Chapter 121
“Indeed, the Zanes sure are strong even if they do not have many Agiles. We only know of one, and they’re always locked away, training somewhere. I doubt even the Zanes themselves know where they’re locked away at.

“However, we know the Zanes would not dare oppose us head on. Even if they had the Leeds’ protection, the Leeds would find it hard to provide any assistance, being so far away from Starlight and all!”

Zephyr reported, shocking the leaders.

“With this blow, we will let all of Starlight know that the Khan are not to be crossed! We are no longer the Khan that we used to be!

“Besides, it’s time to see if our Khan Riders’ training has paid off!”

Zephyr said decisively, his gaze showed of his convictions.

At night, the whole of Starlight was silent. Suddenly, the hefty sounds of neighs from the horses pierced the night sky, followed by the clacking of hooves that trampled on the ground. A wave of energy came rolling by. Under the night sky, only the silhouette of roughly ten or so riders could be made out, and they crashed through the silence. On this night, the Khan Riders would finally prove themselves that they were worthy of being Zephyr's personally trained militia.

“Finally! Some action! I can finally test my mettle! Nothing but Agiles can overcome me! Hahaha…”

Mason Khan laughed, a great battleaxe worn on his back, it’s blade as sharp as the crescent moon.


Umbra Khan hissed. Mason was not afraid of anything, however Umbra’s hiss was enough to silence him. However, Mason quietly muttered, “Damn buzzkill… once I’m stronger, I’m gonna beat your *ss!” Mason’s challenge put everyone into a quiet fit. Mason was indeed strong, but was slightly weaker than Umbra. Umbra barely talked, but often trained hard, that was how he quickly became the strongest Rider.

“We’re here!”

The Shadowmere Riders quickly approached the Zane gates. Zephyr had a gaze that was confident and relentless. “Tonight, the Khan’s fate shall be sealed. Everyone, steady yourselves! Do not embarrass us by dying on the doorsteps of the Zanes!” The young man screamed at his militia.

“Understood!” The fourteen Riders obeyed with a strong reply.

Zephyr drew his sword, and aimed it towards the Zane gates, “Tonight, we feast in the Zane halls!”

With a roar, the Riders charged forth, their spirit sent shockwaves throughout the night.

“Who’s there? Stop at once! This is Zane land, none may enter!” a guard shouted upon seeing the cavalry arrive. He then raised his weapon, and warily observed Zephyr and his Riders. One of the Zane guards drew their polearm, waved it in the air, and sent forth bursts after bursts of energy.

‘Huh, not too shabby. Even their guards are strong here,’ Zephyr thought, impressed. Immediately, Zephyr drew his sword, sending glimmering stars into the sky and spoke, “Attack!” A wave of bladed energy sliced through the guard’s volley, cutting him into pieces. The attack did not stop there as they quickly finished up the surrounding battlements. “Sixth Slash!” Zephyr cried.