Chapter 125
“Great!” Spout cried joyfully, the Khan hall erupted in celebration. A great wave of relief and happiness covered Spout’s face in knowing how powerful the Khan Riders were. After all, it is because of this militia that none in Starlight dared cross the Khan ever again. “My lord, the Khan have benefited greatly from this excursion! It would seem no one would dare oppose us ever again!” Lewis said excitedly to Zephyr.

Zephyr was no doubt happy, yet did not heed much of what Lewis had just said. “My lord, I see that you’re happy, but not for the decimation of the Zane I suppose?” Lewis asked, once again at odds having to read Zephyr’s expression. Zephyr was just sixteen, yet had the wisdom and professional discretion of an older man. It was hard for Lewis to tell what truly made Zephyr happy.

“You’re right Lewis. I’m not happy for what we did to the Zane, rather, I’m happy for my new toy!” Zephyr replied happily. Earlier, Linus Starr had visited. Apart from visiting Leah, he had given Zephyr some news; a great smith had arrived in Starlight. It was said he specialized in legendary and exotic craftsmanship. With Zephyr’s fantastical ore, it could finally be shaped into a powerful weapon. This had taken a great load off of Zephyr’s mind, especially with the Tournament coming up.

“Come with me, let’s pay that smith a visit!” Zephyr said, smiling to Lewis.

At the mayoral office, an old man held the silver-colored metal rod up high, graciously inspecting it. “Yes, this is meteor metal. A great treasure, no doubt!” The old man looked to be in his later years, yet exuded much experience and power. His short-sleeved attire showed his bulked arms, bigger than most, stronger than many.

This old man was not just a fine blacksmith, but a master smith at that. No one knew his true name, so they referred to him as so. His skill was all he needed to be known for. Beside him, Bruce Starr sat across them, his expression changed expectedly as he saw Zephyr take out the precious metal. After all, meteor metal was an extremely valuable commodity.

“Master smith, could you take this metal and make me a sword?” Zephyr requested respectfully. “Of course I can, this is enough!” the smith replied, and raised his head to look at Zephyr. Zephyr felt the master smith look right through him. “A strong body! Good, good. You deserve a blade that will be crafted by me!” the smith declared. “The reason I have come to Starlight, apart from Bruce’s invitation, was because a volcano within Starlight is about to erupt. I must go there to collect important materials. Let us go there to forge your sword!” he continued.

“Volcano? Is it Mount Ashok?” Bruce asked worriedly upon hearing this news. Mount Ashok was a volcano in Starlight, it often bubbled and churned, Fortunately, no one lived close to the volcano. Hence, many did not care too much about it.

“Indeed. Mount Ashok often spills out lava, which over time, hardens into a very valuable material — Ashok Obsidian. Ashok Obsidian itself is capable of containing and harnessing intense heat, were I to add this to the metal, it would no doubt be combined into a legendary weapon of alloy-make!”