Chapter 127
Zephyr reacted quickly, hastily retracting his spiritual energy, wary of being swallowed by the volcano. Such strength and hunger could not help but make Zephyr wonder, was there a living thing that resided below the volcano?

As Zephyr pondered, a great surge of energy was released beside him. The master smith barrelled towards the lava, and his body was covered in a reddish aura. It was time for him to get to work. As his energy came into contact with the lava, he did not get pulled in, nor did his defenses get shattered. It only exploded upon impact, however it was in a non-violent fashion, much like the smith was borrowing its energy.

As the lava roared in slight defiance, many spouts of fire and flame erupted from the ground around which covered the smith. “Here it comes!” the smith uttered, suddenly, he released a wave of energy from his arms, and he summoned many hands. It seemed as though he was fighting the lava itself.

“An Agile!” Zephyr exclaimed, in awe of the old man’s powers. The smith’s many hands crossed with the lava, and before long, found themselves upon a red gemstone, it was covered in yellowish marks — the Ashok Obsidian. “Aha! Again!” the smith chuckled, then he excitedly sent forth his arms again.

Suddenly, a great pillar of lava burst out from the volcano. “What are you doing just standing there? Come help!” the smith yelled. “Throw your metal into the pillar! It’s the heart of the volcano! It’s heat is immeasurable! This is the only thing that can melt your metal!” the smith continued, signalling for Zephyr to move.

“Yes sir!” Zephyr yelled as he tossed his meteor metal into the flames, and it was immediately devoured by the lava pillar. Within it, came the sound of thrashing metal. “Submit!” the smith called out, commanding the lava, the metal, the heat, and the air around, as he forged with his nimble fingers. Zephyr noticed the hands emit vibrations along the pillar, keeping it in place, commanding the metal and lava.

“Quick! Send forth your energy into the metal! I have suppressed the metal for you, all you need to do is transfer your essence into it! This will give you the ultimate convergence!” the smith yelled frantically, his brow drenched with droplets with heats of sweat, each bead disappearing as soon as it appeared, evaporating under the intense heat. Not even a master smith could withstand such frightening heat for too long.

With a roar, Zephyr sent forth not only his energy, but his Might. He would form the ultimate weapon, one which not only had his own essences, but the Might of a dragon. The smith could only stare wide-eyed at Zephyr’s burst of energy. It was the first he had seen such power come from a person. ‘This boy must be one-in-a-million! I am honored to have met him!’ With this thought, the smith summoned all his energy to maintain the pillar and form the metal, he gave Zephyr his all. At the same time, Zephyr found the metal’s placement, and quickly transferred much of his energy into it.