephyr shook his head while he carried on chuckling.

The Way of the Dragon was an ancient, powerful technique. In his current state — even if he knew of this risk — he could not do much. He could only wait to solve it at a later date. Zephyr had been thinking for a long time, only snapping out of his trance when he noticed how dark the sky had gone, and how quiet the streets had become. “Eh? Where am I?” he wondered at the unfamiliar surroundings. Although Zephyr had grown up in Starlight, he was not too familiar with this area of the city itself.

He scanned the area, realizing he had gone the wrong way. It was not the way home.

“It’s true! I personally heard Zephyr say that he would teach an augment! If it weren’t for him denying me the right to learn, I would’ve never told you!”

Zephyr picked up on this quickly. Was that Jen? He grimaced before he slowly made his way towards the voice. Not too far from him, Zephyr saw Jen having a conversation with five others in hushed tones. Zephyr hid, and glared at Jen, disappointed that he had divulged such information. The five men whom Jen met with wore exquisite clothes, and carried an air of superiority. Their energies were not small either. “Hmph, augments are rare and a valuable sight in Starlight! How could a small clan such as the Khan even have any? You’re wasting our time!” one of the man spoke. He was made to be about ten years older than Zephyr, yet whenever he spoke, a gust of wind appeared. “Now why would I lie to you, Brandon?” Jen asked.

“My information has not reached any other ears but yours! You Zanes aren’t on good terms with the Khan, aren’t you? I heard your sister Opal was humiliated by Zephyr, her fiance fared no better, being a cripple and all now. Do you Zanes not care about all that?” He continued. “I took the effort in telling you this, and you don’t believe me?” Jen’s voice became louder as he spoke as he felt offended.

‘The Zanes?’ Zephyr thought to himself, his glare intensified once more towards the people.