Chapter 130
“The lava will stop raging soon. I suggest you stay here for a bit, maybe take in some of its primordial energy. It would no doubt serve you well!” the smith reminded Zephyr. This came as a surprise, after all, the smith was known to be uncaring and indifferent towards others. He had not expected the smith to show such care towards him. “Right, thank you so much, master smith!” Zephyr said, nodding. In actuality, Zephyr need not the smith’s reminder, as he would never pass up such an opportunity.

Such a large concentration of primordial energy would no doubt be helpful in restoring his lost energy and blood. Zephyr sat crossed leg on the ground, feeling for the energies around him, before sucking it all in. Under his Might’s guidance, Zephyr not only absorbed the energies effectively, but it also restored himself beyond his needs. It was as though he was a whirlpool of energy that sucked in the powers all around him. The smith could only look at Zephyr wide-eyed.

‘To absorb such a large amount of energy so quickly… not even an Agile such as I could do it!

‘This kid’s really something else! If any other fighter did this, no doubt would they explode from it all!’ the smith thought, as he looked at Zephyr who devoured the primordial energies without an issue.

All the while, Zephyr remained ignorant of the smith’s stares. He could only feel his body’s depleted reserves be restored beyond their limits; his energy channels widened, his soul rejuvenated, and his body strengthened.

Besides absorbing environmental energies, Zephyr did not forget his spiritual side, he quickly popped in to absorb more of the Winged Serpent’s spiritual energy to strengthen himself. Although he was as strong as an Agile now, Zephyr was not satisfied. He wanted to be stronger, strong enough to contend with the legendary fighters of old. He knew as soon as he mastered his pill-making here, he would no doubt be able to further augment his powers to match up with those great fighters. However, he currently lacked much of the required energy to do so.

“I've only mastered the Seven Slashes and Earth-shatterer. Although they are both strong techniques, one is better than the other! I would sooner be rid of Earth-shatterer in favor of my swordskill…

“It would seem I need to focus on honing my skills with the blade. However, with my technique and Focus combined with my new weapon, Draken, I’m excited to think what damage I can do with this…”

Zephyr thought as he absorbed, and adsorbed. Every time he improved, he would review how strong he was currently before moving on to ponder what to do next. After all, it was the only way to improve further!

While Zephyr trained, he was unaware that someone had been speedily flying towards Starlight, much like a stroke of lighting; their powers frighteningly so. They were definitely different.