Chapter 12
The night came and went. When dawn broke, a breeze whistled through the hills behind the Khan household. An agile shadow zoomed through the foliage, the thick bushes doing nothing to impede him. Following the whistle of his movements, Zephyr came to an abrupt stop and found himself standing upon a large boulder.

“Take this!” Zephyr felt his energy transfer into his right hand and immediately formed a great fist, mercilessly sending it the boulder’s way. “Quake before me!” A loud blast ensued, and a terrible crumbling sound followed. When the dust settled, all Zephyr saw was a gaping hole through the boulder. “Again!” With another huff, Zephyr unleashed a volley of his blows, cascading upon the boulder’s face. With his volley completed, Zephyr stared at the intricate webbing that plastered the boulder’s face, hundreds if not thousands of fine cracks riveted throughout the stone before it crumbled in on itself, turning to dust.

“Earthquake Fist might seem simple, but it sure has a lot of punch to it, anyone would be wise to fear those who have a grasp on this.” Zephyr nodded as his face filled with delight. “Besides, once I master this, Earth-shatterer will take down all before me.”

“In my current state, I could even take on fighters of Strength level seven!”

“Once I master Earth-shatterer, even Strength of level eight fighters would be no more than a hassle!” said Zephyr, a big smile plastered on his face. However, he remained composed as he knew better. Lincoln had been reclusive as of late, he was trying to break through to a new level of Agility. Were he to succeed, Zephyr’s plans would be ruined. Although Strength and Agility differed in rank by a spot, their difference in battle power was night and day. “I need to work harder!” said Zephyr through clenched teeth and fists, heart filled with determination.

Time passed as usual, and Zephyr’s training intensified as the days went. His training became more and more rigorous, so much so that he even used a waterfall to help strengthen himself to train harder. However, when the ninth day came, Zephyr did not train; Lewis had arrived with news.

In Zephyr’s shack, Lewis respectfully bowed to him, as usual, the man was petrified of the one standing. Although Zephyr was still a Strength of level six, the aura that surrounded him implied otherwise. “Damn it, he’s gotten stronger!” Lewis thought as he silently praised himself for his earlier choice. “What is it, Lewis?” Zephyr asked calmly. “My lord, what I’m about to say is closely tied to you,” Lewis’ eyes finally showed some respect, even with a tint of fear. “Oh?” Zephyr was curious and let him continue. “My lord, you must know, the great Khan once betrothed a suitor for you when you were young. She was named Aurora, heir to clan Greenwood of Euphoria. Zephyr knew that name, he knew said person. In his previous life, Zephyr had met Aurora. However, it was back then when Zephyr lost all respect from his clansmen, it solidified him as the joke of the Khan. “She’s arrived, hasn’t she?”

Dawn broke, and the entire Khan clan was up and in arms as they hurriedly prepared for Aurora’s arrival. The servants had prepared a fanciful feast in preparation, everyone was busy. Such a grand banquet was a rare sight to see, even the ostracized Zephyr was invited to attend.