Chapter 11
Zephyr was taken aback as he noticed this strange energy. He quickly focused on the phenomenon. He instinctively let out a great howl- no, a roar, a draconic war which rang throughout the forest. “This… is it a scale?”

Finally, Zephyr realized what he had been looking at, a dragon scale. The scale was barely visible, a projection of his energies, from which vibrated great draconic power. “Oh, this is great! My Might has finally started to take form! This is just the first of many!” Zephyr barely contained his excitement. For a brief moment, Zephyr felt as though he was unworthy of such an ancient and mighty power. Mastery over The Way of The Dragon allowed the user to transform themselves into a dragon. It began with a single scale, then, finally materializing into an epic beast — the strongest of all — a dragon. Even though it was just a single scale, it still immensely amplified the user’s defenses, a terrible power to hold indeed. “Still… it’s barely a scale, just a brief projection, my energies still aren’t strong enough to fully incorporate and realize a fully-fledged dragon scale. If I don’t master this soon, I will never get stronger,” Zephyr sighed after calming down.

“I’ll have to work and train harder, the road to becoming a dragon is one I must walk alone.”

“Unless…” Zephyr’s gaze turned towards the horizon and stared out into a mountain range, having an epiphany. Even though he stood on Khan grounds, not all belonged to the Khan. This hill was part of an expansive mountain range, one that was barely explored, barely traveled. It was still full of dangerous beasts and unexplainable risks. Till now, nobody in Starlight city had the power to fully conquer and explore the mountain range.

“If the memory of my past life serves me right, somewhere deep within this range is what I need to help me conjure my scales!” Zephyr exclaimed, once again he found his mind fantasizing about the powers a dragon could offer. Conquering a dragon’s Might would allow anyone to be the strongest fighter there ever was, a fighter without an equal, destined to have intense, legendary battles.

In his previous life, Zephyr followed his master around and travelled the lands. He had seen all styles and powers; nothing was new to him now. Sadly, in his past, his energy reserves and channels were severely damaged, he could not learn nor train as he watched them with envious ambition.

“I guess I’ll use this then!” Zephyr thought of a move – Earthquake Fist.

Earthquake Fist was a commonly practiced move, it was mostly disregarded as a lower tier skill, however, Zephyr knew of its value well. To be more accurate, Earthquake Fist should be first known as the Earth-shatterer instead. Only those who have fully mastered Earthquake Fist could move on to discovering the mystical Earth-shatterer move. Unfortunately, for as long as there can be, many practitioners have never achieved mastering Earth-shatterer, oftentimes they regarded its predecessor as nothing more than common rubbish. If it wasn’t for Zephyr’s previous master, even he would not have considered Earthquake Fist as nothing more than common rubbish either.

‘Given my current state, Earthquake Fist would suit me best,’ thought Zephyr, face filled with determination. He began activating the steps in his mind, feeling it within himself as he passed the intuitions necessary throughout his body. After a while, Zephyr let out a coy smile, and started to take physical steps, with each step, the ground rumbled. Earthquake Fist was a clumsy skill, yet, it gave the user immense strength, every thrust of one’s fist could puncture the air, creating loud sound bursts, as though it was quaking the ground around them.