Chapter 123
Zephyr huffed as his blade shimmered. “Sixth Slash!” he yelled, and channeled all his energy into this attack. Although this technique was common, its looks were highly deceiving, this was because it brought much power, and sharpness. Zephyr sent an immense bloody wave to counter Quincy’s attack.

The two powers clashed with a boom, followed quickly by the sounds of something that ripped through the air. With a single strike, Zephyr’s blade had pierced, ripped, and shredded Quincy’s attack. It was obvious this attack was nothing more than an inconvenience to him.

Although Quincy was close to being an Agile, a Strength was still a Strength; it would take much more to break through to the next level. “What?” Quincy gasped, unable to fathom how Zephyr had shrugged off his attack. After all, Zephyr was still a Strength of level eight to many others. This was an uncanny discovery, no doubt.

Quincy had only thought Zephyr was lucky to have beaten Noah Leed. However, he soon learned he could not let his guard down before the boy. “My lord, watch out!” a member of a Zane called out, but it was quickly followed by a cry of agony.

Quincy came through instantly as he saw Zephyr appear before him in the blink of an eye. If it were not for the Zane leader’s sacrifice, Quincy would no doubt be mortally wounded, if he had not died yet. “B*stard!” Quincy roared, and attacked him once more.

Although Zephyr was fast and agile, Quincy was confident he could kill him. “You’re still young, do you really think you’re invincible? Did you really think the fourteen of you would destroy my clan tonight?” Quincy chuckled maniacally as his body quickly channeled streams of potent energy.

In an instant, the earth trembled as each stream took on a corporeal form, each of them were directed towards Zephyr. The ground erupted as the streams of energy came down upon it, creating holes and ditches everywhere. Moreover, the ground had been heated into a fiery blaze, it was as though a volcano had just erupted beneath their feet, shaking everything around violently.

“Forward!” Zephyr commanded, his expression unchanged. Zephyr ignited Lightfoot, and dodged each stream like it was nothing. With each powerful step, Zephyr leapt into the air, and continued to dance along the night sky, dodging stream after stream after stream.

“What?!” Quincy cried, hurriedly moved his energies to try and stop Zephyr.

“Sixth Slash!”


Zephyr screamed a battle cry, he readied the Seventh Slash attack in one hand, and prepared the Earth-shattering punch in another. His two signature moves were about to be displayed right then and there.

Quincy’s energy streams could not withstand Zephyr’s onslaught. Quincy could only retreat when he was faced with such a powerful attack. Suddenly, Quincy cried and with a cross of his arms, two great forces exploded from him, which caught Zephyr in his tracks.

“What?” Zephyr exclaimed, unexpecting of Quincy’s technique. The technique the Zane lord used was a rare one, a strange one at that. It was a ranged technique, one that required the user to summon their energies from afar, into a dummy to do the battle for them. Zephyr had intended to end the Zane lord quickly and intimately, he had not expected him to be so cunning.

“Hahaha… Zephyr, you have become overconfident! No matter how strong you are, you will always be caught like a rat in a trap by me! Die like the pest you are!”