Chapter 119
It was the Zanes afterall, with Brandon Zane being the Zane heir. “Hahaha, calm down Jen, of course I believe you! This is some news! I guarantee, once we Zanes have taken out the Khan, I will give you half their wealth!” Brandon exclaimed loudly and proudly. “I can leave the Khan wealth be, but that b*stard Zephyr crossed me, I must make him pay! Worst still is that bloody augment of his! As long as I get that augment, you can do whatever you want with the Khan’s fortune!” Jen said with a smile. “No problem son, together, let’s bring about the Khan’s demise! You can have their augment, but first, do me a favor; sneak into the Khan grounds, and drop this into their water supply,” Brandon replied. A small pouch was taken out, and handed to Jen.

“This is a powder made from the blood orchid. Any fighter who ingests it would enter into a berserker rage, killing all within sight! By that point, the Khan would’ve massacred themselves, we needn’t even make a move!” Brandon explained. “Blood orchid? The blood orchid? The rare poison? How on earth did you get this?” Jen asked while stared at the pouch in his hand. “Heh, as long as you do this for me, I will reward you well. You will have women and riches, powerful techniques, and much more for your choosing!” Brandon said with a big smile. “You got it boss!” Jen promised, his intentions were clear. “Hmph, that’ll show that brat Zephyr! I will make you all pay!” Jen muttered, before he took his leave.

“My lord, are we really going to give him the augment, and half the Khan wealth?” asked a burly man once Jen left. “Hmph, of course not! What an idiot, did he really think we’d leave any for him?” Brandon replied, “Head home. I’ll report back to father, the humiliation my sister suffered at the hands of the Khan will be repaid!” The five men then left shortly after, unbeknownst to them, Zephyr had just heard everything.

Jen entered the Khan grounds easily. Although the Khan’s defenses were strict and harsh, none stopped him, as everyone knew him. Brandon Zane knew this, which was why he had Jen to carry out the deed. ‘Hmph, this is all your doing Zephyr! I can’t wait to see you begging for mercy!’ Jen thought as he arrived at the Khan wellspring. He pulled out the pouch of Orchid dust, and tossed it into the well. Suddenly, the whole courtyard lit ablaze in torchlight. One after another, the Khan rushed out, flames in their hands, to greet Jen. “Jen Straw, you traitor!” roared Motte Khan, then, he rushed over to deliver a frightening slap. The air around them cracked, Jen could not even react, all he felt was a sharp pain that he felt from cheek.