Chapter 13
The grand hall of the Khan was expansive, by the time Zephyr arrived, the place was filled to the brim. Seated at the spot of reverence was a middle-aged looking man with a prim and proper visage. All smiles with him until his eyes laid on Zephyr. There he sat, the Khan regent — Mist Khan. On his left sat his people, while on his right sat a group of people who were differently dressed, they were not Khan. On that row, sat a girl who looked around the age of 16 with enchanting beauty. Her posture was elegant, and she carried herself like so. Every man around the room had their eyes on her.

“Aurora Greenwood!” Upon laying his eyes on her, Zephyr could not help but notice the butterflies that formed in his stomach. Although Zephyr himself was quite the suitor, he had to admit that Aurora’s beauty was truly mesmerizing, none could think of anyone to compare.

Zephyr stood at the back of the hall, avoiding attention, nonetheless, his special relations would draw attention anyway. Among them, a 20-year-old man jested at Zephyr upon seeing him, “Hey, ain’t this the bastard Zephyr? I have to admit, it takes balls to show up here.” Hearing this wave of sarcasm coming his way, Zephyr gave a bittersweet sigh and turned his attention towards the heckler. “How could I not? How could I not come when I heard Puck Khan, was attending as well?”

Puck Khan, Mist’s son. Seeing as how his father was now regent, Puck took it upon himself to claim the title of new heir to the Khan. Puck was stunned when he saw Zephyr’s calmness after being chided, this daze did not last long though. “B*stard! Stop dreaming Zephyr, I’ve become the new heir! A b*stard like you should know his place, how dare you speak to me like that!” Puck was no longer heckling, he was now threatening Zephyr. His threats were loud and clear, and it drew everyone’s attention towards him.

Upon seeing Zephyr, Aurora could not help but give a coy smile. “Haha, lady Greenwood, it’s been over 10 years since we last met, I’ve never once imagined you’d grow up to be this stunning,” applauded Mist, not before he gave Puck a stern look. “Lord Khan, you’re overcompensating!” replied Aurora gleefully, her voice as soothing as it was ethereal, though, it carried little to no warmth. Mist was not pleased that Aurora Greenwood acted so cold towards him. Regardless of how he felt, he kept a warm farce, “I heard lady Greenwood had apprenticed at an Academy, was it true?” Upon hearing this, the whole hall rattled with voices. The Khan elders were all taken by surprise, this news was huge.

The Academies were places where the greats would gather; a long heritage that outlasted most clans. “That is right, I’ve been an apprentice at the Boundless Academy since three months ago!” Everyone gave Aurora a quizzical look of disbelief.

“The Boundless Academy? Is it really the Boundless Academy? One of the five greatest institutions?”

“Incredible! Most people would have struggled to even enroll into a standard Academy, yet here lady Greenwood had enrolled into the Boundless Academy.”

“The Boundless Academy only accepts people of exceptional talent; lady Greenwood must be a prodigy!”

“She’s both an angel and a devil!”

Listening in, Zephyr thought to himself that being in an Academy, much less the great five, was not what it was made out to be. “Congratulations lady Greenwood!” applauded Mist, his tone audibly humbled. Mist knew that for her to enroll at the Boundless Academy was no small feat. “Actually, I’m here on some old business!” rang Aurora, turned her gaze towards Zephyr.