Chapter 128
Suddenly, Zephyr felt his whole body shake. A great resistance pushed back against Zephyr’s interloping, causing his bones to pop and crack in places. “You only have one shot, kid! This is where you decide how great your weapon will be!” the smith called out. Hearing this, Zephyr roared once more, and channeled his Might and energy, sending it forth into the metal, contending the resistance in order to subdue it. As he fought harder, the force submitted more and more.

Seeing Zephyr’s energy converge, the master smith quickly acted, forming hammers to strike upon the lava, with each strike, the metal exploded with bright crimson sparks. Each hit rang out into the air, loud and brazen, a shockwave on its own. At the same time, Zephyr felt the metal crack under the hits, getting longer with each consecutive strike. He was in awe of the master smith’s skills.

With each strike from his crimson hammer, the meteor metal drastically changed, getting smaller, it chiselled away the unwanted, and unnecessary minerals. “Continue! Send forth your energy!” the smith called as he raised his hammer. At this point the metal was at half its size. “Yes sir!” Zephyr reacted quickly, conjured up more energy from his scales, and felt the aura of a great dragon around him. With a cracking noise, Zephyr sent his energy over once again.

A loud metal clang rang throughout the mountain. Such efforts were so great, that even Zephyr started to pant. However it was not for nought, as the metal slowly formed into its desired shape. Many hands and hammers struck upon the metal. “Don’t give up, kid!” the smith called out, willingly sparing some focus away from his Herculean task. Zephyr could not help but hold deep respect for the old man. Any other fighter would never have spared any attention.

“I got it!” Zephyr replied confidently. Suddenly, as he finished, a great force came over him. This energy was stronger than before, pushing back against Zephyr. “How could this be?” Zephyr wondered, covering his eyes. “Stay!” the smith shouted, noticing Zephyr backing off. He quickly commanded the metal in place, leaving his hands to hold it steady. Slowly the metal slowly shaped into a sword. At the same time, a pulse vibrated from the pillar.

“Focus, kid! We’re at the last step! As long as you unite your soul with the metal, you will be one with your blade, no matter the battle! However, energy alone is not enough! We must use your blood to forge it! Only through your blood, shall the blade be rightfully clenched! Only through your blood, will you be joined!” the smith commanded, “Look carefully, kid! Every rune I carve, you must follow! Follow with your blood! You must unite your spirit with the blade!” The smith’s tone was full of excitement and hope.

“Yes sir!” Zephyr did not protest, he forced out a stream of blood, protected from the heat by his energy, into the pillar of flame.