Chapter 139
Zephyr guessed that many fighters were making their moves lurking in the shadows. Battling the beasts was but a small inconvenience, the true danger lies in the backstabbing competitors. Right as Zephyr was about to continue recovering, a loud boom was heard. A great wave of energy came crashing upon someone, sending them flying thirty feet away. Every tree caught in the attack was immediately shattered and destroyed. The attack only stopped once it reached the tree where Zephyr was perched atop. Despite that, the tree still took a hit, and shaked violently from the impact, it was enough to make Zephyr stumble out from it. He wondered what person had made that attack.

Suddenly, two loud crashes came, followed by the appearance of two people. Seeing the man on the floor, one of them nervously called out, “Yosef! Are you alright?” It was a girl with nice features, about seventeen or eighteen of age. She was beautiful. The man replied only after he let out a series of haggard coughs. “I’m afraid I can’t protect you anymore, Sienna. This b*stard’s too strong!” The man continued to cough up mouthfuls of blood, his tone and expression were sorrowful.

“Hahaha, little girl! I already told you this man couldn’t beat me! Why don’t you come with me? I’ll keep you safe! I’ll even give you some points!” a manic laughter came. The man behind the voice followed suit, he was roughly nineteen, and was very fat. To Sienna, he was but a mountain of fat and flesh. His small, beady eyes eyed Sienna up and down with greedy intent. Zephyr knew that the fat b*stard had grown attracted to the girl, therefore he hastily attacked the coughing man.

“Such lustful shame, hmph! Forget about enrollment, you fat pig!” Zephyr chuckled to himself. However, he chose not to interfere yet. Even though Sienna showed signs of fear, she also had a look of cunning intent in her eyes. He knew things were not what they seemed.

“Really? You’ll guarantee a large sum of points for me?” Sienna asked, showing her cute, round face. “Sienna?” the man on the ground called out, staring at her in disbelief. “Yosef, you’re hurt. How could you help me? If I followed him, my chances of winning would be higher! Didn’t you say you’d give up anything for me?” Sienna said with a smile, this shocked the man to the core.

“Sienna! How dare you use me!” the man cried. “Hahaha, poor Yosef, do you not get it? Women would never love weaklings like you! You’re so weak, you’ll never amount to anything! Come girl, let’s leave this b*tch!” the fat man teased. Although he was big-sized, he was rather agile, and he quickly stood beside Sienna, and reached out to her. “Hey! Hands to yourself!” Sienna cried, her face blushed, yet Zephyr knew she was bluffing.