Chapter 134
Zephyr studied the kid, and realized why Boxer was so proud. Yang was no slouch. Yang looked quite elegant, and he had slow and soft movements. His features were effeminate too. Were it not for his Adam’s apple, many could have mistaken him for a girl. His long hair reached his waist, some even draped over his white robes. His eyes were full of fire and confidence, yet his features remained elegant and reserved. He was a strange beauty that caught many eyes. Yet he stood there unmoving, unspeaking, like a corpse. It was quite disconcerting.

‘This guy’s so strange!’ Zephyr thought. “Go on then! Greet him!” Boxer laughed. “Mister Bruce!” Yang called out. His voice was fragile and soft, yet was clear and concise. ‘Boxer and Yang are so different… how the pair got to be is rather odd,’ Zephyr thought. As Zephyr thought to himself, he felt someone stare right through him, this sent him into an alerted state, and he quickly raised his head to meet the gaze.

As he raised his head, he noticed Yang staring coldly at him, it was a frightening sight. Had he carried any bad intentions, Zephyr might have instinctively defended himself proactively. “Come on Yang, be nice!” Boxer moaned. It would seem that Yang often gave Boxer quite the headache. He turned to Bruce, “This kid’s parents found him like this. However he’s a good kid, please don’t let him get to you.” Bruce nodded, “This kid’s no slouch either, who knew you’d take on such a great apprentice!”

Boxer looked at Zephyr, “Is he yours?” Bruce explained with a smile, “Zephyr is the son of a good friend of mine. He’s sixteen this year, and his prowess is exceptional. I brought him here to try out. I haven't had your luck in getting such a fine apprentice!” Boxer laughed, “But of course! How can you be luckier than I? Hahaha…” Zephyr was surprised by his amusement, this was a lot for him to take on right now.

“You’re powerful!” Yang said to Zephyr, breaking his silence. “You’re not so bad yourself!” Zephyr replied with a courteous smile.

“Two dirtbags from dirty cities, what’s got you all smiling about!” a huff came. A group of people walked over, and their leader was dressed in fancy clothing, the air around him signified his superiority. On his back, lay a fine looking sword. This man was made out to be a skilled swordsman. Beside him, a similarly looking young man stood. Both of them stared discriminatingly at Zephyr and Yang.

“Why, if it isn’t the b*stard mayor of Claymore!” Boxer scolded, signifying their poor relationship. “What did I do to deserve an ‘audience’ with the likes of you!” Boxer huffed. “You’re just a bumpkin from Lake Taiho! How dare you speak to my father like that?!” the younger man retorted. Before anyone could start a fight, a sudden gust of wind burst forth. Yang had made his move, sending forth an attack that brought the wind with it. A loud slap could be heard as his palm connected with the younger man’s face.

‘What speed!’ Zephyr thought. Yang was someone he could see himself respecting. Although he looked cold and uncaring on the surface, he could not stand to see Boxer be insulted. “F*cker!” scolded the Claymore mayor, summoning his energies, ready to strike Yang down. “Hands to yourself, b*tch boy!” Boxer glared, sending a shockwave to greet Yang’s soon-to-be assailant.

A loud boom echoed throughout the arena as the two were about to come to blows. A great force had stopped both of them, paralyzing them in place. “Are you done?” came an old voice, its commanding presence vibrated throughout the arena. In the air, a group of men slowly descended into the arena. There were five of them, and at the moment of their appearance, the whole arena came to a halt. Energy rippled around them as they moved about, like waves that washed over each of them, under, and through each fighter.

‘F*ck!’ Zephyr thought to himself as he felt the colossal power that enveloped him. Guards in gilded armor appeared shortly after the five, following them around. “Grand Masters!” Bruce exclaimed quietly. His body shook as well, showing how he too was affected by the Masters’ power. “These b*stards powers are… Not even an Agile of level three like me could withstand them!” Boxer huffed, his fists clenched.

“The Grand Masters — the top fighters of the Ahi Dynasty. Each a powerhouse in their own right. It was because of them that none dared oppose the Ahi Dynasty. If I’m not wrong, they are all Agiles of level four!” Boxer continued.

“Agiles of level four?” Zephyr wondered out loud. That was a level beyond the grasp of most, and was no doubt a level that even he dared not contend with. Even a slight gaze from one of them was enough to gravely injure anyone. “They’re not even the best of the best! I hear there’s a Master of the Grand Masters! An Agile of level five!” Boxer continued, “Once a fighter reaches that level, they could create pills out of their own energy, and unite their souls with the Earth and sky! One of them would be worth a thousand soldiers, and ten thousand horses! He really is the true trump card of the Dynasty!” Boxer showed fear as he explained everything.

‘An Agile of level five?’ Zephyr thought, but did not bother too much about it. In his previous life, Zephyr had met many strong fighters. Agiles of level five were nothing to him. Agiles of level five only had special positions, aside from that, they were nothing more than glorified fighters.