Chapter 132
Every fighter in Starlight could feel a massive energy being emanated from the ship in the sky. Yet the fact that it flew, was the most important point of interest for everyone. “Why that’s… that’s the Ahi warship!” the smith spoke with a look of wonder. “They would need a beast to function a ship like this, they are expensive as heck and this beauty… would be one of the rarer ones! The Ahi rarely uses these at all!” the smith continued, in awe. The Ahi warships were often crafted by master smiths; therefore, to him, these were ultimately valuable things.

“My gosh, how is that ship flying?”


“I must be dreaming!”

The whole of Starlight was in shock and awe, many of them gasped and and a handful of them even screamed from the sight. This was no ordinary scene. Suddenly, a loud crack could be heard from the ship, followed by its slow descent into the Starlight market. Once landed, the mouth of the figurehead opened, allowing a group of men to exit.

Among them was a middle-aged man that took the lead. He was draped in exquisite clothes, with golden embroidery. His air of superiority was impossible to deny. He squinted, took a look at the surrounding Starlight fighters, before letting out a chuckle. “What a dump! Has no one seen a Dragon Boat before! If it weren’t for the Tournament rules, I’d never set foot in such a dreadful place!” The man jeered without a sliver of consideration towards the people from this place.

“Indeed, this place is not worthy of your eminence! We needn’t give these bumpkins any thought,” a guard spoke behind him. “Indeed!” the man continued, satisfied with his guard’s comment. “Mayor of Starlight! Where the f*ck are you?!” the man shouted, his voice carried bouts of energy, that it parted dust clouds from his sight. His cry caused many fighters to ready themselves, uncertain if the man would attack. Regardless, some were blown away by his roar; some became heavily injured.

“Stop this at once!” Bruce commanded angrily, he sent forth a wall of energy to block the man’s roar. He was absolutely livid. “Oh? You blocked it? Maybe this place ain’t so sh*t after all!” the man spoke as he gave Bruce a onceover. He judged Bruce to be almost on par with himself and gave a shout, “Perhaps I underestimated you.”

“I am Frederick Ash, under the delegation of the Ahi Dynasty, here on official business to invite Starlight’s representative to the Inter-city Tournament. Are you the mayor of Starlight? What took you so long!” the man demanded, uncaring of the damage he had just done.

‘This f*cker…’ Zephyr thought, as he caught up with Bruce. “Calm yourself, this isn’t the time to be rash!” Linus said quietly, right behind Zephyr as he sensed his contempt. “Even though you are here on royal business, are you not going to explain your reasoning for hurting my people?” Bruce asked. “Hmph, what do I have to explain? This Dragon Boat has other fighters from other cities. Don’t waste my time! Bring me your representative, now!” Frederick commanded.

“Zephyr, let’s go!” Bruce said. Although he was angry, he knew better than to anger the Dynasty.

“Master, please take care of yourself!” Leah said.

“Take good care of yourself, My lord!” Mason and the Riders shouted.

“Zephyr my boy, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose! Please return safely!” Spout said.

“What the? You’re just a Strength of level eight, and yet you’re the Starlight representative? Listen here brat, take my word for it and surrender now!

“Not even the Strengths of level nine are given much thought in this Tourney, much less someone like you! Don’t embarrass yourself!”

The snarky comments came and went. It was obvious Frederick did not consider Zephyr at all.